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Chapter 67 - Schrodinger's Door

Chapter 67: Schrodinger’s Door

Chapter 67 – Schrodinger’s Door

After resting for a dozen minutes or so, Chen Yu got up from his bed and picked up the Interstellar Portal’s instruction manual. He then stood before the Interstellar Portal itself and started carefully reading through the manual.

As he had been in a rush in the morning, he remained unclear of many of the Interstellar Portal’s functions. Now that he had time, he naturally had to learn more about it.

The Interstellar Portal was a fantastic product. There would be many instances in the future where he would need to use it. He definitely had to gain a thorough understanding of it.

Roughly half an hour later, Chen Yu placed down the instruction manual and called out the Interstellar Portal’s virtual screen. He then started manipulating it with unfamiliarity.

There were three methods of utilizing the Interstellar Portal’s space-bending ability. The first method was random. At a glance, this method was obviously used to commit suicide.

The second method was through using specific coordinates, and there were a total of five numerical axes. With Chen Yu’s current knowledge, just looking at this method gave him a headache.

The third method was positioning. This method suited Chen Yu’s purposes the most. To put it simply, he simply needed to select the space he wished to connect to using Earth’s holographic projection.

This process was similar to playing a game. He could freely zoom in or out on the holographic projection. When zoomed out to the maximum, he could even see the solar system in its entirety.

Previously, he had used this method when he connected to the 20th-floor shut-in’s second bedroom.

However, according to the instruction manual, every time the Interstellar Portal bent space, it consumed an insane amount of energy. Ordinary nuclear energy battery modules were incapable of sustaining it at all. Therefore, the energy source built into the portal was a basic antimatter destruction battery that could support the Interstellar Portal for a minimum of 100 uses.


“Compared to an official product, the probation products truly are just children’s toys…”

The Interstellar Portal was still considered just a D-level product. Suppose he managed to raise his access level to A. In that case, the Transdimensional Marketing Company might really send him a Dyson Sphere…

At that time… It wouldn’t be others scaring him, but him scaring the world instead…

After fantasizing for a short while, Chen Yu returned to his senses and slid his finger across the hologram.

In the 21st century’s space-time, forbidden spaces did not exist. Hence, so long as he wanted to, he could travel to anywhere within the solar system.

Whether it was the inside of a bank vault, a military research center, the top of a pyramid, or a female celebrity’s private house, so long as he could locate it using the hologram, he could travel there anytime he wanted to.

“Where should I visit…”

After browsing through the hologram for some time, Chen Yu found himself feeling slightly dizzy. Picking up his phone, he started searching for isolated places of interest for an impromptu trip.

However, when he opened his web browser, something in the news section below the search engine immediately attracted his attention.

“Superstar Concert live in Shanghai!” — Click here to watch the live broadcast.

“Superstar?” Chen Yu’s eyes immediately lit up at this word. He had never once attended a concert in his life. Hurriedly, he started zooming in on Shanghai using the holographic projection.

In less than half a minute, he located the sports arena the concert was held in. He then established a spatial link to the top of the arena’s enclosure and opened the Interstellar Portal’s door…

At the same time, inside the Chen family’s kitchen, the Chen family was currently seated around the dining table and was about to start having dinner.

Suddenly realizing that someone was missing, Mother Chen angrily smacked the table and yelled, “Chen Yu! Why does he always need someone to call him to eat?! Third Eldest, call your big brother to eat!”

“Mhm!” Nodding in response, Chen Sanke left the kitchen while hugging her gold-plated feeding bottle with her left arm and holding her chopsticks in her right hand. She then stumbled her way to Chen Yu’s room and pulled open the door using her right hand.

[Just because you’re so beautiful, baby!][1]

[Just because you’re so beautiful, baby!]

[Just because you really are so beautiful, baby!]

Upon opening the door, what got reflected in Chen Sanke’s black pupils were the figures of men dancing on a stage…


The feeding bottle fell to the ground.

[You who is heading toward me makes me restless.]

[I have never felt this before.]

Click, clack.

The chopsticks also fell.

[One more look at you and I’ll explode.]

[One step closer to you and I’ll melt.]


Heavily shutting the door, Chen Sanke wore a blank look on her face as she staggeringly made her way to the bathroom. She then picked up her own towel and soaked it with water. Afterward, she awkwardly walked into the master bedroom and laid on her small bed before covering her forehead with the wet towel and shutting her eyes.

“Third Eldest? Where are you going?” Mother Chen asked when she saw Chen Sanke walking into the master bedroom through the kitchen’s glass door. Growing suspicious after not receiving an answer, she stood up from her seat, walked into the bedroom, and asked, “What are you doing?”

“Mommy.” Pointing at her own forehead, Chen Sanke said, “I think I have a fever, do we have medicine?”

Mother Chen: “?”

“Why are there so many people watching this kind of concert?” Chen Yu clicked his tongue as he walked out of the Interstellar Portal and arriving back in his room. Shutting the door, he mumbled, “I can’t believe I wasted my precious energy for this. I would’ve been better off paying Mount Everest a visit.”

After disconnecting the spatial link, Chen Yu brought up his watch to look at the time and noticed that it was time for dinner. He then opened his room’s door and entered the living room to see that his entire family was crowded inside the master bedroom. Confused, he asked, “What are you guys doing?”

Turning around, Chen Yike replied, “Third Eldest seems to have caught a fever.”

Turning around as well, Chen Erke parrotted, “Third Eldest seems to have caught a fever.

Startled by the news, Chen Yu hurriedly squeezed his way into the master bedroom and asked, “Mom, how is Third Eldest?”

“It doesn’t seem like a fever,” Mother Chen said, frowning. She then used her lips to test the temperature of Chen Sanke’s forehead before caressing her daughter’s pale cheeks. She said, “She seems to be frightened.”

“Third Eldest, where are you feeling uncomfortable?” Chen Yu also stretched out his hand and caressed Chen Sanke’s forehead, asking, “Do you want to go to the hospital?”

Opening her mouth, Chen Sanke mumbled, “…so beautiful.”


Time quickly passed by. In the blink of an eye, two days had gone by already.

[Transdimensional Review: “Mr. Chen, space has stabilized. I can open the large space-time wormhole now.”]

During Thursday morning, Chen Yu suddenly received this message on his WeChat.

Growing joyful, Chen Yu played truant without hesitation, running back home and entering his bedroom.

[Chen Yu: “I’m home. Send the package over. I’ll receive it.”]

[Transdimensional Review: “The Romantic Partner Simulation Robot is large. Are you able to receive it in your present condition?”]

[Chen Yu: “Yes. In any case, the floor is already broken. Just smash away.”]

[Transdimensional Review: “Very well. I am sending it to you now. Please receive it.”]

As soon as Chen Yu received this last message, a large spatial vortex instantly appeared inside his room, the space-time wormhole spitting out a large, white box.


Both the windows and the floor trembled as the white box landed on the ground. Pieces of shattered wood also got sent into the air.


“This is my moment…”

With great eagerness, Chen Yu tore apart the box’s seal and removed the lid. He then familiarly pushed down on the button on the slumber pod.


Accompanied by a clear, electronically synthesized sound, the blue metal box’s front cover slowly slid to the left.


As the white mist that escaped from the slumber pod slowly dissipated, a slender and graceful figure dressed in a one-piece garment gradually emerged from the hazy mist.

Chen Yu’s face stiffened when he saw the person inside the slumber pod, a drop of blood flowing down his left nostril…

The robot girl’s long eyelashes fluttered as she opened her eyes, her parted eyelids revealing a pair of watery eyes. After quietly looking at Chen Yu for a short moment, the girl’s rosy lips parted slightly as she said, “Hello! Mr. Chen Yu, I am your Romantic Partner Simulation Robot! Let us start a wonderful story of love!”

“Uh… Uh… Okay…”

As if he had just gotten his soul sucked out, Chen Yu dazedly extended his sleazy hand…

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