Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 44

Chapter 44: Third Review Product (3)

Chapter 44 – Third Review Product (3)

After toiling for nearly three hours, Chen Yu finally rented a standalone warehouse far from the city center.

The warehouse he rented used to serve as storage for fruits for a nearby market. However, after the city’s urban renewal and the removal of open-air markets, the warehouse lost its business. Despite the owner lowering the rent time after time, interest in the warehouse remained nonexistent.

As a result, Chen Yu managed to rent the warehouse for three months with just 1,800 yuan.

“Finally, I can loosen my limbs! Ah! How wonderful!”

Standing inside the empty warehouse, Chen Yu gave his surroundings a brief look, then picked up the broom and mop he recently purchased and started cleaning.

Truthfully, he had been too careless during the previous two product reviews. There were simply too many items inside his room that were unrelated to his review. From his wallpaper to his floorboard, all these things could betray his identity.

Hence, he planned to set up a proper studio this time to ensure as little information about his identity leaked as possible.

Roughly twenty minutes later, Chen Yu finished cleaning the warehouse. After shutting the warehouse door and locking it from the inside, he then started earnestly decorating his review studio.

Firstly, he worked on covering up the dull-gray walls.

Secondly, he patched together a wooden table.

Afterward, he was done.

Clap! Clap!

Clapping the dust off his hands, Chen Yu revealed a smile as he said, “Everything’s complete! I can finally start the review.”

After saying so, he dug through his backpack and pulled out his laptop, camera, pen, paper, mask, and the star of today’s review—the Golden Finger.

He set up his camera and spent 10 minutes writing up a script and memorizing it. He then placed the script beside the camera so he could peek at it, in case he forgot his lines.

With two product reviews under his belt, he had already learned plenty of speech techniques.

He definitely wouldn’t allow the “awkward speech” from the last review to happen again. He would focus on introducing the product and avoid making unnecessary comments as much as possible.

Not to mention, with the fifth product review, he would switch to livestreaming his reviews. Running his mouth off would only put his identity at risk.

“Let’s begin, then. Brr… This warehouse is a little too cold. My feet are practically frozen already.”

After putting on the coat and mask he usually wore for his reviews, Chen Yu verified that he had all the tools he needed for this review before pressing his camera’s capture button. He then sat before the wooden table he made.

“Greetings, fellow friends and viewers! Welcome to Transdimensional Review’s third episode! I am very grateful for all the support everyone has given me! The product I have brought to you all this time is…”

The review lasted for an hour.

After reciting his final line, Chen Yu stood up and turned off the camera. He then gave his body a stretch.

Removing the Golden Finger, he gently caressed its smooth, golden surface before carefully placing it back in its box.

For some reason, he had a feeling that he would have a use for this magical product one day.

After transferring the data from his camera to his laptop, Chen Yu stored them both in his backpack. As there was no internet inside the warehouse, he planned to edit and upload the video once he got back home.


Upon opening the warehouse door, Chen Yu noticed that the sky had started darkening already.

He pulled out his phone and checked the time, then decided not to tarry any longer. After locking up the warehouse, he jogged to the main street and hailed a taxi.

Jumping into the passenger seat, Chen Yu said, “Master, to Lanhe District.”

“Got it.” Nodding, the middle-aged taxi driver stepped on the accelerator.

Leaning back in his seat and looking at the passing scenery through his window, Chen Yu grumbled, “Master, don’t you think the weather is getting colder these days? It’s just autumn, yet it’s already so cold.”

“Oh…” With a glance at the boxers Chen Yu was wearing, the taxi driver nodded and said, “Uh, yes… The weather is getting colder.”

As soon as Chen Yu walked through the door, he smelled the savory scent of cooked meat. Making his way into the kitchen, he noticed that the dining table was actually filled with various fragrant dishes.

“Why the feast? What’s the occasion?”

Without even glancing at Chen Yu, Mother Chen, who was busy stir-frying lean meat with leeks, replied, “Aren’t you going to start training tomorrow? It’s to provide you with nutrients.”

“…Are you that certain I won’t score within the top 25?”

“Ha! If you manage to score even within the top 30, I’ll eat this wok.”

“You said it!”

“I did!”

“Good. Just you wait.”

Chen Yu walked out of the kitchen and into the living room, sending his sisters a glance before continuing to his room. After locking the door, he took out his laptop and started editing his video.

Several minutes later, his video was edited. After watching through it and finding no problems, he adjusted the video’s audio frequency and uploaded it to Bilibili for publication at 9 A.M. tomorrow.

The quality of the video this time was very high. Chen Yu could sense that he was one step closer to that [Romantic Partner Simulation Robot] now.

“Keke… Hehehe….”

With his mind filled with sweet thoughts about living with his robot partner, Chen Yu pulled out the Golden Finger and gently caressed it.

“Just renting a warehouse isn’t enough.

“Once I have a girlfriend in the future, I need to have a place to stay, as well.

“That will cost even more money.”

No matter how many plans his mind generated, all thoughts looped back to the problem of “money.”

He was poor.

His family was poor too.

His future “girlfriend” would definitely be a poor bastard, as well. As a man, he needed to think of ways to earn money.

Moreover, he needed to rake in large sums of money over a sustained period.

Simply relying on his basketball shoes to beat the challenges of the various restaurants wasn’t a long-term plan. Sooner or later, every restaurant in Jinzhou District would blacklist him. Not to mention, such an action also lowered his self-esteem.

“Let’s help other companies or independent media edit their videos.”

After pondering the matter for some time, Chen Yu concluded that this method was the most reliable.

The Transdimensional Marketing Company’s contract only stated that it was illegal for him to generate profits through the sale of review products but not utilizing review products to generate a profit.

Not to mention, his laptop’s auto-editing software wasn’t categorized as a review product.

Having decided this, Chen Yu pulled out his phone and started sending advertisements to several of Bilibili’s content creator groups.

“First-class professional editor offering paid editing services. Subtitles and soundtracks included. Only editing review videos. No charge for unsatisfactory results. Send me a private message if you are interested.”

Less than three seconds after Chen Yu published his advertisement, he had already received feedback!

[You have been removed from the “Transdimensional” Group.]


In response to his removal, Chen Yu immediately reported the group to Bilibili.

Reason for reporting: The group is sharing perverted pictures every day! The group is simply filled with human depravity and distorted morals! If not now, when will you shut down such a broken group?

Group number: 826992388

Although his advertisements got him kicked out of a few groups, it didn’t take long before he garnered interest from a content creator. After this interested party added Chen Yu as a friend, they immediately went straight into the topic.

[Blooming Clouds: “Are you really a professional editor? What are your fees? Do you have any previously edited videos to share as samples?”]

[Chen Yu: “I do, but you don’t need to trouble yourself to watch them. Just send the materials to me. If you find my work unsatisfactory, I won’t charge a cent.”]

[Blooming Clouds: “What big words! I like that! What are your fees, then? What is the benchmark?”]

[Chen Yu: “Ten yuan per minute. Subtitles and soundtracks included. If you want to add special effects, it’ll be 1,000 yuan per minute at least.”]

[Blooming Clouds: “Ten yuan per minute? Subtitles included? Are you sure you’re a professional editor?”]

[Chen Yu: “If I don’t meet the standards of a professional editor, I’ll pay you instead.”]

[Blooming Clouds: “Wow! How imposing! I like that! I’ll send you the raw footage and finished product from last month’s video. If your editing standards can match my finished product, I’ll give you 20 per minute.”]

The other party’s words immediately inspired a thought in Chen Yu’s mind.

[Chen Yu: “Going for quality, huh? If the quality of my edited video surpasses yours, how about you give me 30 per minute?”]

[Blooming Clouds: “No problem! If you have that kind of standard, I’ll stop all of my studio’s edits and commission them to you.”]

[Chen Yu: “OK, OK. Send it over.”]

A few minutes later, Chen Yu received a download link for a file containing over a dozen gigabytes’ worth of raw footage as well as a link for an edited video.

However, he did not even give the edited video a glance. He immediately downloaded the raw footage.

In the end, it took him well over two hours to download the raw footage.

As for the editing process, it took him only five seconds to produce a fully edited 30-minute video.


After uploading the video, Chen Yu joyfully snapped his fingers.

“Nine hundred yuan, get! Now, if I can just increase my internet speed… I’m going to be rich.”

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