Transmigrated As My Former Uncle's Sweetheart

Chapter 1329 - 1329 Actually, I’m The One Your Father Fears The Most

1329 Actually, I’m The One Your Father Fears The Most

Long Yang, “…”

Realizing what Weiwei was thinking, he was instantly at a loss for words.

Did she seriously think he would be so petty as to frame their son for what had happened yesterday?

He glanced down at Long Yin, who was sitting in his lap meekly unlike how he had behaved just now, making it appear as if he had really been framed.

A vein bulged on Long Yang’s forehead, and he said to Lu Liangwei glumly, “He really did pull my hair.”

Unconvinced, Lu Liangwei ignored his protest and took the two children from him. “Go ahead and wash up. I’ll look after them.”

Long Yang, “…”

Weiwei’s distrust dismayed him.

When he got up, he threw Long Yin a black look through narrowed eyes. “Little brat!”

“How could you scold him?” Lu Liangwei immediately glared at him accusingly.

“…” Long Yang massaged his forehead with his slender fingers and said wearily, “Fine, I won’t scold him anymore.”


Lu Liangwei beamed at once. “Yin’er’s still young, and he behaves awfully well too. Don’t be so hard on him, Your Majesty.”

Long Yang’s fingers twitched as he glanced at their so-called well-behaved son in her arms, but he eventually stifled the urge to give him a good spanking.

Did nothing else matter to Weiwei now that she had children?

Apparently, his standing in Weiwei’s heart had nosedived.

Pressing a hand over his heart, he turned on his heel and headed to the bathroom.

Behind him, Lu Liangwei whispered to the two children, “Actually, I’m the one your father fears the most, hahaha…”

Although Yaoyao did not understand what her mother was laughing at, she could tell that her mother was in a good mood and giggled along with her.

A smile appeared on Long Yin’s face as well—a face that closely resembled Long Yang’s.

Therefore, when Long Yang came out of the bathroom, he was greeted by the sight of his wife and children laughing merrily on the bed.

“What’s put you in such a good mood?” Long Yang walked over to them and bent down to kiss Lu Liangwei’s forehead. Turning and seeing Yaoyao staring expectantly at him, he kissed her on the cheek too.


When it was Long Yin’s turn, he ignored him without thinking.

Seeing that he had passed their son over, Lu Liangwei held the little boy up to him. “Why didn’t you kiss Yin’er?”

Staring at the face that was practically a duplicate of his own, Long Yang eventually gave him a kiss on the cheek too.

To his exasperation, Long Yin frowned as if disgusted by the act.

Long Yang narrowed his eyes and pinched Long Yin’s nose.

Since Long Yang had finished washing up, Lu Liangwei left the two children in his care and went off to see Ji’er.

Ji’er had woken up earlier that day, almost right after Chu Qi had risen.

When Lu Liangwei arrived, she saw Chu Qi holding Ji’er with one arm while practicing swordwork under a flowering tree.

Clad in blue, the young man clutched his sword with one hand while carrying the doll-like little girl with his other arm. His expression was cold, but there was a hint of a smile beneath it.

Whenever he glanced down occasionally at the little girl in his arms, the corners of his lips would turn up.

Because he was holding Ji’er, he wielded his sword at a relatively slow speed. Nonetheless, there was ferocity and a formidable air in his every move.

Ji’er watched him intently with a serious expression on her face.

With an inadvertent turn of her head, she noticed Lu Liangwei standing behind them. Her mouth immediately stretched into a smile, and she greeted her mother in her own way by waving her arms and squealing in delight.

Sensing her arrival, Chu Qi sheathed his sword and turned around, his figure tall and upright.

Lu Liangwei walked over and took Ji’er from him with a smile. Ji’er’s clothes were neat and tidy, and she was even wearing a small cloak to shield her from the morning cold.

Once again, she could not help being amazed by Chu Qi’s thoughtfulness.

“Go ahead and do what you have to, Lil Qi. I’ll look after Ji’er.”

“All right.” Chu Qi nodded. After giving Ji’er one last glance, he grasped his sword and left.

The covert guard squad, having suffered significant losses a while ago, was undergoing member recruitment, hence he had to go to the base every day to supervise the process.

He did not have time to babysit Ji’er during the day.

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