Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1422 - 1422 One-Year-Old Pick

1422 One-Year-Old Pick

Lin Qingyuan finally set her worries aside when she heard this.

Madam Shen was just as Long Xuan described.

Lin Qingyuan suddenly realized how lucky she was to be able to marry into such a family.

She blinked and grabbed Long Xuan’s hand tightly. It felt like she has clasping her hands around happiness that would last for the rest of her life. She did not want to ever let him go.

Long Xuan rubbed her head and pulled her into his embrace.

Time passed quickly as usual.

In a blink of an eye, Long Yin and his siblings were now a year old.

Due to various reasons, Long Yang and Lu Liangwei were not able to give them a proper celebration during their full moon and hundred-day age celebration, which was why Long Yang held a huge celebration for the children’s first birthday.

It was a happy occasion for the entire imperial court; the imperial officials entered the Palace to wish the prince and princesses a happy birthday.

Lu Liangwei had also received letters from Beitang You and Yuan Xin. They had even sent over birthday gifts for the three children.

Yuan Xin had wanted to come to Great Shang, but she was confirmed to be pregnant and had to put her plans on hold.

The words in her letter expressed how much she missed Lu Liangwei and how much she loved the three children.

Lu Liangwei felt happy for Yuan Xin from the bottom of her heart.

Yuan Xin and Beitang Rui were finally able to be happy together.

The lovers were finally able to open their hearts to each other and they were now expecting a child. It was a joyous occasion that was worth congratulating them on.

As for Beitang You, he was still very young and had just ascended the throne. There was still a lot for him to learn and pick up. He had to juggle his studies as well as take lessons on managing the administration in court. There was an unimaginable amount of pressure on his little shoulders. It was not difficult to imagine how hard the situation was for him.

That was why he was unable to come to Great Shang no matter how much he missed Lu Liangwei and the kids.

Lu Liangwei replied to their letters separately.

On top of expressing her thanks, she also promised to visit them in Yan Kingdom when she had the time.

Besides them, Lu Tingchen and Chu Jiu could not make it either because they were far away at the frontier. They had also sent presents back home for their nephew and nieces.

There was a One-year-old Pick ceremony being held at Grand Phoenix Palace before the banquet at noon.

The ones attending the prince and princesses’ One-year-old Pick ceremony were only those closest to Long Yang and Lu Liangwei.

After the preparations were done, Lu Liangwei placed the three children on top of the table in the middle of the hall.

It was a very long table filled with a myriad of pretty and glorious items.

They included the four scholarly treasures of study, jewelry and jade articles, feminine needlework, and assorted weaponry such as the sword, bow, and halberd. All in all, there was a great variety of items.

The items that received the most attention were the imperial jade seal and the phoenix seal.

It was the first time all three children had seen so many things like these. Being in the middle of everything was enough to stun them momentarily before they managed to crawl toward the item of their choice.

All three children were now able to walk, but Long Yin was the most stable among the three siblings.

He may be young, but he possessed a calm demeanor. Ever since he learned to walk, he no longer crawled again.

While his two younger sisters were crawling toward the items on their hands and feet, Long Yin was walking in a stable manner toward a box.

Everyone held their breath while watching him.

Even Lu Liangwei grabbed Long Yang’s hand nervously.

The One-year-old Pick was just a tradition that did not really mean anything.

At least, that was what Lu Liangwei thought.

However, she still felt nervous while watching the children make their choice.

On the contrary, Long Yang was quite calm. He comforted her by patting her hand.

Long Yin was standing right where the imperial jade seal was placed.

He was at the imperial study practically every day. It was where he watched his father handle administrative matters, and consequently, he was quite familiar with the imperial jade seal.

However, his father had never let him play with it before, which made him a little curious about it.

He crouched slowly and reached out to touch the imperial jade seal, but showed no intention of picking it up.

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