Transdimensional Marketing

Chapter 26

Chapter 26: Overachievement

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Chapter 26 – Overachievement

[Chen Yu: “I know what kind of product I want for the next review.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Please speak, Mr. Chen. My team will forward your decision to our superiors when applying for the next product.”]

[Chen Yu: “A product that can improve a person’s learning efficiency! It’s best if it’s something that can turn someone into a top student overnight!”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “A product similar to the ‘Enhanced Memory Circlet’?”]

[Chen Yu: “That’s right! It would be great if the product is even better than that circlet!”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Very well, Mr. Chen. We will start the application process now.”]

[Chen Yu: “When can I receive reliable news?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “We cannot notify you beforehand. You will find out when you receive the delivery this coming Sunday.”]

[Chen Yu: “Alright. Make sure to put in more effort!”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Affirmative.”]

Putting away his phone, Chen Yu took a deep breath as his heart churned with anticipation and anxiety. When he entered the toilet to wash his sweaty hands, he immediately noticed Niu Lanshan leaning against a wall and puffing a cigarette with a depressed and muddled look on his face.

“Tea-Tea-Teacher Niu…”

“Chen Yu.” Exhaling a thick cloud of smoke, Niu Lanshan flicked away his cigarette as he said, “I heard you got chased by a dog yesterday.”

“No, don’t listen to my mother’s nonsense. How could there be such a large dog in existence?”


“W-Wait, no! I meant to say that there wasn’t a dog!” Chen Yu said, cold sweat covering his forehead. “Teacher Niu, you misunderstand.”

“…” After staring at Chen Yu for a long time, Niu Lanshan nodded and said, “Fine. Let’s treat this as my misunderstanding and forget about this matter. I won’t argue with a child like you.”

“That’s the spirit!” Chen Yu said, inwardly sighing in relief. He then revealed a bright smile as he walked forward and retrieved the cigarette carton and lighter from Niu Lanshan’s breast pocket. After removing a cigarette from the carton and pushing it into Niu Lanshan’s mouth, Chen Yu lit it and said toadyishly, “Here, have a smoke.”

“You’re using my cigarette to show respect to me?” Niu Lanshan asked with a raised brow.

Chen Yu replied, “Don’t mind the details. It’s fine so long as you receive my intentions.”

Chen Yu’s reply left Niu Lanshan at a loss for words. At the same time, though, the depression in his heart faded significantly.

However, just as the two of them left the toilet and were about to return to their seats, they overheard Mother Chen explaining to Principal Pang, “Principal, I know my son very well. Let alone getting into his class’s top 25, even getting into the top 40 is impossible for him. It is only a matter of time before he has to start training in sports. Let’s treat these two weeks as a period for him to relax. After all, if it were us getting chased by a dog at night, even we would suffer a big fright, right?”

Upon hearing Mother Chen’s words, Niu Lanshan promptly stopped in his tracks, shut his eyes, and sighed before retracing his steps to the toilet.

Chen Yu: “…”

By the time the Chen family of six returned home, it was already past 9 P.M.

After taking a bath and saying goodnight to his family, Chen Yu returned to his room and locked the door.


Leaning his back against the door, Chen Yu took in several deep breaths to calm his tense heart. He then moved toward his desk and turned on his laptop to take a look at his Bilibili account statistics.

Views: 53,856

Bullet comments: 4,190

Comments: 3,271

Likes: 10,762

Shares: 1,047

Donated Coins: 5,993

Bilibili subscribers: 12,060

“Crap… Is this for real?”

Chen Yu was dumbfounded by the numbers before him. Never did he ever expect his Bilibili statistics to increase this radically within such a short time.

“It seems my popularity is really going to skyrocket.”

He hurriedly took out his phone and sent an inquiry to Transdimensional Marketing through WeChat.

[Chen Yu: “Is there a bug? Why did the numbers increase so much?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “An editor from Bilibili manually recommended your video. With your video’s quality and the disproportionate views, comments, and subscribers you have, it is very natural for your video to get recommended. In fact, it won’t be long before you get recommended on the front page.”]

[Chen Yu: “Won’t that turn me into a famous uploader immediately?”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “That is what both you and I hope for. The larger your fanbase is, the easier it will be to survive the marketing probation period.”]

[Chen Yu: “I understand. In that case, try to get me my next review product as soon as possible.”]

[Transdimensional Marketing: “Please rest assured on this, Mr. Chen.”]

After turning off WeChat, Chen Yu tossed his phone to the bed and exited Bilibili’s account management platform. He then opened up the Transdimensional Marketing Terminal and checked his profile.

[Name: Chen Yu]

[Access Level: E (Prohibited from Worldwide Livestreaming)]

[Subscribers: 977]

[Main Target: Complete at least two of four missions. (1/2)]

[Mission 1: Reach (12,704/500) viewers and (977/50) subscribers on the first advertisement. Mission complete.]


After closing his laptop, Chen Yu spawled on top of his bed. At the same time, a slight hint of regret appeared in his heart.

Had he chosen to publicize his identity back then, his family would become well-off so long as he published a few more videos of such high quality.

“Right, I need to study!”

Upon recalling what he needed to do, Chen Yu sat up abruptly and grabbed a mathematics textbook for high school year one. He then started reading through it earnestly.

“So…it turns out that I don’t know a single thing about high school mathematics.”

After placing back “Compulsory Mathematics 1,” Chen Yu retrieved a mathematics textbook for middle school third years. However, after looking through the textbook for a few seconds, he closed the book once more.

“Let’s skip grade two and just go for grade one,” Chen Yu mumbled as he retrieved the grade one mathematics textbook from his bookshelf.

However, similar to before, Chen Yu fell silent after flipping through a few pages and…placed the book back.

“How on earth did I manage to get into high school?! How much money did Mom use as bribes?!”

Scratching his head in despair, Chen Yu fell into deep thought. After a long time, he decided that, with his current situation, it would be best if he started learning from scratch.

Having reached that conclusion, Chen Yu promptly stood up and went to the living room. However, when he arrived beside Chen Erke, he could not help hesitating.

When her light source got obstructed, Chen Erke put down her worn-out crayon and raised her head. After seeing Chen Yu gazing at her, she asked, “Brother, what’s up?”

“Second Eldest, you’re in your second year in primary school already, right?”

“That’s right.”

“Th-Then, do you still have your textbooks from primary one?” Chen Yu asked awkwardly while scratching his nose.

“I do. What about them?”

“This… As the eldest sibling in our family, I feel that it is my responsibility to test my little sisters’ learning progress,” Chen Yu said, spewing a bunch of nonsense while ignoring his shame. “Give me all your primary one textbooks. I’ll test you using them.”

“…You’re not trying to learn primary school stuff, right?” Chen Erke asked skeptically.

“Just bring them to me like I told you to!” Chen Yu ordered, blushing. “Have you forgotten that I’ve often bought you drinks and crayons? You have to listen to me.”

After staring at Chen Yu for some time, Chen Erke pulled out four books from beneath the coffee table, two of which were for mathematics while the other two were for language.

“Gimme. I’ll make a test sheet based on these books. If you get full marks, I’ll buy you a new set of crayons.”

“Really?!” Chen Erke’s eyes lit up at Chen Yu’s words.

“Of course.”

Upon receiving the four primary one textbooks, Chen Yu promptly returned to his room and started flipping through them. After skimming a few pages, he smiled and chuckled. “Hehehehe, these questions are simple, after all.”

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