Transmigrated As A Delicate Bundle Of Luck For A Farming Family

Chapter 530 - 530 Each With Their Own Purposes

530 Each With Their Own Purposes

An Lie looked at Su Xiaolu and asked in a low voice, “What do you think?”

Su Xiaolu looked at him and nodded. She reached out and patted An Lie’s shoulder. “Sure.”

He was in such a hurry. It seemed like there was really something going on. She just did not know what An Lie was hiding from her.

Su Xiaolu was not afraid either. She had patted An Lie’s shoulder. An Lie did not have Internal force and the muscles on his body reflected very realistically. He was not a person with strong martial arts skills. He was just a very healthy person.

Knowing the other party’s background, Su Xiaolu was not afraid. She did want to go out to sea early. She would go out to sea at night.

“Alright, come to Mingyue Harbor tonight. My family’s boat is the An family’s 17th.”

An Lie did not suspect anything and told her the address of the meeting tonight.

Su Xiaolu nodded. “Okay, I’ll go back and pack my things. I’ll come after dinner.”

It was almost dark now. There was enough time to go back for dinner, pack up, and go to the harbor.

Su Xiaolu smiled at An Lie and left with the bucket.

She could feel An Lie staring at her back.

Su Xiaolu felt that An Lie was a little strange. He clearly wanted to lie to her, but he could not bear it. He was really conflicted.

Su Xiaolu returned home and carried the dug shells to sell.

After finding a restaurant under the An family to eat, Su Xiaolu was prepared to ask about something. She might not be able to find out too much, but she should be able to find out about An Lie’s basic information.

The An family was a large family with more than 30 fishing boats under their name. Among them, there were more than 10 large fishing boats. An Lie’s family’s fishing boat was numbered 17, so their family background should not be bad.

But from what he said, Su Xiaolu felt that his fishing boat did not seem to be participating in the white fish hunt.

But that was just her guess.

After ordering some food, Su Xiaolu observed the various people around her.

In the end, he locked onto a person who was downing wine.

“An Cheng, if you want to drink, go somewhere else. Every time you come to drink, it’s on credit. How can we let you drink so much for nothing? We’ve already repaid the favor we owed you back then. We’ve already done our best for you!”

The waiter angrily chased away this drunk man named An Cheng. In just a few words, there were many deep stories.

The person called An Cheng didn’t say anything. He just stood up and pushed the food on the table to the ground. Regardless of whether it was the bowl or chopsticks, they were all broken. He hugged his leg and placed it heavily on the table.

Su Xiaolu saw the waiter frown with her own eyes.

An Cheng said with a heavy breath, “Look at this leg of mine. It was bitten off by a sea shark when I saved your father back then. What did your father say back then? He said that he would raise me for the rest of my life if I’m crippled. His son, you guys are my sons. You guys will take care of me until I die of old age! Didn’t you also kneel in front of me and beg back then, swearing to take care of me until I die of old age?”

“I saved your father. Without this leg, I am cripple. I’m already engaged and my wife doesn’t want me anymore. I can’t do anything, so you should support me! Hehe… I’ve only eaten for a few years, and you’re already saying that you’ve returned the favor you owed me. Hehehe… are you done? Is it over after you’re done? Let me tell you, it’s not up to you.”

An Cheng’s tone was full of mockery, and he was even more sinister. His temperamental appearance was terrifying.

The waiter was very angry, but he also seemed to be a little afraid of An Cheng. However, the unwillingness in his heart still took over. He gritted his teeth and said, “You ate a lot of fish and meat every day for two years. We didn’t treat you badly, but you’re still not satisfied. You still want money every month. You always say that we’re indebted to you. Who would be happy to hear that? It’s not certain if you saved my father. The waves were so big at that time, so no one saw it clearly… Besides, you clearly have brothers and nephews…”

“Hehehe… Hehehehe…”

An Cheng smiled sarcastically and didn’t say anything else. He picked up his walking stick and walked out.

When he reached the door, he shouted, “I saved your father and became a cripple, so your father and all of you have to support me. I’ll come back tomorrow. How dare you not give me a meal? Brat, try it. Unless your entire family dies, I’ll eat until I die in your house! Everyone in Qinghai county knows that I have a grudge against your family. If I’m poisoned to death, your family will have to hand over their lives as compensation.”

After An Cheng left, the remaining waiters were furious.

The customers in the restaurant also discussed in low voices, each with their own opinions.

Some said that An Cheng went overboard asking for repayment. No one would feel comfortable about this.

There were also people who said that his family had gone overboard and failed to fulfill their promise.

No matter what, it was a tragedy.

Everyone only sighed and stopped the topic because it was really unpleasant to talk about this topic.

Su Xiaolu paid the bill and followed the man called An Cheng.

His beard was scraggly, and his hair was a mess. He looked to be in his thirties, but from what he said, he shouldn’t be very old.

He had a high-level amputation. One of his legs was empty as he walked with his walking stick. His footsteps were abnormally heavy. The sound of his walking stick hitting the ground was very loud. Passers-by looked sideways and looked away in disdain.

He didn’t say anything and just chuckled coldly. Even if this made him even more annoying, he only sneered.

When they arrived at a remote alley, An Cheng stopped and suddenly said, “Friend, you’ve been following me all the way. It’s time to come out.”

Su Xiaolu was surprised. An Cheng had good ears.

She was a martial arts practitioner, so her skills were considered good. Her footsteps were light, and there was a lot of noise on the street. Even so, An Cheng could still hear her. His hearing was really extraordinary.

Su Xiaolu followed him. She walked to An Cheng and cupped her hands. “Hello, I’m Su Lu. I followed you because I wanted to ask you something. These 50 taels are for you.”

Su Xiaolu weighed the money bag. The silver inside clinked.

An Cheng looked at Su Xiaolu and smiled. “So it’s you. Haven’t you given up yet? It’s impossible to go out to sea. They won’t take you there.”

Su Xiaolu, an outsider and a handsome young master, was going out to sea. She had asked so many people, so she naturally attracted attention.

It was easy to remember that she was good-looking. In fact, her appearance was not suitable for prying for information.

“Thank you for the reminder, but I’m not asking about going out to sea. I’m asking about someone who’s also a member of your An family. You don’t have to tell me too much. Just tell me the basic situation of his family.”

Su Xiaolu smiled and threw the money bag to An Cheng.

An Cheng caught it with his bare hands and put the money bag into his chest pocket. “Tell me, who do you want to ask about?”

“A young man called An Lie. I want to know his family situation. How many people are there in his family?” Su Xiaolu said An Lie’s name.

An Cheng touched the silver on his chest and said casually, “So you want to ask about him.”

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