Transmigrated As A Delicate Bundle Of Luck For A Farming Family

Chapter 529 - 529 Xiaolu's Training

529 Xiaolu’s Training

A small pale hand reached out from the carriage and took the money bag. A gentle voice sounded, “If that’s the case, then forget it. With this weight, there’s a lot of silver inside. The compensation is more than enough.”


The manservant responded and drove the carriage away.

After Su Xiaolu left, she whipped the horse and let it run.

After traveling for six hours, she was already very far away from the capital before she stopped.

The horse was tired from running, and she was hungry too.

She found a grassland for the horses to eat while she ate dry rations and rested.

When she was full and the horse was full, Su Xiaolu slowly led the horse.

At night, she tied the reins and lit a fire for hot water. She tore the pancake into small pieces and put them in.

She slept after eating.

It was a three-day journey to Qinghai.

When she arrived in Qinghai county, she realized that many buildings were being built. The air had a salty smell to it, but most of it was spiritual energy.

The spiritual energy in Qinghai county was rich. Wherever there were trees, the trees were lush.

Su Xiaolu first settled the horses, then found a small courtyard according to the address. She knocked on the door first, but there was no sound. No one came to open the door.

Without hesitation, she flew over the wall and entered the door.

There was no one at home. It seemed that Master and Master Gui You had gone out to sea and were not at home.

Su Xiaolu tidied up and fell asleep on the bed.

By the time she had a good sleep, it was already dark. Su Xiaolu stretched and got up. She washed up and went out to find food.

There were many inns and restaurants in Qinghai county. Su Xiaolu casually found one and looked at the menu. Sigh, the white fish occupied most of the menu.

The waiter was very enthusiastic and introduced it to Su Xiaolu. “Customer, this white fish is superb. Our shop guarantees that it’s the freshest. We salvage it every day. I guarantee that we won’t keep them overnight.”

Su Xiaolu flipped through the white fish page. The white fish was fresh, but expensive. She was not stupid.

Su Xiaolu ordered other sea fish and some seafood.

In the past, she used to eat dry goods most of the time. Fresh ones had a different taste. She loved seafood. All of a sudden, her memories from her previous life were triggered. She liked steamed, garlic, and spicy ones.

After ordering, Su Xiaolu waited quietly for the dishes to be served.

The fresh seafood was delicious. She finished four plates alone.

After eating, Su Xiaolu asked about the fishing boats going out to sea.

She had thought that going out to sea would be a simple matter.

However, the local fishermen who had fishing boats shook their heads when they heard that she wanted to go out to sea, indicating that they did not carry passengers. If they wanted to buy fish goods, they had them.

Su Xiaolu asked the same question in many places.

She could only go back to sleep first.

She felt that she might not have asked enough.

But in the next two days, Su Xiaolu asked almost the entire Qinghai county, but she could not find a fishing boat that was willing to take people out.

Only then did she realize that this was a problem.

Some were willing, but only in the shallow sea. As long as they went to the sea or the deep sea, they would all reject her. There seemed to be an unbreakable tacit understanding between them. This was no longer a matter of how much the price was. No one was willing.

Thinking of the white fish, Su Xiaolu understood.

Those who had fishing boats could already take one’s share of the loot, but they all tacitly shared it and were no longer willing to let others join in. Regarding this matter, regardless of whether they had grudges in the past, they had reached an agreement.

If she asked too much, it would attract attention. Su Xiaolu stopped asking and waited for the two Masters to return.

During the day, she would carry a small bucket to the beach to dig for small seafood. She would also fish in the shallow sea. This way, people gradually stopped paying attention to her and treated her as an ordinary traveler who wanted to go out to sea out of curiosity.

Su Xiaolu waited for half a month, but Old Wu and Gui You did not return.

Those fishing boats that went out to sea came back every day, and they all returned with a full load. The number of the white fish could only be described as shocking. The entire fishing boat was full.

Some people could go around the fishing boat and sell it on the spot. They could catch any one they wanted. Su Xiaolu had also bought it before. She would cook it herself when she got back. It tasted delicious. It was really delicious even if she cooked it casually.

The white fish was tender, delicious, and had a miraculous effect. It was as if it was born to be eaten.

On February 28, Su Xiaolu was digging shells on the beach. She looked in one direction and saw nothing. She smiled and carried the bucket to another place. Her figure quickly disappeared.

The figure hiding in the dark began to look around. He did not understand why he could not see her anymore. She was just there a moment ago. There was no one on the beach. Su Xiaolu was gone.

“Hey, are you looking for me?”

Su Xiaolu patted the young man’s shoulder. She waved her hand and smiled.

The young man was shocked. He turned around and looked at Su Xiaolu’s harmless face. He said solemnly, “Are you still going to sea?”

Since he had been discovered, he did not pretend or defend himself. Instead, he asked straightforwardly.

Su Xiaolu sized up the young man and said, “Isn’t it about you following me now? You’ve been following me for two days. Does your family have a boat? No one in Qinghai is willing to bring outsiders out to sea. Don’t you know?”

The young man looked at Su Xiaolu and frowned. “You’ve indeed discovered it long ago. I can tell that your martial arts skills should be good. My family has a big ship. Others are unwilling to bring people out to sea because they’re afraid of people getting close. It’s occupied by the government and them now. Outsiders can forget about taking their share of the loot.”

“If you want to go somewhere, I can’t take you openly, but you can hold me hostage when the time comes. That way, you can go. And right now, I can only take you out to other parts of the sea first. I’m not going anywhere else. Do you understand me?”

The young man looked serious and analyzed it well. He even thought of a reason for Su Xiaolu.

He would go to the other seas first and then Su Xiaolu would hold him hostage so that she could achieve her wish.

This was indeed very thoughtful.

Su Xiaolu looked at the young man. The young man’s skin was tanned. He was the kind of man with thick eyebrows and big eyes. There was some sunburn on his face. This was a characteristic that all the people by the sea had.

Su Xiaolu looked at him. He did not dodge. Su Xiaolu knew that he had some goals, but she also had her own. She could only say that they each had their own goals. In the end, who would get what they wanted would depend on who was tougher after going to sea.

Su Xiaolu smiled harmlessly and said, “Okay, my name is Su Lu. What about you?”

She couldn’t use her real name in the martial world, so she gave herself a nickname.

The young man looked at Su Xiaolu and smiled. “My name is An Lie.”

“Alright, An Lie, when do you think we can set off?” Su Xiaolu did not care if he was his real name. She was more concerned about An Lie saying that he could go to sea. Su Xiaolu was now concerned about when he could go to sea.

“Tonight,” An Lie replied calmly.

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