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Chapter 66 - Opening Strike

Chapter 66: Opening Strike

Chapter 66 – Opening Strike


The creaking sound of the wooden door was particularly harsh in the silent living room.

“What are you trying to do?!” Chen Yu demanded.

“We only wish to take a look at your living environment, Student Chen Yu,” the middle-aged team leader said, a dangerous glint flashing across his eyes as he calmly grabbed at the corner of Chen Yu’s shirt.

As for the four other people in the living room, three of them rested their hands on their gun holsters while one of them held up the communicator in his hand. So long as an incident occurred, he would immediately call for reinforcements from the army of policemen outside.

Meanwhile, after exchanging a solemn look with the policeman beside him, Xiao Li pulled hard on the door!


The instant the door was pulled open, the room’s environment became visible to everyone within the house.

However, the moment everyone saw the room’s interior, as if they had just been struck by lightning, everyone’s mouths fell wide open, expressions of shock and horror appearing on their faces…

There was actually someone inside the room!

Moreover, it was a man that was currently changing into women’s clothing!

Currently, “he” wore a pair of stockings and high heels and was in the midst of wearing a skirt. Similarly, “he” wore an expression of shock and horror as he looked at the group of people outside the room…

Xiao Li: “…”

The police officer: “…”

The middle-aged team leader: “…”

Everyone else: “…”


After removing the glasses he wore with trembling hands, Chen Yu harshly slapped his cheeks. Lowering his head in pain, he inwardly thought, What the hell…

He swore!

Two minutes ago, when he was done activating the Interstellar Portal, the room he connected to was vacant!

However, Chen Yu never imagined that the damned shut-in upstairs would run into his second bedroom within these two short minutes!

Moreover, that damned shut-in was actually cross-dressing!

Curse you and your entire family, you little scum!!

Chen Yu wanted to do nothing more than to cry right now.

This situation was terrible.

It was simply too terrible.

He had thought of many possibilities happening today. However, he never thought that the actual development would run astray in such a way…






After a short yet “long” silence, Xiao Li was the first person to have snapped out of his daze.

After pondering for a short while, he held up the camera hanging before his chest and walked into the room while pretending as if nothing had just happened. After making a round through the room, Xiao Li gave the shut-in’s “enchanting” figure one last look before silently leaving the room and shutting the door.

As he was a professional, he only needed a few glances to determine that the room he just surveyed was different from the room displayed in “Transdimensional Review”‘s videos.

After all, both the aging wallpaper and dusty floorboard he saw inside the room were not things that could be set up within a short time.


Upon hearing the sound of the door shutting, everyone present in the house snapped out of their dazes.

Everyone then focused their gazes onto Chen Yu, complex emotions filling their eyes…

“…Student Chen Yu.” Grasping Chen Yu’s shoulder, the middle-aged team leader hesitated for a short moment before earnestly saying, “As a young man… You should have healthy thoughts.”

Chen Yu: “…”

“The taste of youngsters nowadays truly is heavy,” the middle-aged team leader said, sighing as he rode the elevator back down to the apartment complex’s first floor.

Hearing these words, the other six people inside the elevator subconsciously rubbed their eyes. The scene they saw inside Chen Yu’s house had significantly impacted their mental state.

“Leader, we didn’t find any useful evidence inside Chen Yu’s house. What should we do now?” Xiao Li asked hesitantly.

“Since all our personnel is gathered now, let’s use this opportunity to search Fukuoka Hidari and Qin Shousheng’s houses,” the middle-aged team leader said as he pulled out a cigarette and lit it. After inhaling deeply, he breathed out and continued, “The explanations for all of Chen Yu’s actions are reasonable. He is skipping school because Sixth High is forcing him into sports and also because he can only rely on himself to study. You’ve examined his talent in sports as well. His jumping power, reaction speed, and muscle strength are all excellent. He is a natural talent in sports. There are also no signs in his house connecting him with Transdimensional Review. We can mostly remove our suspicion over him at this point.”

“In that case, should we continue paying attention to Chen Yu?”

“Of course. Find someone flexible to keep an eye on him for a while longer. Looking at the minute expressions he made just now, I can’t help but feel that something is amiss,” the middle-aged man said. After taking another puff of his cigarette, he continued, “The information gap between Transdimensional Review and us is simply too massive. We’re getting played like fools.”

“We’ve tried our best already. After all, this is the first time we’ve come across such a supernatural event.”


“Leader, according to what I’ve heard from the Foreign Affairs Bureau, quite a few recorded foreign agents have already entered the country.”

“Mhm.” Nodding, the middle-aged team leader spat out a mouthful of smoke and shut his eyes before muttering, “What an eventful autumn…”

At these words, silence returned to the inside of the elevator.

Meanwhile, to the group’s ignorance, an invisible, spherical camera was secretly filming them.

Nineteenth floor, Chen Yu’s house:

Collapsing powerlessly onto the sofa, Chen Yu wiped off the cold sweat formed on his forehead.

The instant the government agent opened the Interstellar Portal’s door, Chen Yu honestly thought he was doomed. He had even prepared himself to confess everything to get more lenient treatment.

However, Chen Yu never thought that the cross-dressing shut-in would cause everyone to grow awkward and have their thoughts “warped.” In the end, the government agent only did a brief survey of the room before quickly leaving and closing the door.

Also, the moment the government agent had closed the door, Chen Yu had swiftly and secretly severed the spatial link using his invisible watch, preventing the cross-dressing shut-in from charging out of the room in a fit of rage after snapping out of his daze. Should he allow that to happen, he really would be exposed completely.

Extending his hand, Chen Yu grabbed for the cup of water sitting on the coffee table. After emptying the glass in one big gulp, he raised his wrist and disabled his watch’s invisibility function. He then started carefully observing the actions of the government agents.

As the saying went, propriety suggests reciprocity. The other party had gone as far as to send hundreds of people to knock on his door and scare him. It would be inappropriate for him not to pay them back in kind.

Hence, throughout the morning and afternoon, Chen Yu did nothing but observed the “national team”‘s every action. And through his observation, he managed to determine the actual number of people working in the investigation group, the responsibilities of each group member, the group’s current living quarters, how the group members addressed each other, as well as the group’s subsequent plans. He had also found out about the secret codes they used to communicate with each other as well as the color of the underwear they wore.

They’re going to investigate Third High after Sixth High. I’ll take action once they start their investigations! I definitely won’t let them catch me this time!

Shutting his eyes and falling into deep thought, Chen Yu’s mind gradually formed a “sinister” plan that would “paralyze” his opponents. And upon developing this plan, the corner of his lips unconsciously lifted up.

After returning to his room and seeing the mess on the floor, Chen Yu felt a terrible headache. He then spent the next hour cleaning the dust and debris inside his room.

By the time Chen Yu was done cleaning, Mother Chen had also returned home. And upon noticing the dirty shoe prints all over the floor, she angrily pulled at Chen Yu’s ear and yelled, “Chen Yu! Why is the floor so dirty?! What did you do?!”

“Ouch! It hurts! Mom! It hurts, it hurts! I’ll clean it up right now!”

By the time Chen Yu was done cleaning up the entire house, it was already six o’clock in the evening.

All three of his younger sisters had returned home already, with one reciting words, one drawing pictures, and one running around the house while holding a gold-plated feeding bottle. The house was filled with liveliness once more.

“Big Brother! Come and play with me!” Chen Sanke said as she waved at Chen Yu while holding her feeding bottle.

“Pass,” Chen Yu answered as he dragged his heavy feet back into his room. He then sprawled himself onto his bed, the only thing on his mind being his sore back.

The events today had truly exhausted him.

“Damn it, it seems I was still too benevolent with my previous counterattack plan. I should be a little more ruthless…”

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