Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 46

Chapter 46: Review Begins!

Chapter 46 – Review Begins!

After his excitement subsided, Chen Yu lay on his bed and took out his phone. He then visited Tmall’s platform and went on a shopping frenzy.

Now that he had money, he naturally had to spend it. This was one of the good qualities of the new generation’s teenagers. They promoted consumption and raised the country’s GDP. Depending on the scale, their actions could go from improving the quality of individual life to strengthening the country’s soft power and promoting market prosperity!

Although Chen Yu had yet to receive the “big money” he was going to be earning, with the support of Alipay, his urge to serve the country blazed high!

“Wow! Alipay raised the amount I can borrow?”

Wonderful. Not only did Mr. Ma[1] not extinguish Chen Yu’s urge to serve, but he had even fanned it instead.

While browsing through the random merchandise displayed in the application, Chen Yu momentarily fell into a daze, at a loss as to what to buy first.

“Well… Let’s buy a new laptop first.”

After giving the matter some thought, Chen Yu clicked to the electronics section and bought himself a new laptop.

Half a month ago, he had spent his life savings to purchase the laptop he was currently using. Even so, the laptop’s specifications were very poor. Altogether, the laptop cost him 2,800 yuan. It was only suited for office work and watching movies. While it could also run Adobe Premiere, it was limited to converting video formats and adjusting audio frequencies, incapable of making or rendering videos.

Hence, in order to ensure he could rapidly import and export videos, Chen Yu decided to purchase a 9,720 yuan gaming laptop!

The gaming laptop he bought had a 9th Generation i7 CPU, an independent 1070 graphics card, a 2666 MHz DDR4 RAM, a 1TB SSD, and a display with a 144 Hz refresh rate.

To reiterate, he was buying this laptop for work. He definitely wasn’t buying it to play games on.

He was a high school student that had just become motivated to improve himself. How could he possibly play computer games?

He still had that much patience…


He also purchased a PS4, an Xbox One X, and a Nintendo Switch.

If he was going to play games, he should do so using specialized gaming units.

“Oh, I also need a big monitor.”

Following which, he bought a curved screen monitor that supported all three gaming units. With this, he had officially become the most disdained existence among gaming circles—a tyrant that dominated three domains!

After purchasing his own things, Chen Yu did not forget to buy something for his family.

For Father Chen, Chen Yu bought a 4,799 yuan Tissot watch.

For Mother Chen, he bought an 8,800 yuan mink velvet coat.

For Chen Sanke, he bought a 639 yuan gold-plated feeding bottle.

For Chen Erke, he bought a Sakura Coupy-Pencil 60-piece set imported from Japan for 725 yuan.

For Chen Yike, he bought ten middle school mathematics exercise books, ten middle school English exercise books, ten middle school Chinese exercise books, and ten middle school biology exercise books for a total of 78 yuan.

A total of 40 exercise books!

He was going to give Chen Yike more presents than the rest of the family combined would receive!

He thoroughly expressed his love and good intentions for his first younger sister.


After Chen Yu finished shopping, he turned off his phone and lay on his bed. All of a sudden, though, his body shuddered involuntarily, and his burning passion instantly cooled down.

“What have I just done?”

The next day, the Chen family crowded inside the kitchen and ate breakfast.

Aside from Chen Sanke, who was eating while dozing off, everyone else was relatively energetic.

“Chen Yu, will your school be announcing the test results today?” Mother Chen asked as she looked at Chen Yu.

“No.” Shaking his head and grabbing himself a piece of vegetable, Chen Yu said, “It should be announced on Tuesday.”

“Your principal gave me a call last night.”

“What did he say?” Chen Yu asked, frowning.

“He told me to persuade you to train properly. He says that the national youth sprinting competition will be held soon. He’s afraid you won’t get a good result if you start training too late.”

“I’m not going. I’ll only be satisfied after I’ve seen the results.”

Although Chen Yu said so, he had zero intentions of fulfilling his side of the bargain. It didn’t matter even if his test results failed to hit the mark.

He had already thought of a backup plan in the event that he lost the bet. He would simply run without the Microkinetic Basketball Shoes. If even after he had done that, Sixth High still managed to turn a “peasant” like himself into a national athlete, then he would admit defeat.

After chewing on his food for some time, Chen Yu felt that the timing now was just right. Setting down his chopsticks and clearing his throat, he said, “Everyone.”





However, despite Chen Yu’s actions, Father Chen, Chen Yike, Chen Erke, and Chen Sanke showed no response whatsoever. It was as if they did not hear him at all.

“Everyone!” Chen Yu raised his voice and lightly tapped the table.

Lifting his head, Father Chen asked while chewing, “Are you full?”

“No.” In a loud voice, Chen Yu proclaimed, “I have something to announce.”

Nom… Chen Yike turned to look at Chen Yu.

Nom… Nom… Chen Erke and Chen Sanke also turned to look at him.

Nom… Nom… Mother Chen and Father Chen also fixed their gazes on Chen Yu while chewing their food.

Chen Yu: “…”

Looking at this scene, Chen Yu suddenly thought of a herd of alpacas eating grass.

“That…” After sorting out the words in his mind, he said solemnly, “I found a job.”

“You found a job?” Mother Chen repeated.

Before Mother Chen could ask further, Father Chen frowned and interrupted her, asking, “A job? Are you planning on dropping out?”

“Of course not. This job can be done part-time. I can use it to earn some spending money.”

Bang! Bang! Bang!

After stretching her throat to swallow her food, Mother Chen smacked the dining table and exclaimed, “Are you itching for another beating? You’re a student! A part-time job? Do you think the family is so broke that we need you to earn money for us? Stop worrying about unnecessary things and focus on learning sports from your school.”

“I don’t wish to work, either,” Chen Yu said, shrugging. “However, this job pays quite a lot, so I wish to earn some money for my little sisters.”

“Wow!” After being momentarily stunned by Chen Yu’s words, Chen Yike decisively raised her thumb and said, “Big Brother, good job!”

Chen Erke similarly raised her thumb and said, “Big Brother, good job!”

“Big Brother, good—cough… cough…” Although Chen Sanke tried mimicking her elder sisters, she choked on her food after speaking just three words.

“Good?! What’s so good about it?!” Mother Chen shouted at her three daughters in dissatisfaction. She then returned her gaze to Chen Yu and said, “You definitely won’t earn much from a part-time job. If you wish to work part-time, wait until you enter university. At that time, you can do whatever work you want. I won’t even care who you work for or where you work.”

“But this is a good opportunity to earn money!”

“Earn money? Hahaha…”

Upon hearing Chen Yu’s words, Mother Chen and Father Chen exchanged glances before simultaneously sneering. Mother Chen then asked, “Do you think it’s so easy to earn money? If it’s that easy, why wouldn’t your father and I do so?”

“I really can earn a lot!”

“How much can you earn, then?”

“I can earn several thousand yuan a day.”

“Just honestly go to school and stop thinking about those crooked ways. What can you do with several thou…” Mother Chen’s voice gradually faded as she spoke. She then looked at Chen Yu with a stunned expression as she stuttered like a broken recorder, “Sa— Sa— Sa— Sa—”

“Sasasasa?” Chen Yu sang along tentatively.

“Sa— Sa— Sa— Sa—”


By the time Chen Yu left the house, it was already half past eight in the morning.

He was late for school.

However, in order to “trick” his parents flawlessly, he had no choice but to invest time and words into the endeavor.

In the lie he constructed, he described himself as a prodigy in video editing. He said that he had accepted work from multiple entertainment studios; hence, so long as he worked hard and completed the assigned tasks, he would be able to earn a generous income.

Since both his parents were ignorant about video editing and production, he didn’t have to worry about them seeing through his lie.

As for the reason why he had taken the initiative to mention this video editing gig to his family, it was to have a convenient explanation for the “massive wealth” he would gain in the future so that he could “reasonably” help out with his family’s financial situation.

After arriving at school, Chen Yu hid in the forest by the school field as usual and waited for 9 A.M. He then visited Bilibili’s platform and started searching for his review video under the technology section.

Three minutes later, he located the video titled “Transdimensional Review! Golden Finger from the future!”

Sure enough, as soon as he played the video, rows of bullet comments started speeding across the black screen.


[Which one of my sons are you people?]



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