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Chapter 532 - 532 Going Out to Sea

532 Going Out to Sea

An Lie returned home and ate quietly.

Mother An sighed. “Little Lie, persuade your uncle more. If he’s willing to come back, let him come home. Come home. We’ll take care of him.”

An Lin’s family was extremely ungrateful, but An Cheng was often scolded, and the wounds in her heart were reopened every day. Her heart ached.

Her father-in-law and mother-in-law passed away early. When An Cheng was born, her mother-in-law was already old and had died due to childbirth. She was a newly married woman who had personally raised An Cheng.

Her father-in-law also died when An Cheng was two years old.

She was the one who raised An Cheng. He was her younger brother who grew up with her children. An Cheng called her sister-in-law, but he respected her as if she was his mother.

What happened two years ago still hurt her heart.

An Cheng was only 20 years old.

An Lie knew that his mother was in pain. He did not say much and only nodded. “I will.”

When he caught the arowana this time, his sister’s heart disease would be cured, his mother’s health would recover, and his uncle’s leg would recover. Everything would be fine.

“Little Lie, don’t do anything dangerous. We’re already doing very well.”

Mother An looked at An Lie and said. She had a feeling that An Lie was going to do something. She was helpless and could not stop him.

“Brother, don’t do… dangerous things. With Brother around… Cough cough, Mother and I are very happy.”

An Xiaoou also said softly. Her body was weak and she couldn’t catch her breath, so when she spoke, she would always cough and feel uncomfortable. Under normal circumstances, she would not speak.

An Lie looked at his sister and mother and nodded. “Don’t worry, I won’t put myself in danger.”

For the sake of his mother and sister, this voyage was imperative, but he would not tell them because he did not want them to worry.

An Lie smiled and quickly ate.

After dinner, he went out. Before he left, he said to Mother An and An Xiaoou, “Little Ou, when I’m not at home, you and mother must be careful.”

An Xiaoou and Mother An nodded.

“Come back early.”

Mother An reminded gently.

An Lie smiled brightly and turned to leave.

An Lie arrived at the boat according to the promise. He thought that he still had to wait. Perhaps no one would come, but unexpectedly, Su Xiaolu had already arrived.

Su Xiaolu looked around the boat and walked out when she heard the voice. “An Lie.”

“Su Lu.”

An Lie looked at Su Xiaolu and called out. Then, he said, “You’re early.”

This Su Lu was so young, yet he still came after asking around about him. He had to deal with him carefully. This Su Lu was definitely not as harmless as he looked.

“Can we go now?”

Su Xiaolu asked when she saw An Lie get on the boat.

An Lie nodded. “Yes. We can leave after checking the boat.”

Su Xiaolu watched An Lie board the boat and checked around.

Su Xiaolu stood on the deck and watched. The big ship of An Lie’s family was relatively old, and many parts were damaged and repaired. On the surface of the ship, there seemed to be some strange gnawing marks.

However, the cabin was clean and there were no strange objects. These signs could only mean that An Lie’s family’s ship had experienced some danger in the past.

An Lie untied the noose and rowed the ship away.

After the ship entered the sea, An Lie went to the helm to control the direction.

Su Xiaolu walked to his side and watched.

An Lie did not avoid her. It was not so easy to learn how to steer. He was not afraid that Su Xiaolu would secretly learn it.

Su Xiaolu did not watch for long before she went to the end of the deck and watched the waves break open by the ship and move forward.

Humans were really smart.

They could invent various tools and could make use of everything in the world to facilitate their travels.

Su Xiaolu looked at the port that was getting further and further away and smiled slightly.

She found a place to sit down and focused on her breathing.

An Lie had been paying attention to Su Xiaolu. He felt that Su Xiaolu was very calm and not noisy at all. She had probably never seen a big ship before, but she was not very curious. She only took a few glances and stopped looking.

She just sat there calmly. It was unknown if she was really calm or if she was pretending to be mature.

Gradually, they left the port. An Lie was relieved when it was out of sight.

At such a distance, even if he regretted it, he could not swim back. If he wanted to go back to shore, he would have to rely on his own boat.

The surface of the sea was dark, and there were ripples on the surface of the sea. The seawater looked dark and deep, so deep that it was terrifying.

An Lie walked into Su Xiaolu and said calmly, “Su Lu, is this your first time on a boat?”

Su Xiaolu opened her eyes and nodded. “Yes.”

In her previous life, she had sat on boats countless times. When she was young, she had to take a boat to cross the river every day to go to school.

But she had never taken a boat once in this life. This was the first time she had taken a boat.

“You seem to be adjusting well. You’re not seasick at all.”

An Lie looked at Su Xiaolu intently, trying to analyze something useful from Su Xiaolu’s expression.

“I’m quite adaptable.”

Su Xiaolu smiled. She and An Lie had their own goals and had been testing each other.

Su Xiaolu looked at the dark sea and stood up. She smiled at An Lie.

“An Lie, we’re quite far from the port, right? I can’t even see the port.”

Su Xiaolu looked at An Lie and asked.

An Lie nodded. “Yes.”

They were already very far away. Not only could they not see it, but even if they shouted, they would not be heard. In this endless deep sea, there was only one ship.

“Then which route did you take? I saw your trajectory. The direction of the ships carrying the white fish back to shore is a little far.”

Su Xiaolu smiled at An Lie. Since they were already so remote, there was no need to pretend.

An Lie looked at him with a serious expression.

He said calmly, “I’m taking another path. If I take that path, I’ll bump into them. My family isn’t involved, and bumping into them will cause conflict, so I’m taking another secret route.”

An Lie’s answer was also watertight. His sharp senses told him that he could not make a move, so he calmed down and steadied himself.

Su Xiaolu smiled. “I see…”

An Lie was very cautious and nodded seriously. “Yes.”

Su Xiaolu did not continue to make things difficult. “Thank you.”

“As long as you bring me to where I want to go, I’ll double the reward of 100 taels.”

Su Xiaolu looked at An Lie and was very forthright.

An Lie nodded and turned back to steer the ship.

The tip of Su Xiaolu’s tongue pressed against her cheek as she looked at An Lie’s back thoughtfully.

Even after doubling the price, he was still unmoved by 200 taels. If it wasn’t the white fish, what kind of thing in the sea could be priceless?

The sea was so big. Was there really only one vortex?

Su Xiaolu calmed herself down and thought calmly. The spiritual energy in the sea was more abundant than on the ground. Before danger came, it was good for her to circulate her Internal Breath more. An Lie did not want to fight yet, so she would wait a little longer.

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