Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1419 - 1419 Haha, It Must Have Been A Really Huge Mosquito

1419 Haha, It Must Have Been A Really Huge Mosquito

Only then did Lin Qingyuan realize what she was referring to, and she glanced down. Her face heated up at the sight of the mark on her neck, but she tried to sound casual as she said, “It’s a mosquito bite.”

“Haha, it must have been a really huge mosquito.” Lu Liangwei could not help herself from laughing out loud.

Yaoyao did not understand why her mother was laughing so heartily, but she started giggling along as well.

Ji’er and Long Yin glanced at their mother curiously when they heard her laughter.

Lin Qingyuan could tell that she was teasing her. No matter how thick-skinned she usually was, she could not stop herself from getting flustered and retorted with reckless abandon, “You’re one to talk. I’m sure you two have some on your bodies too!”

Zhu Yu was easily embarrassed, and she hastily made up an excuse and fled.

Lu Liangwei cleared her throat and quickly changed the subject. “By the way, was Rocky Grounds City fun?”

“It was, but I almost couldn’t make it back.” Lin Qingyuan shuddered as she recalled the ruffian gang she had encountered.

“What happened?” Lu Liangwei asked curiously.

Lin Qingyuan then recounted the story of how she had unintentionally angered a gang of ruffians and been bitten by a venomous snake.

Lu Liangwei was perturbed by her story as well, and she seized the opportunity to reprimand her. “Don’t you dare run off on your own anymore. The world outside isn’t as wonderful as you think. There are evil people and all kinds of dangers out there. You were lucky this time; who knows what could have happened to a girl like you who had never gone far from home.”

“Thank goodness you gave me that medicine ball. It saved me and Bai He at the last moment.” Lin Qingyuan exhaled in relief.

Lu Liangwei arched an eyebrow. “Wasn’t it thanks to Chen Xuping showing up in time and sucking out the tainted blood for you?”

Lin Qingyuan was a little sheepish. “I didn’t know he’d show up just in time.”

“Maybe he already knew the moment you set foot in Rocky Grounds City,” Lu Liangwei said thoughtfully. “Maybe he was the person in the carriage.”

The truth suddenly dawned on Lin Qingyuan. “Now that you said it, that does make sense.”

Lu Liangwei shot her a disdainful look. “You’d better not run off alone anymore, or you’ll really get sold off one day without even knowing it. But I’m really surprised that Chen Xuping risked his life to save you.”

“Don’t mention him anymore, or that jealous fellow’s going to get mad at me again when he finds out,” Lin Qingyuan said hurriedly.

“Are you talking about Long Xuan?” Lu Liangwei chuckled. “He really didn’t strike me as the jealous kind. It looks like you enjoy it, though.”

Lin Qingyuan hastily smoothed out her expression and denied it. “That’s not true.”

“Stop pretending. Your eyes have given you away,” Lu Liangwei said teasingly. A thought struck her, and she beckoned Lin Qingyuan over. “Come here for a moment and let me check your pulse.”

“For what? I’m not ill.” Despite her question, Lin Qingyuan was thinking of the same thing as she walked over to Lu Liangwei.

When Lu Liangwei’s fingers rested on her pulse, her eyes glinted with a hint of anticipation.

After a while, Lu Liangwei withdrew her hand and asked, “Have you had your period?”

Lin Qingyuan’s breath hitched in her throat, and she shook her head. “No.”

“Were your past periods regular?” Lu Liangwei asked again.

Lin Qingyuan was startled. “Sometimes they were early, sometimes late.”

“Then that’s probably why you’re late this time too—your periods are irregular. I’ll prescribe you some medicine to help regulate them,” said Lu Liangwei.

“Huh?” Lin Qingyuan was baffled. “So my period’s late not because I’m pregnant?”

Lu Liangwei cocked an eyebrow. “Why? Did you want to be pregnant that badly? Well, I didn’t detect a pregnancy pulse, so I don’t think you’re pregnant.”

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