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Chapter 65 - Trouble Arrives Quickly

Chapter 65: Trouble Arrives Quickly (2)

Chapter 65 – Trouble Arrives Quickly (2)

Chen Yu’s complexion darkened upon seeing the hundreds of people swarming around his apartment building. Hurriedly, he opened the box before him and looked at the advanced technology inside it.

“A door?!”

After falling into a daze for a brief moment, Chen Yu hurriedly pulled out the door inside the box and stood it up before him.

The product this time was a jet-black metallic door. The door’s surface was smooth and glossy, and there was a dense layer of circuitry engraved all over the door. Even for a 21st century human like Chen Yu, this door looked incredibly retro.

After giving the door a quick glance, Chen Yu bent down to pick up the thick instruction manual sitting inside the box. He then started anxiously reading through the manual.

As time was of the essence, he only focused on reading about the door’s introduction and method of operation. As soon as he started reading, though, his expression quickly changed.

This advanced technology was called the “Interstellar Portal.” It was developed by the Transcendence Group in the year 3766 and made commercially available in the year 3800.

The Interstellar Portal had a built-in space-bending generator and a time stabilizer that allowed it to bend the fabric of space within the gravitational range of a star for short periods. With the Interstellar Portal, humans could freely travel around a solar system.

Even if one wished to travel to Earth’s moon, they could simply step through the Interstellar Portal and arrive there in the next second.

According to the second page’s last paragraph, the product director “Kramis” heavily emphasized the Transcendence Group’s contributions in the study of time.

The reason for this was because the concept of a “Space Gate” had been given birth to as early as the year 2753. However, due to the intricate connection between space and time, the humans of that time were only able to distort space and were unable to stabilize time. Due to this reason, the conceptualized Space Gate was only considered an incomplete product that would cause the user to lose a lot of time by using it instead of saving time.

Hence, the Transcendence Group believed that the time stabilizer they created was a huge leap forward for the entire human civilization’s technology!

And every user of the Interstellar Portal should bear this contribution in mind…

After quickly browsing through the first half of the instruction manual, Chen Yu sent it flying to a corner.

The latter half of the instruction manual was basically the Transcendence Group boasting and talking about the company’s history, the difficulty of growth, and contribution to mankind.

“This thing is good…

“Very good…

“I’m saved!

“So long as I use this door to connect with another room, doesn’t that mean that nobody can enter my real room?”

While mumbling to himself, Chen Yu opened his room’s wooden door and immediately tried to remove it. However, the door was installed correctly, and no matter how much strength he put into his arms, he could, at most, cause the wooden door to creak; it wouldn’t break off from its hinges no matter what.


Frustrated, Chen Yu sent a kick at the door, his action leaving behind only a faint footprint on the door.

“Are you a goddamned security door?!”

Lifting his wrist, Chen Yu looked at the image displayed on his watch’s screen. Currently, the group of seven that walked at the front of the army of policemen before had already entered his apartment’s elevator and were swiftly making their way to the 19th floor.

After anxiously pacing around the outside of his room for a while, Chen Yu smacked his head as realization dawned upon him. Immediately, he dashed back into his room and grabbed the Golden Finger. He then wore it on his middle finger, pressed down on the “Power 3” button, and sent a flick at the wooden door.



The wooden door immediately split in half from the massive force.




Without hesitation, Chen Yu continued sending three more flicks at the wooden door, shattering it thoroughly and sending wooden splinters and sawdust flying all around.

Sending a glance at his watch, Chen Yu hurriedly picked up a broom and quickly swept the wooden blocks, splinters, and sawdust into his room. He then picked up the Interstellar Portal and stuck it against the doorframe. After doing so, he chose to alter the Interstellar Portal’s shape on the metallic door’s retro interface.

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, sounds of door knocking came from behind him.

“Student Chen Yu, are you home? We are from the education ministry. Why did you not go to school today?”

Startled by this situation, Chen Yu anxiously thought about where he should set the “Space Folding” target to. “Where should I choose… Where should I choose… Yes! Yes, yes, yes! Upstairs! There’s a shut-in living on the 20th floor! Let’s connect to his second bedroom! I hope he’s in the master bedroom…”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Student Chen Yu, are you home? Open the door! We’re not here to criticize you! We’re here to give you mental support!”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

“Student Chen Yu? If you don’t open up, we’ll open the door ourselves!”

Outside the security door…

Pushing against his glasses, the middle-aged team leader took a step back from the security door while putting his hand on the gun holster around his waist. He then turned to look at Xiao Li, who stood nearby, and said, “Open it. Everyone, stay sharp.”

“Yes, sir!”

Everyone promptly answered.

At the same time, the young man named Xiao Li stepped up toward the security door and pulled out a professional lock picking device from his pocket. After inserting the device into the keyhole, he then twisted it with both hands.


The crisp sound of the door’s lock opening appeared.

“OK!” With a passive expression, Xiao Li cooly waved his hand and said, “It’s done.”


Another crisp sound entered the group’s ears.

Stunned by this situation, Xiao Li tentatively pulled the door. To his dismay, however, the door remained stationary.

“Lea-Leader, he locked it again from the inside.”

Everyone: “…”

Suddenly, everyone vaguely felt their world view changing…

“Continue unlocking it!” the middle-aged team leader barked with a grim expression.

“Understood.” Nodding, Xiao Li inserted the lockpicking device into the keyhole once more and twisted it.



“H-He locked it again…”

Everyone: “…”

“Pull the door the moment you unlock it!”




Everyone: “…”

“Leader, it’s no good. He’s locking the door too quickly. I can’t keep pulling on the door either since if I do that, I won’t be able to unlock the door.”

“Unlock it! Keep on unlocking it!”





Everyone: “…”

“Leader.” Half a minute later, Xiao Li pulled out the lockpicking device. Wiping off the sweat on his forehead, he said, “This is too damned unfair! I’m getting much more tired than him! Moreover, he can also do double-layered locks!”

After pondering with a gloomy expression for a short moment, the middle-aged team leader approached the door and knocked on it once more.

Bang! Bang!

“Student Chen Yu, stop playing around. Please open the door.”

In response to the team leader’s words, Chen Yu’s voice came from beyond the door. “Who are you people? There are no adults at home right now.”

“We met in Principal Pang’s office before. We’re conducting home visits to understand the recent education and living statuses of Sixth High’s students. Why did you not go to school today?”

“The teachers at school don’t want to teach me, so I might as well study by myself.”

“If that’s the case, we have an even greater need to understand your situation. Student Chen Yu, please open the door.”

As soon as the team leader was done speaking, silence returned to the outside of the security door.

In this situation, the middle-aged team leader exchanged glances with his subordinates. Just as they were about to take a forceful approach, the door suddenly opened.

When the door parted, Chen Yu’s figure appeared before the investigative team’s eyes. Currently, Chen Yu was wearing a pair of glasses while holding onto a middle school English textbook, his appearance giving off an image of an intellectual. After opening the door, Chen Yu leaned half of his body out of the door.

“Why are there so many of you here?” Chen Yu asked, frowning as he pushed against his glasses.

Reacting quickly, the team leader extended a foot past the door frame to prevent Chen Yu from shutting the door. He then smiled and said, “They’re all my colleagues from the education ministry. Let’s talk inside.”

“So many people…” Chen Yu displayed a hesitant look at the team leader’s words.

“We’re only here to understand your situation,” the team leader reiterated. Immediately afterward, the team leader squeezed his chubby body into the house. The six other people behind him also followed closely after him.

“A-Are you people really here for a home visit?” Chen Yu hurriedly retreated away from the group, a nervous expression appearing on his face.

“Yes. Student Chen Yu, you say that Sixth High’s teachers are refusing to teach you. Is that true? Tell us the details of the situation,” the middle-aged team leader said. To make his words sound convincing, he had even pulled out a small notebook from his coat pocket and pretended to take records. His eyes, however, were secretly giving out orders to his six subordinates.

The six other members of the investigative team immediately spread out and started inspecting the interior of the house with camera equipment hanging on their chests.

“Wh-What are those people doing?”

“They’re only trying to understand your living conditions, Student Chen Yu,” the team leader said, casually making up an excuse. He then focused his eyes on Chen Yu and started earnestly observing the latter’s expressions and changes in his eyes.

“Aren’t you guys just trespassing?!”

“No, no. Don’t be nervous. Let’s sit in the living room and talk,” the team leader said, his actions making it seem as if he was the owner of the house, and Chen Yu was the guest. After pulling Chen Yu to the living room’s sofa, the team leader asked, “Student Chen Yu, how many members are there in your family?”


“What jobs do your parents have?”

“My mom is temporarily unemployed, while my dad…”

When the two were conversing with each other, Xiao Li and a police officer approached Chen Yu’s room. After placing his hand on the doorknob, Xiao Li gradually turned it.


The sound of springs compressing came out from the door. The noise was so loud that it could be clearly heard even from the living room.

Including the middle-aged team leader and Chen Yu, everyone inside the house momentarily shut their mouths nervously, their eyes focused onto the door of Chen Yu’s room. For a moment, the atmosphere inside the house became solemn and quiet.

According to their previous information analysis, this west-facing bedroom on the 19th floor was most likely the background seen in Transdimensional Review’s videos.

As professionals, so long as they entered the room, they would be able to detect even the slightest of clues!

Meanwhile, so long as they discovered a clue…

The attitude they took toward Chen Yu would no longer be something as simple as a home visit…

Squeak… Click.

After twisting the doorknob to its limits, Xiao Li exchanged glances with the police officer beside him. Gulping down a mouthful of saliva, Xiao Li then slowly pulled open the door under everyone’s anxious gaze…

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