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Chapter 531 - 531 Asking About Him

531 Asking About Him

Su Xiaolu nodded.

An Cheng smiled. “He has an old mother at home. Her health is very poor and she might die at any time. There’s also a younger sister who has a heart disease. She can’t do any work and can’t get married. She might collapse and die at any time. An Lie is quite tough. That’s the situation in his family.”

“Is his father dead?”

Su Xiaolu asked. An Lie’s condition was not good.

“Yes, he died when he went out to sea. This kind of thing happens all the time by the sea. Some people might be fine when they set off to sea, but there might be nothing left when they come back. Just like me. Who knows what will happen when one goes out to sea?”

An Cheng’s tone was a little sad.

He looked at Su Xiaolu and said seriously, “Young Master, you seem to be from a rich family and have some good martial arts, but it’s different at sea. Some things are useless at sea. With your family background, it’s not impossible for you to afford the white fish. Listen to my advice and go back early. I’ve already said what I need to say. If you want to go back on your word, you can snatch the money back. If you don’t, I’m leaving. After eating and drinking, I should go back to my lousy house to sleep.”

Su Xiaolu moved aside and said, “I have another question. Is your hearing natural?”

An Cheng smiled, his expression intermediately smug. “Yes, I was born with it. My ears are the best in the entire Qinghai county. I can hear the situation of the fish within a hundred kilometers.”

Speaking of this, An Cheng’s eyes were filled with pride.

Su Xiaolu smiled and said, “Then you’re really impressive.”

Such hearing was really amazing. At sea, it could avoid more than half of the dangers.

“Hehe, it’s useless now anyway.”

An Cheng laughed self-deprecatingly and walked away with his walking stick.

Su Xiaolu looked at him and turned to go home.

An Cheng had good hearing and was vigilant against Su Xiaolu. However, after walking for a long time and not hearing anyone following him, he believed that Su Xiaolu had really left.

His eyes darkened as he headed in a certain direction.

Su Xiaolu was a little unlucky. She asked him about An Lie. He was An Lie’s uncle, An Cheng. He did not know what Su Xiaolu wanted to know. He only told her what the public knew.

In that case, no matter where Su Xiaolu continued to ask, it matched what he said.

An Cheng knocked on a door.

An Lie opened the door and was pleasantly surprised. “Uncle, have you eaten? Come in quickly.”

An Cheng went into the house. The house was dim. Due to the changes in the family, he couldn’t even bear to light the oil lamp. At night, only the fire cooking the pot of soup was lit. It barely served as a light to prevent people from sneaking around in the dark.

“Little Cheng is here, cough cough… Little Ou, go get your uncle’s bowl and chopsticks.”

A woman spoke weakly. There was a snoring sound in her throat, and she had been holding back her cough.

“Little Cheng, move back here. Cough…”

The woman looked at An Cheng and said softly.

“Don’t worry about me. I’m living quite well outside. I’ve earned some money. Sister-in-law, keep it well. Find some time to get some medicine for Little Ou and yourself.”

An Cheng took out the money bag and threw it at the woman’s feet.

“Little Ou, you don’t have to take the bowls and chopsticks. I’ve already eaten at An Lin’s house. An Lie, come with me. I have to tell you something.”

An Cheng said to the thin figure who went to get the bowls and chopsticks. His gaze finally landed on An Lie before he turned around and left.

“Little Cheng, take the money… Cough, cough, cough, we don’t want it…”

The woman was so agitated that she started coughing. She picked up the silver bag, her eyes already filled with tears.

An Cheng couldn’t bear to look at her. He lowered his eyes and said coldly, “Don’t worry, take it. This isn’t money from An Lin’s family.”

“Alright, An Lie, come out.”

An Cheng had already turned around and left. There were too many grievances in his heart. It had only been two years.

It had only been two years since that incident, but his entire life was gone. Every time his leg hurt, he regretted it. Human nature was the last thing in the world that he could afford to gamble on.

If he was still fine, how could he have ended up like this?

An Cheng went out and walked behind the backyard. An Lie followed him with a heavy heart.

When they were in the dark, An Cheng stopped. He turned around and grabbed An Lie’s collar violently, pressing him against the wall. He gritted his teeth and growled, “Kid, what are you doing? Do you know the background of that person? How dare you provoke him? He’s just a young kid, but his family dared to let him out. Do you think this is a simple matter?”

“An Lie, don’t provoke someone you can’t afford to offend. Think about your mother and sister. If anything happens to you again, how will your father’s spirit rest in peace? Don’t you know your identity?”

An Cheng was furious. An Lie was the only boy in their family. He was the only child and their only hope.

“You’ve grown up. You should think carefully. Don’t let your mother suffer again. She’s suffered enough.”

An Cheng softened his tone and let go of An Lie.

An Lie’s eyes were firm. “Uncle, I know what I’m doing. I’m really confident. The arowana is even more precious than the white fish. As long as we can catch it, our family will be able to escape the current situation. Your leg will also receive better treatment. My heart disease will be cured. Father has already seriously injured it last time. I won’t be satisfied if I don’t go.”

“That Su Lu is good at martial arts, but it’s useless at sea. He can only listen to me. I’ll be careful and not give him a chance to sneak revenge.”

An Lie said firmly. Even if he wanted to settle the score, he had to have a reason. Even if he had a status, he could not do something unreasonable.

“He’s probably here for the white fish too. It doesn’t matter. I’ve never been to that sea area. Anyway, I can’t find it, so she can’t do anything to me.”

Seeing that An Cheng was silent, An Lie said, “That’s what I thought.”

An Cheng looked at An Lie. From his determined gaze, he could tell that his nephew had made up his mind. He could not convince him anymore.

An Cheng patted An Lie’s shoulder. “That’s up to you. It’s fine as long as you’ve thought it through. You’re already so old and can make your own decisions. I won’t say much. I’m leaving.”

After An Cheng finished speaking, he walked away with his walking stick.

An Lie looked at his figure and clenched his fists. He wanted to tell his uncle that he would definitely succeed, but he could not say it.

His uncle, the uncle who grew up with him, the ungrateful An Lin’s family, his sister’s illness, his mother’s illness, and his father’s death were all eternal pain in An Lie’s heart.

Every time he thought of it, he felt a pain in his heart.

Su Lu was also on guard when he asked about him, but he was unlucky and asked about his uncle. Time was tight, and he couldn’t find out much more.

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