Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1331 - 1331 Was His Majesty Threatening Yin’er

1331 Was His Majesty Threatening Yin’er

When Yaoyao heard her, she followed her lead and looked at the sky, pointing. There was nothing to see besides the blue sky and white clouds. She wondered why her younger sister was so excited and turned to look blankly at her, as if to ask, ‘What are babbling about?’

Long Yang understood what Ji’er meant and a smile appeared on his lips. “Does Ji’er want me to take you flying?”

Ji’er continued babbling as if answering the question.

Long Yang carried both sisters and stood up without a second thought. He left the pavilion with the children in his arms and leaped to the top of the building. After that, he flew from the roof to a tree to the side.

It was the first time Yaoyao was experiencing flying and she chuckled excitedly.

Ji’er kept making noises as well, as if urging her father to fly faster.

Lu Liangwei stood outside the pavilion as she watched her two daughters order Long Yang about. A smile appeared on her face.

Long Yin was in Zhao Qian’s arms. When he saw his sisters flying about while being carried by their father, his clear and glazed eyes widened. They were filled with curiosity and he looked a little envious.

When Zhao Qian noticed this, he quickly asked, “Does Little Master want to fly as well?”

Long Yin darted him a look and Zhao Qian immediately felt his head buzz with numbness.

His little master was still a small child, yet Zhao Qian felt he could already see the shadow of his master.

Such charisma came naturally. He was already giving off a formidable aura at such a young age.

Just as Zhao Qian was feeling a little perturbed, Long Yin suddenly pointed at Long Yang and he began babbling as well.

Zhao Qian wiped away his sweat and thought, ‘Little Master clearly wants Master to carry him, but he is stubborn enough to pretend not to care.’

That was scary!

He immediately said, “Don’t worry, Little Master. Master will carry you for a flight later too.”

It was not long before Long Yang returned with Yaoyao and Ji’er.

The two girls had a lot of fun and their faces were flushed red from excitement.

Lu Liangwei guessed that they would need to play some more when they returned. She first carried Yaoyao over to help her pee, and then helped Ji’er too.

After she was done tending to both sisters, she saw Long Yang carrying Yaoyao and standing motionlessly. He seemed to have no intention of carrying Yin’er to play. Lu Liangwei frowned.

When she saw the desire to play twinkling in her son’s eyes, Lu Liangwei said, “Your Majesty, Yin’er wants to play too. Bring him along for the experience.”

It was only then that Long Yang turned to look at his son. “You want to play?”

Long Yin’s eyes, which were dark as the night, stared at him quietly.

Long Yang sat Yaoyao down on Lu Liangwei’s lap and carried Long Yin over from Zhao Qian.

Lu Liangwei wanted to follow and watch, but there were already two children on her lap. When Zhao Qian noticed this, he quickly picked up Ji’er.

Lu Liangwei walked out of the pavilion with Yaoyao in her arms.

She saw Long Yang carrying Yin’er and flying to the top of a tall tree.

That tree was not particularly thick and strong, but it was unusually tall.

Long Yang was now standing at the top of the tree with his son in his arms.

Lu Liangwei was some distance away from them. She saw Long Yang lower his head as if saying something to Yin’er.

She wondered if His Majesty was threatening Yin’er.

She found herself sweating at this thought.

His Majesty would not be that childish. She must be imagining things.

It was not long before Long Yang came floating down from the tree with his son in tow.

He moved smoothly and agilely.

He flew down from a great height and a breeze rippled through his clothes. He struck an exceptionally handsome sight, like a deity descending to earth.

“What did you stay to Yin’er?” When he got nearer, Lu Liangwei snapped out of her trance and asked with a smile.

“I didn’t say anything to him.” Long Yang denied it.

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