Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1421 - 1421 No Amount Of Effort Would Help If I’m Not Meant To Be Pregnant

1421 No Amount Of Effort Would Help If I’m Not Meant To Be Pregnant

“What ailment is it?” Long Xuan leaned close to her ear and blew into it as he asked.

Lin Qingyuan trembled slightly and pushed him away quickly. “Can you be serious?”

“How am I not serious?” Long Xuan felt a little aggrieved. “Hurry up and tell me. What is this prescription meant to regulate?”

Lin Qingyuan finally told him when she saw how insistent he was. “It’s for regulating a woman’s menstrual cycle.”

Long Xuan was taken aback. “What’s wrong with your menstrual cycle?”

Lin Qingyuan rolled her eyes at him. “It’s late.”

A smile appeared on Long Xuan’s lips. “So, you thought you were pregnant?”

Lin Qingyuan felt a little embarrassed. She turned away and ignored him.

“It’s alright. If you aren’t pregnant this time, I’ll just put in more effort next time.” Long Xuan consoled her.

The corner of Lin Qingyuan’s lips twitched. She turned back to glance at him. When she saw the confident look on his face, she could not help shutting him down on the spot. “No amount of effort would help if I’m not meant to be pregnant.”

Long Xuan wrapped his arms around her waist. “It doesn’t matter even if you can’t get pregnant. We can just stay childless.” He was not too insistent about having descendants.

Lin Qingyuan was a little surprised. She remembered what he had said previously and could not help saying, “But you said back then that Mother liked children… I thought you wanted children too.”

“That was just to convince you to get in bed with me, silly girl.” Long Xuan rubbed her head.

Lin Qingyuan realized what he meant and her face burned. She felt he was being very inappropriate.

“Don’t you like children?” She tried to suppress the heat on her face as she asked.

“I can’t say I dislike them, but something like this can’t be forced. It’s all about your destiny with them. By all means, bear children if you can, but if you can’t, that’s fine with me as well.” Long Xuan genuinely did not mind if he had children or not. It was not the most important thing to him.

Before his Royal Uncle bestowed marriage on him, it never even occurred to him to marry anyone.

However, he now had Yuan’er. He had thought about having children with her, but if Yuan’er’s health would not permit it, it was best not to have any.

“Don’t push yourself. We’ll just let things play out naturally,” he said gently.

His words were sweeter than honey to Lin Qingyuan.

She was actually worried about being able to get pregnant before this. She feared Long Xuan might end up resenting her and go on to marry a concubine for the sake of having descendants. However, it looked like she was worried for nothing.

Having descendants was not the most important thing to him. He was quite different from other men.

This made her quite happy.

She sighed in relief and, for a minute, she forgot about acting proper as she hugged him around the neck. “Actually, I’m scared of bearing children. I was there when Her Highness gave birth and saw how she almost… It traumatized me, but I’m still willing to bear your child for you. But by the looks of it, it won’t be easy for me to get pregnant. I was worried that you’d resent me for it.”

Lin Qingyuan shared her thoughts with him honestly.

Even though it was not necessary for Long Xuan to have children, he was still overjoyed to hear her words. She was willing to overcome her fears for his sake.

He felt his heart melt as he hugged her tighter. He kissed her on the head. “Silly girl.”

Lin Qingyuan did not fight him this time. She leaned into his arms quietly for a while and a thought suddenly crossed her mind. She said anxiously, “Would Mother be upset?”

Long Xuan was slightly exasperated when he saw how she was insisting on worrying over this. “Aren’t you thinking too far ahead? You’re only having an irregular menstrual cycle. That doesn’t mean you won’t be able to get pregnant. Also, Mother isn’t a harsh person. She has been through a lot of hardship and isn’t how you think she is. She won’t insist on us having children. I think she can understand another woman’s problems. You don’t need to worry about her.”

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