Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1424 - 1424 Lil Qi Is Mine

1424 Lil Qi Is Mine

Lu Liangwei felt dejected.

This girl had been slower than her older siblings when it came to learning how to speak, but the first word she learned was somehow ‘Lil Qi’.

It could be because she regularly heard everyone call out to him this way, which was why this girl had only memorized the pronunciation of ‘Lil Qi’.

Things escalated further now as she called for Lil Qi to go over to her.

This was not the first time she called out for him like this and everyone was already used to it. However, she was in the middle of the One-year-old Pick, and Princess Ji’er had not yet taken anything. All she did was call Chu Qi over to her.

Could she be trying to pick Chu Qi?

Chu Qi was taken aback as well. As he had just returned from his duties outside and had not changed out of his clothes, he did not go over to her because he feared there was dirt on him.

Ji’er pouted when she saw this. She suddenly went to the side of the table and moved her little leg over so that it was entirely hanging out by the edge. She looked like she was considering jumping off the table.

Everyone was startled and hurried forward to grab her.

However, the little girl was quite stubborn. She gripped the side of the table with one hand while she waved the other in an attempt to chase everyone away. She repeatedly said, “No, I don’t want you, I want Lil Qi…”

Everyone turned to look at Chu Qi.

Chu Qi frowned and stepped forward. He lifted Ji’er with one hand and placed her on the ground.

However, Ji’er had just touched the ground when she turned to hug his leg. She lifted her little face and said happily, “Lil Qi, I’ve caught you. You’re mine.”

Her words were so fluent that everyone present stood rooted to the spot, shocked.

By the time Lu Liangwei regained her senses, she found the corner of her lips twitching.

Yaoyao was also stunned by her little sister’s actions. When she realized what was happening, she said with some confusion, “You’re so stupid, Ji’er. Lil Qi has always been yours…”

Ji’er turned to look at her and frowned unhappily. “Big Sis is so rude. You have to call him Big Brother, Big Brother…”

Yaoyao’s face went blank. She pointed at Long Yin, who was next to her. “Big Brother is over here. Stupid Ji’er.”

Ji’er, “…”

Everyone else, “…”

The One-year-old Pick ceremony ended in a lively atmosphere.

Lin Qingyuan caressed the bump on her tummy as she watched the adorable prince and princesses. She said hopefully, “I really hope this baby is a girl.”

Long Xuan held her hand and glanced at her and casually poured cold water over her fantasy. “What if it’s a boy?”

Lin Qingyuan went blank momentarily and rebutted, “That can’t be. I’ve been craving spicy food.”

Chu Yi came over while carrying his daughter. “Zhu Yu craved sour food while she was pregnant.”

Lin Qingyuan looked at his adorable and obedient daughter. Filled with envy, she blurted, “Brother Chu Yi, if I happen to give birth to a son, let’s exchange our children.”

Chu Yi looked at her in shock. “Exchange? I’m not exchanging with you. My daughter is so big now and I prefer daughters anyway.” With that, he tightened his embrace on his daughter, as though afraid Lin Qingyuan would snatch her away.

Lin Qingyuan said somewhat wistfully, “That’s a shame.”

Long Xuan rolled his eyes. Did she think that children were objects that could be exchanged?

“Be careful. Our son might end up not wanting to see you when he is born.” Long Yang warned.

Lin Qingyuan shot him a look. “Hmph. If he doesn’t want to see me, I’ll just push him back in.”

The vein on Long Xuan’s temple throbbed. He had a strong belief that pregnant women were unreasonable and there was no reasoning with them.

It was at that moment that Yaoyao came over while holding Ling Lihua’s hand.

When she saw Lin Qingyuan’s bump, curiosity shined in her big eyes. She flung her grandmother’s hand away and walked over, reaching out her little hand to touch Lin Qingyuan’s tummy.

“Is there a baby in there?” She lifted her little face to look at Lin Qingyuan.

Lin Qingyuan’s heart melted when she saw this little glutinous dumpling.

“That’s right.” She reached out to rub Yaoyao’s head.

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