Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 43

Chapter 43: Third Review Product (2)

Chapter 43 – Third Review Product (2)

With hurried steps, Chen Yu walked forward and sat down before the box. He then used his fingernail to slit the sealing tape and opened the box. After doing so, however, he noticed a smaller box nested inside.

After taking the small box out, he cut through its sealing tape and opened it, only to discover an even smaller rectangular box inside.

Chen Yu: “…”

Once he had extracted the latest box, he tore off the film wrapped around it before opening it. Fortunately, no more boxes greeted him this time.

Located at the top of the box was something that looked like a finger cot. The finger cot was coated entirely in gold, and its build was exquisite. Holding it in his hand, Chen Yu found that the finger cot was quite heavy and solid.

“This little thing is the third review product?”

After toying with the finger cot for a while, Chen Yu grabbed the instruction manual inside the box and earnestly read through it.

A minute later, he put down the instruction manual with a skeptical look on his face.

“This… What is this thing?”

According to the instruction manual, the product this time was called “Golden Middle Finger.” A product of the year 2035, it was commonly referred to as the Golden Finger. It was meant to be worn on a human’s middle finger, and it allowed its user to exhibit a very “strong” effect.

The original description went:

  1. Greatly enhances the power of a flick. It has three power settings in all: first gear breaks wood, second gear breaks bricks, and third gear breaks steel. There are many ways to play with this Golden Middle Finger to deepen the friendship between companions.
  2. Greatly enhances the vibrating speed of the middle finger. It similarly has three speed settings: first gear vibrates 10 times per second, second gear vibrates 100 times per second, and third gear vibrates 1,000 times per second! There are even more ways to play with this function. This is also an essential tool for guitarists, pianists, guzheng musicians, video game enthusiasts, biology enthusiasts, and many other enthusiasts!



Tossing the instruction manual on the ground, Chen Yu cursed, “Why does something like this even exist?!”

He pulled out his phone and dashed off a WeChat message to Transdimensional Marketing’s staff.

[Chen Yu: “You there?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Mr. Chen, please stop asking if I am present or not. I am always present.”]

[Chen Yu: “The Golden Finger you sent me is the third review video’s product?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “That is correct, Mr. Chen. Are you satisfied with it?”]

[Chen Yu: “Let’s set aside my satisfaction first. I want to know what exactly this thing is for.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Isn’t it written on the instruction manual already? It’s meant for friendly head-flicking between friends.”]

[Chen Yu: “Are you sure it’s meant for friends and not enemies?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Um… It can also be used for self-protection.”]

[Chen Yu: “Are there no other functions?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “You can also use it to play instruments.”]

[Chen Yu: “Anything else?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Mr. Chen, what are you trying to say?”]

[Chen Yu: “…Forget it. It’s nothing. However, I asked you to get me something mainstream like a smartphone or computer, yet you sent me this skull-cracker. Does it look mainstream to you?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Mr. Chen, this Golden Finger is very mainstream. Both men and women, elderly and young, require it. In fact, it remains a very popular product even in the 24th century.”]

[Chen Yu: “Fine. I’ll believe whatever you say.”]

After exiting WeChat and setting aside his phone, Chen Yu started fiddling with the exquisite finger cot once more.

Upon closer scrutiny, Chen Yu noticed three buttons on each side of the finger cot.

The buttons on the left were labeled “Power 1,” “Power 2,” and “Power 3.”

The buttons on the right were labeled “Speed 1,” “Speed 2,” and “Speed 3.”

The functions of the buttons were exactly as their names implied, no additional thought required.

It feels smooth to the touch. It’s soft, yet hard at the same time. I wonder what material it is made of.

After fiddling with the finger cot for a moment, Chen Yu carefully slid the “Golden Middle Finger” onto his middle finger. He then pressed a power button, on the finger cot’s left side.


Along with the appearance of a small electric current, Chen Yu felt his entire middle finger go numb.

Standing up, he took in his surroundings. Failing to find something he could conveniently use as a test subject, he took off his jeans and pulled out his old and tattered belt buckle. He then raised his middle finger and aimed it at the steel buckle of the belt before flicking it.


A strong gust of wind immediately howled throughout the room. Following it, a golden streak of light smashed into the steel buckle!


Following a loud metal ringing, a section of the steel buckle caved in.

“Holy…” Tossing away his belt buckle, Chen Yu stared at the Golden Finger in a daze. “Is this thing really meant for flicking heads?”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

Suddenly, knocking came from the door, and Chen Yike’s voice came from beyond it.

“Brother! What happened?! What was that sound just now?!”

Snapping out of his daze, Chen Yu turned around and shouted, “Nothing happened! Ignore it!”

“Brother, you can talk to me if you’re stressed. Don’t—”


A moment later, the outside of Chen Yu’s room became silent.

Breathing out a sigh, Chen Yu resumed researching the Golden Finger.

He had already experimented with the first “playing method.” The Golden Finger indeed provided extraordinary strength to its user. It was so effective that it could even be used to arm soldiers.

Next up would be to experiment with the second “playing method.”

Sitting on his bed, Chen Yu raised his middle finger and pressed the first right button.

Speed 1.


The instant Chen Yu pressed the button, the Golden Finger quivered, its vibration speed accelerating as time passed. In no time at all, his middle finger was vibrating at a rate of 10 times per second!


Moving his middle finger close to his face, Chen Yu could feel a light breeze blowing at him.

His eyes glowing with excitement, he immediately pressed the “Speed 2” button!


His finger started vibrating even faster! Its motions were so fast that it was leaving behind afterimages!

Meanwhile, throughout this process, his finger surprisingly did not feel uncomfortable or tired. This was because the finger cot was the one rapidly vibrating. The finger inside it moved at a much slower rate.


Chen Yu was pleasantly surprised by this situation.

Looking at the Golden Finger, he could faintly discern the true method of using it. Naturally, it was meant for competitive gaming!

Who could possibly match the speed of his finger?

Who could possibly beat him in terms of control?

If combined with the Quantum Reading Glasses, he could easily annihilate his opponents!

“Kekeke… It turns out this thing is actually so amazing.”

After clicking the power button once more, Chen Yu removed the Golden Finger and returned it into the box. At this point, he had a vague plan for how to conduct the third episode’s review.

The program would definitely turn out well!

The only problem was that the method he had in mind would cause quite a commotion. He definitely couldn’t do the review at home.


“Maybe it’s time to rent a house to use as a studio. Doing reviews at home is simply too inconvenient.

“But renting a house will cost a lot of money. I don’t have enough cash on hand to support it for long. I should also consider earning some money.”

Having decided on what he needed to do, Chen Yu packed the Golden Finger, his laptop and camera, clothes, mask, and other work instruments into his bag. He then pushed open his room’s door and walked out.

Upon spotting Chen Yu about to leave the house, Chen Erke, who had been drawing in the living room, came running over and asked, “Brother! Where are you going?”

“I’m going out for a while. I’ll be back at night. Where are Eldest and Third Eldest?”

“Little Sis ran out of milk, so Big Sis took her out to buy some. Brother, where are you going? I want to go too.”

“I’m going to school. You can’t follow me. Just be good and stay at home.”

After casually making up an excuse, Chen Yu left the house carrying his bag.

Meanwhile, Chen Erke remained standing in a daze. Biting her index finger, she muttered to herself, “Should I go and tell Big Brother that…he forgot to wear pants?”

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