Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1330 - 1330 Lil Qi And Ji’er

1330 Lil Qi And Ji’er

After watching the young man walk away, Lu Liangwei carried Ji’er into the bedchamber.

The servants had already laid out breakfast on the table.

Even though the three children still drank milk, the nutrition from milk alone was no longer enough for them as they grew bigger by the month.

Lu Liangwei arranged for the imperial kitchen to cook customized meat broths and vegetable juice that were suitable for the children.

Carrying Ji’er, she fed her some meat broth before giving some to Yaoyao.

Long Yang was carrying Long Yin and fed him the broth too.

The nannies could have performed these tasks too, but since Lu Liangwei was unable to breastfeed the children, she wanted to take care of them in different ways to make up for it.

After all three children had finished their meat broth, Lu Liangwei and Long Yang began having their own breakfast.

There was not much work for Long Yang to do today, so he brought Lu Liangwei and the three children to play in the imperial garden.

Even though their children were only four months old, Lu Liangwei still found it a little taxing to carry them from Grand Phoenix Palace to the imperial garden.

When they were walking up the rockery, Long Yang relieved Ji’er from her arms.


Carrying two children was simple enough for him. Lu Liangwei swung her arms and walked behind him as they headed up the rockery.

Zhao Qian was carrying Long Yin and followed behind them.

They sat in the pavilion on the rockery and took in the view of the yellowish garden. It was quite a unique experience.

Lu Liangwei looked at her three children and imagined what it would be like next year when the children would be running around the garden. A smile appeared on her face.


“Sob sob…”

Yaoyao began to cry.

Lu Liangwei gave a start and lowered her head to look at Yaoyao. Apparently, the wooden spoon in Ji’er’s hand had struck Yaoyao on the forehead.

Yaoyao’s fair forehead now looked red.

Lu Liangwei’s chest tightened. She was about to pass Ji’er to Long Yang so she could check on Yaoyao when the little girl suddenly grabbed her older sister’s clothes. She must have realized that she had hit her sister—she was now trying her hardest to inch closer to her sister’s face and give her a kiss.


Lu Liangwei was stunned.

Yaoyao stopped crying immediately and looked at her younger sister in a daze.

She did not understand why her sister had just slobbered all over her face.


The wooden spoon gripped tightly by Ji’er was now thrown to the ground and she started blabbering incoherent noises non-stop.

Lu Liangwei realized what was happening and could not tell whether she should laugh or cry.

Zhao Qian said happily, “The little princess must have known she had hurt the second princess, so this is her way of trying to apologize.”

“That’s true.” Lu Liangwei rubbed both sisters on the head, feeling rather relieved.

When they were having lunch at noon, Ji’er was gripping the little wooden spoon used for eating and refused to let go. She even got someone to change a clean spoon for her to play with.

Ji’er did not want to let go of the spoon. She was even unwilling to exchange it for another toy.

However, she had thrown it away without hesitation earlier when it had hurt her older sister.

It was just as Butler Zhao said. She was using her own way to apologize to her sister.

Even though the child was young, she was quite understanding.

Both sisters played together every day and they knew each other well. Moreover, they were born at the same time, which was why they had better rapport than other kids their age.

Lu Liangwei was quite happy about this. She kissed Yaoyao on the forehead to comfort her, then she rubbed Ji’er’s head.

Long Yang crouched down in front of Lu Liangwei and the three children, then he picked up Yaoyao, who still looked like she was in a daze. He reached out to rub her forehead gently and then rubbed Ji’er’s little head as well. He smiled and asked, “Do you want me to carry both of you?”

Ji’er hopped into his arms without hesitation and stretched out a hand to point at the sky, babbling about something.

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