Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1420 - 1420 It’s Just A Common Ailment For Women

1420 It’s Just A Common Ailment For Women

Lin Qingyuan said awkwardly, “My mother-in-law likes children.”

Lu Liangwei looked at her in surprise. “You mean you aren’t the one who wants them?

” I… actually quite like them too.” Lin Qingyuan lowered her head in embarrassment.

Lu Liangwei vividly remembered how this woman had claimed on more than one occasion that she would never have children. Now, however, she was seriously considering having them. It seemed that love really can change a person.

She did not tease Lin Qingyuan but comforted her instead. “Don’t worry. Once we regulate your menstruation, you can have children anytime you want.”

Lin Qingyuan perked up at this. “Alright.”

While Lu Liangwei was writing down the prescription, Lin Qingyuan sat at the side while playing with the three children.

As she watched them, her hand caressed her stomach subconsciously.

She had always thought that it was scary to give birth, and that the children were quite troublesome as well. However, she was now looking forward to having a child with Long Xuan.

She could not help wondering what their child would look like.

While she was lost in thought about this, someone suddenly patted her on the shoulder.

She whirled around to see Long Xuan standing there with his hand behind his back.

She patted her chest and glared at him brusquely. “What are you doing? You didn’t make a single sound when you came over. You scared me.”

“Are you so jumpy because you did something wrong?” Long Xuan crouched in front of her and looked at her with a smile.

“You’re the one who did something wrong.” Lin Qingyuan rolled her eyes.

Long Xuan leaned in closer. “Were you thinking about me?”

Lin Qingyuan’s face turned red. She was about to say something when Lu Liangwei walked in with the prescription in hand. When she saw them, she said teasingly, “Oh my, look who is acting so loving in front of me.”

Long Xuan got to his feet and bowed at her with a serious look on his face. “Royal Aunt.”

Lu Liangwei stuffed the prescription in Lin Qingyuan’s hands and said to them, “Alright, you should both leave now and stop showing this behavior in front of me.”

Lin Qingyuan was completely unabashed as her eyes widened. “What do you mean? You were the one who summoned me here. Now you’re kicking me out without even inviting me to stay back for a meal.”

Long Xuan pinched her face in exasperation. “Don’t we have food at home?”

“We do, but the imperial meals taste better. Besides, I haven’t had my breakfast yet because I wanted to rush to the Palace to see you,” Lin Qingyuan said sadly.

Lu Liangwei smiled and said, “After all this time, I finally realize that you were only enthusiastic about seeing me in the Palace because of the imperial meals. Fine, stay for lunch. His Majesty should be back soon too.”

Lin Qingyuan had always been wary of eating with His Majesty. His presence was suffocating and it would be even worse at meals.

“Never mind. I was just saying that casually. If His Majesty returns soon, it’ll be inconvenient if we are a bother to you two. We’ll be leaving the Palace now.” Lin Qingyuan tugged Long Xuan’s hand as she said this, then she ran off.

Lu Liangwei shook her head with a smile.

Long Xuan reached out to take the prescription from Lin Qingyuan’s hands the moment they got onto the horse-drawn carriage.

“What’s this?” He took a glance and could vaguely recognize the names of the herbs. “Are you sick?”

Lin Qingyuan snatched it back quickly from him and a look flashed in her eyes. “No, I’m not.”

“You’re not? Then why would Royal Aunt write you a prescription?” Long Xuan’s eyes narrowed.

Lin Qingyuan stammered, “It’s for regulating a woman’s body.”

Long Xuan paused and hugged her. “What’s wrong with you?”

Lin Qingyuan remembered the mistake she had made just before and found it difficult to talk to him about it. “It’s nothing. It’s just a common ailment for women.”

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