Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 45

Chapter 45: Benefits of Studying

Chapter 45 – Benefits of Studying

By the time Chen Yu finished dinner and returned to his room, it was already seven in the evening.

Feeling that enough time had passed, he sent the download link for the edited video to the other party.

[Chen Yu: “I’m done editing. Give it a look.”]

[Blooming Clouds: “That quick?”]

[Chen Yu: “Why do I feel uncomfortable hearing those words?”]

[Blooming Clouds: “I’m just surprised. Did you properly edit it?”]

[Chen Yu: “Facts speak louder than words. Comment after you’ve watched it.”]

[Blooming Clouds: “Alright, alright. I’ll make sure to dispute every little detail.”]

[Chen Yu: “Sure. But what does ‘dispute’ mean?”]

[Blooming Clouds: “…”]

Seeing that the other party wasn’t answering him, Chen Yu clicked his tongue and copied the word. He then searched for it online and found the answer.

“So, that’s what it means…”

Sighing, Chen Yu picked up the Quantum Reading Glasses and a mathematics reference book and started studying.

Studying and results were the foundation of every “battle.”

If a straight-A student tried taking liberties with a woman, his actions would be called flirting. If a flunkie did the same thing, his actions would be considered an indecent assault. The former would get to live a distinguished and elegant life, while the latter would get to squat in a jail cell.

This world was unfair.

Only by studying well would one’s words have authority.

Only by studying well would one be able to do whatever one wanted.

Chen Yu did not seek to do whatever he wanted. He merely wished for his school and family to give up on having him do sports.

Not to mention…

As an academic flunkie since childhood, he had also dreamed of entering a famous school.

Now that he had the help of future technology, he naturally needed to grasp this opportunity.

Brr… Brr…

A little over half an hour later, Chen Yu’s phone suddenly started vibrating.

Hurriedly removing his glasses, Chen Yu picked up his phone and saw that “Blooming Clouds” had sent him a voice chat request.

“Hehe, money’s here.”

Setting down his reference book, Chen Yu connected the call and put his phone to his ear. “Hello?”

“Brother, will your future edits have such standards as well?” The gentle and soothing voice of a woman came from his phone.

“You’re a woman?”

“That’s right. I watched the entire video without fast-forwarding. Your editing standards are indeed excellent. If you can maintain such a standard, we can form a long-term partnership.”

“That won’t be a problem. If you’re satisfied with the results, send me the 900 yuan first,” Chen Yu said. At this moment, his entire head was filled with that 900 yuan.

“Alright, alright. I’ll send it to you once we’re done chatting.”

Upon hearing the other party’s words, Chen Yu promptly disconnected the call, then sent the other party a message.

[Chen Yu: “We’re done chatting. Give me the money.”

[Blooming Clouds: “…”]

[Notification: Blooming Clouds has transferred 1,000 yuan to you.]

After accepting the money, Chen Yu swiftly returned 100 yuan to the other party.

[Notification: You have transferred 100 yuan to Blooming Clouds.]

[Chen Yu: “I take only what I deserve.”]

There was a chance of a long-term partnership with this woman, so Chen Yu felt that he needed to establish his image firmly with her. He definitely couldn’t let her belittle him and treat him as someone who only had eyes for money.

[Blooming Clouds: “…Alright. You have principles. I’ll give you that. Can we continue our conversation now?”]

[Chen Yu: “Anytime.”]

Brr… Brr…

Very quickly, Chen Yu’s phone started vibrating once more. He then accepted the call and said, “Hello?”

“Brother, may I know your name? How should I refer to you in the future? I can see only your pen name on your QQ profile.”

“Just call me Chen Yu. What about you, little missy?”

“Judging by your voice, I should be older than you. Call me Big Sis Ying.”



“No-Nothing…” Chen Yu’s expression started turning strange after this situation.

“I’ve seen your edited video, and I feel that its quality is extremely high, so I wish to form a long-term partnership with you. May I know how many minutes you can edit per day on average?”

“Just send me whatever you have,” Chen Yu said generously. “I’ll take them all.”

“Are you running an editing studio?”

“You can think of it that way. In any case, no matter how many videos you send me, I can edit them all to the standard you saw just now.”

“If that’s the case, let’s sign a contract. So long as you can edit a certain length of video every day, you’re free to set the price.”

Chen Yu could not help but frown at these words and asked, “Are you trying to become my sugar momma?”


“No need for contracts. Just pay me 30 yuan per minute. I’ll edit however many videos you send me.”

Chen Yu did not wish to go through that much hassle at all. He was only trying to earn some quick cash to tide him over the short term. Hence, he aimed for small profits but a high turnover. Once he got his hands on more and more advanced technology, the money he earned now would be chump change.

He had always thought of himself as a wise person that had abandoned the consciousness of a small farmer.

He was going to attain great achievements and earn big money in the future.

Once he was successful, why would he waste his precious time earning a trivial sum and even sign a contract for it? This notion was simply laughable.

It was just like the three small gifts he was offered in exchange for returning the Nuclear Energy Laboratory. How capricious would he be to choose the learning circlet? Wasn’t it much better to choose the basketball shoes to earn a quick buck and let his family have a good meal?

Once he settled his short-term emergencies, he could simply apply for a stronger learning tool.

Finding his thoughts to be very reasonable, Chen Yu gave the other party no room for negotiations as he said firmly, “Thirty yuan per minute. Don’t say useless things.”

“Can you edit a hundred, or even a thousand, minutes?” A skeptical voice came from the other end of the phone. “Let’s sign a contract and cooperate properly. The smaller your studio’s workload, the greater your profit margin will be. Won’t that be great?”

“No.” Shaking his head, Chen Yu said, “I have no wish to earn that much money at all. Thirty yuan per minute. Take it or leave it.”


“I’m hanging up and resuming my advertisement if you don’t give me an answer.”

“Mr.… Mr. Chen, I wish to ask you, are you certain that there are no problems with your thought process?”

“Nothing’s wrong. My logical thinking is quite strong. Just 30 yuan per minute.”

“…Alright. Okay. Great!” An anger-filled laugh came from the phone. “Let’s do as you say. I’ll pay you 30 yuan for every minute of edited footage, but you must guarantee the quality.”

“That won’t be a problem.” Turning to look at his laptop, Chen Yu said, “The quality will be extremely stable, as stable as one plus one equals two.”

“Good. I have another question. If I have too much raw footage, it’ll still take you a long time to download everything, even if you have high-speed internet, right? Can I mail you a hard drive?”

“Sure,” Chen Yu answered, nodding. “You can even act as a middleman and pick up work from other independent media or companies and pass the work to me. I’ll edit everything for you at a price of 30 yuan per minute.”

Upon hearing Chen Yu’s words, the other party was startled and asked, “Are you serious?”

“Of course. I am very serious.”

“I… I don’t understand. Why are you doing this?”

“For the horde.”


“To save myself trouble. Do you have any other questions?”


“Good. May we have a pleasant cooperation.”

“Ye-Yes… May we have a pleasant cooperation…”

After disconnecting the call, Chen Yu was finally unable to suppress the excitement in his heart any longer as he jumped up in joy and did a fist pump.

“I won’t get eliminated anymore this year!”

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