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Chapter 25

Chapter 25: The Professionalism of Sixth High’s Teachers

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Chapter 25 – The Professionalism of Sixth High’s Teachers


A deep frown appeared on Chen Yu’s face as he listened to his family’s laughter.

“Why are you laughing? What’s so funny?”


At Chen Yu’s questions, Mother Chen’s laughter grew louder, her mouth unable to close at all. Even Chen Yu’s form teacher could not help but reveal a smile at this situation.

“Chen Yu, hahaha… Ah, I’m going to get wrinkles if I laugh at this rate,” Mother Chen said as she massaged her sore face. She then continued, “Had you managed to pass even one of the six available subjects, you wouldn’t have had to attend a tattered school like Sixth… Ah, no…”

Principal Pang: “…”

“What I’m trying to say is that, had you managed to pass even one of your six subjects, we wouldn’t be laughing at you like this right now. With your grades, even if we sent you back to grade school, you might not score as high as Second Eldest! So, tell me, how are you suited for studying?”

“Mom, don’t you know that you can’t judge a book by its appearance?”

“I gave birth to you. What part of you don’t I know?”


“Little Yu.” At this time, Father Chen, who had finally managed to stifle his laughter, interjected, “Every person has their own strong points. Despite your studies not going well, your mother and I have never forced you to study more because we know you simply aren’t meant for it. However, now that you have shown a talent for sports, why not develop it? I’ve said before to everyone that my son couldn’t possibly be born a useless wastrel. Look at things now. Hasn’t your chance finally arrived?”

Massaging his temples, Chen Yu said, “…But your son really is a wastrel.”


Upon hearing Chen Yu’s words, Mother Chen angrily smacked the table again and said, “How could you possibly belittle yourself like that?! I don’t care! This matter is decided! You’ll learn sports from your principal and Teacher Niu. I’m not asking you to bring honor to our ancestors, but I won’t allow you to laze around doing absolutely nothing!”

“No!” Chen Yu shouted as he stood up from his seat. In a firm tone, he declared, “I’m definitely not going to learn sports!”

“What are you going to do, then?”

“I want to study!” Chen Yu said, balling his fists. “I want to study properly and get into Tsing-U or Peking-U[1]!”

“Did Tsing-U and Peking-U go bankrupt? Do you think they’ll let someone like you get in?” Mother Chen asked.

“Ugh…” Chen Yu gripped his chest upon hearing his mother’s words, feeling as if he had just received a heavy blow to his heart.

“Child…” At this time, Principal Pang suddenly spoke up in a heavy tone. “Since Sixth High’s establishment, not one of our students has managed to enter any of the 985 Universities before. When a few of our students managed to get into a 211 University a few years ago, we set off firecrackers in celebration, to the point where we burned down a nearby forest. Now, you’re saying you wish to rely on yourself to get into Tsing-U or Peking-U? Isn’t that just wishful thinking?”[2]

“So, don’t you wish to nurture me into the first student to get into a 985 University?”

“I’d rather believe you can outrun Usain Bolt than believe you can enter a 985 University,” Principal Pang said, sighing. “Listen to us and train in sports properly. This is all for your own good. Moreover, truth be told, even if you have a talent for studying, you won’t be able to develop it in Sixth High. During last year’s Teacher’s Math Olympiad, our school’s math director came out on par with the neighboring grade school’s art teacher. Do you think you can place your hopes on such teachers?”

“…Just listen to what you’re saying! Is that really something you should say as Sixth High’s principal?”

“Chen Yu, your principal is right. Whether it is inside or outside, Sixth High doesn’t look like a school at all. Ah… Principal Pang, I’m not directing my words at you. I’m speaking about Sixth High as a whole,” Mother Chen said as she nodded apologetically toward Principal Pang.

“…It-It’s fine.”

“I don’t care.” Despite hearing Principal Pang’s and Mother Chen’s words, Chen Yu remained unmoved, stating, “I want to study.”

“Chen Yu!” Mother Chen stood up in anger at Chen Yu’s stubbornness.

“Is it wrong for me to wish to study?” Chen Yu argued.

“If a pig insists on doing scientific research, do you think its decision is right or wrong?”

“Mom, you’re going too far!”

“And you’re not? Do you think we’re trying to ruin you?”

“St-Stop arguing! Everyone, calm down!” With mother and son about to come to blows, Principal Pang stood up hurriedly and tried to defuse the situation. “Let’s sit down and have a proper conversation. Fighting won’t solve anything. Being loud doesn’t mean you’re correct.”

“Principal Pang, we’ve let you see something embarrassing. Normally, Chen Yu is relatively obedient. I just don’t know why he is so against doing sports,” Mother Chen said awkwardly. “It might be because he got traumatized by the dog that chased him yesterday.”

At this time, Niu Lanshan, who had finally recovered his mood and come out from the toilet, just so happened to overhear Mother Chen’s words. Immediately, his complexion changed once more, and he retreated quietly to the toilet.

“Uh… This… I guess that’s possible.” Principal Pang momentarily grew awkward at Mother Chen’s words as well. He then said, “Sixth High prioritizes teaching its students according to their aptitudes and providing professional education. Since Student Chen Yu prefers studying so much, let’s have both sides each take a step back.”

“What’s your proposal?” Chen Yu asked.

“How many students are there in Class 2?” Principal Pang asked as he turned to look at Chen Yu’s form teacher.

“Principal, our class has a total of 48 students,” the form teacher replied.

“Forty-eight, is it?” Nodding, Principal Pang turned to Chen Yu and said, “Let’s do it like this: so long as you can score within the top 10 of your class during the next monthly examination, we’ll let you focus on your studies. If you fail to do so, you’ll learn sports from Teacher Niu. What do you think?”

Upon hearing Principal Pang’s words, Mother Chen immediately narrowed her eyes and rolled up her sleeves as she launched an assist, saying, “Principal, why are you negotiating with a child? If a child refuses to listen, just give him a beating.”

“Mom! What are you trying to do?! Is violence the way to solve problems?!” Chen Yu said, retreating half a meter without hesitation. “Th-The principal is right! Shouldn’t you at least give me a chance?”

“Fine, then,” Mother Chen said. Since her son had taken the bait, she repeated, “If you really score within the top 10 of your class in the next monthly test, your father and I will stand on your side and oppose your participation in sports.”

“This… While this compromise is relatively good, my current foundations are too shallow. How can I possibly score within the top 10 in such a short time?” Chen Yu bargained, “I ask for the conditions to be lowered! I need time to improve gradually!”

Principal Pang nodded at Chen Yu’s argument and said, “In that case, you decide on a result, Student Chen Yu. What position will you aim for in the next monthly test?”

“…The top 45.”

Chen Yu’s answer had Mother Chen instinctively reaching for her chair.

“Wa-Wait! How about the top 40?”

In response, Mother Chen released her chair and moved to grab her glass.

“Top 30! Thirty! It’s fine if I score within the top 30, right? There’s only half a month left until the next monthly test! You should be more reasonable when setting a goal!”

“Top 20!” Mother Chen said as she stretched out two fingers.






“Deal! Top 25, then!” Mother Chen said as she set her glass back on the table. “If you fail to score within the top 25 in the next monthly test, what will you do?”

“I’ll do sports.”

“These are your words. A gentleman never goes back on his word.”

After hearing Chen Yu’s reply, Mother Chen and Father Chen exchanged glances before revealing smiles on their faces.

“Student Chen Yu, we have a deal!” Principal Pang said happily. He then continued, “Since our discussion is done, let’s sit down and have our meal.”

After saying so, Principal Pang turned to Chen Yu’s form teacher and whispered, “Keep a close eye on him. Also, notify the other teachers of Class 2 about this matter. If Chen Yu faces any problems he doesn’t know how to solve, make sure they don’t tell him a single word.”

“Principal, rest assured. While the teachers of Sixth High might not be good at educating students in the right path, we’re professionals when it comes to misguiding students!”

“Very good. I can rest easy with those words,” Principal Pang said, nodding. “However, why do I feel like crying when I hear those words?”

After instructing Chen Yu’s form teacher on what to do, Principal Pang noticed that the dining table remained empty even now. Frowning, he pointed at the nearby staff members, who were busy removing the long-jump diagram, and shouted, “What nonsense are you doing there?! Hurry up and serve the dishes!”

Very quickly, dishes got moved to the dining table one after another.

In the meantime, Chen Yu sneaked into the toilet and pulled out his phone. He then opened WeChat and started a conversation.

[Chen Yu: “You there?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “I am here. Mr. Chen, do you need some help?”]

[Chen Yu: “I know what kind of product I want for the next review.”]

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