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Chapter 24

Chapter 24: Hahahahaha

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Chapter 24 – Hahahahaha

After a short moment of silence at the table, Principal Pang resumed the conversation, saying, “The two of you might not be aware of it, but even before Student Chen Yu…um…got chased, our school’s surveillance cameras caught sight of him running at incredible speeds already. He is truly very gifted in sports.”

“In that case, the reason why Principal Pang sought us out today is to…” Father Chen prompted before letting his words trail off.

“It’s to discuss with the two of you Student Chen Yu’s participation in the school’s athletic team,” Principal Pang said with a serious expression. “Student Chen Yu’s talent for sports is truly wonderful. If he undergoes special training, he can easily take part in official competitions. He might even become a national champion. We think that this is something very beneficial to his future. It might even set him for life.”

Upon hearing Principal Pang’s words, Father Chen and Mother Chen could not help looking at each other in amazement, finding this situation slightly unbelievable.

“Prin-Principal Pang, are you certain you’re not mistaken? Chen Yu has never shown any interest in sports before.”

“Of course, I’m not mistaken,” Principal Pang said, shaking his head. “While this might sound harsh, if Chen Yu’s talent were only average, I wouldn’t have taken the time to pay you a personal visit. We verified his talents earlier today. He is indeed a gifted athlete for track and field. So long as Chen Yu chooses to go down the path of sports, there is a very high possibility that he will become a national champion or perhaps even an international champion in Asia. Personally, I believe going down this route is the best choice for Chen Yu’s future. What do the two of you think?”

“We…” After hearing Principal Pang’s solemn tone, Father Chen started believing in the principal’s words. At the same time, joy and excitement also started welling up in his heart. “We won’t object to this option. So long as Chen Yu likes it, we will support him.”

“Right.” At this time, Mother Chen also snapped out of her daze. Hurriedly nodding her head, she said, “So long as my son wishes to go down this path, we will definitely support him.”

Mother Chen had long since categorized Chen Yu as a “partially crippled” child. It would definitely be a pleasant surprise for her if he could succeed in sports.

“But the problem now is…” Principal Pang took a deep breath, his complexion darkening as he continued, “Your son doesn’t seem to like this option.”

In response to Principal Pang’s statement, both Father Chen and Mother Chen simultaneously went “Huh?” before turning to look at their son.

Upon noticing that both his parents were looking at him, Chen Yu, who was filling a glass with the beverage he was served, nodded and said, “That’s right. I don’t like sports.”

Chen Yu had long since firmed his resolve.

He could accept the meal, beverage, and praise given to him. If there were more benefits to be had, he would gladly take them all. However, no matter what he received, doing sports was out of the question!

It didn’t matter whether it was sprinting, long-distance running, hurdling, basketball, football, badminton…none of them would do!

In this life, he would have nothing to do with competitive sports. After all, once he entered the real competition venue and lost his Microkinetic Basketball Shoes, he would be thoroughly abused. He might even bring unwanted trouble to himself.

As a human, he needed to have a clear idea of his own value.

“That’s the case,” Principal Pang said helplessly while shrugging. “This is an extremely good opportunity for Student Chen Yu. However, despite several school teachers and myself repeatedly advising him, he still refuses to listen. I think that he made such a decision only because he is still a child and is uncertain about his own future goals. He also isn’t aware of the pressure and cruelty awaiting him once he leaves school and enters society. Hence, I sought the two of you out to discuss this matter and hopefully persuade Student Chen Yu to change his mind.”

After listening to Principal Pang’s explanation, Father and Mother Chen finally understood the reason for today’s sudden visit. The two of them then looked at each other and, within three seconds, thoroughly communicated their intentions and united their thoughts.

“Little Yu…”

The first one to speak up was Mother Chen. After straightening her hair and her back, she said in a sincere tone, “Logically, you have already become an adult, and as your mother, I shouldn’t interfere in your plans for your future.”

However, before Mother Chen could continue speaking, Chen Yu hurriedly interjected, “Then don’t interfere in them. I really don’t like spo—”


Mother Chen suddenly slammed her palm on the table, her action silencing Chen Yu and scaring Principal Pang and Chen Yu’s form teacher.

“Ah! I’m sorry, Principal,” Mother Chen awkwardly apologized for her rudeness as she nodded and smiled at Principal Pang and the form teacher. She then returned her gaze to Chen Yu and said strictly, “That’s right. I shouldn’t interfere in your plans for your future. However, despite growing into an adult, you still have the mind of a child. I have no choice but to interfere. How could you possibly refuse such a good opportunity? The fact that your school is willing to nurture you is all for your own good. If you learn a skill set now, you won’t have to be afraid of starving once you enter society. That’s why Mother will decide for you this time! Learn sports!”

“Your mother is right,” Father Chen said, nodding. “I also agree with your learning sports.”

“Didn’t you two say you will support my decision? Why did you change your tone so quickly?”

In response, Mother Chen said, “I said I would support your decision to learn sports. I never said I would support you if you chose otherwise.”

Father Chen: “Your mother is right.”

Chen Yu: “…”

Mother Chen: “What’s with your expression? Do you think we’re trying to ruin you? Aren’t we doing this for your own good? Why can’t you let us have some peace of mind?”

Father Chen: “Your mother is right.”

Mother Chen: “If you truly could handle yourself properly, do you think we would even bother interfering in your decisions? It is precisely because you are still immature that we are worried about you!”

Father Chen: “Your mother is right.”

Mother Chen: “If you train well in sports, setting everything else aside, you will at least be able to keep yourself in good health. Just look at you. Once you get home from school, all you do is laze around the house doing nothing! At this rate, won’t your body be ruined?”

Father Chen: “Right.”

Mother Chen: “In any case, I’m calling the shots on this matter. You’re going to learn sports.”

After saying so, Mother Chen took a gulp from the glass of hot water placed before her. She then ordered sternly, “Listen to your principal and learn sports!”

Mimicking Mother Chen’s actions, Father Chen took a gulp from his glass, nodded, and said, “Your mother is right.”

“Ah…” After letting out a sigh, Chen Yu similarly held up his glass and took a big gulp of his beverage. He then asked, “Mom, what did you say just now?”


After a moment of silence at the table, Mother Chen suddenly stood up, raised her hand, and sent her palm flying at the back of Chen Yu’s head. However, Chen Yu agilely avoided her palm before it could connect.

“Mom!” Spreading his hands, Chen Yu protested, “I really am not suited for sports! Are you really willing to see your son running around all day long? What if I fall and get injured? Won’t you regret it then?”

“Just run well, and you won’t fall,” Mother Chen said. Pinching her waist with her left hand and gesturing with her right hand, she continued, “Look at Liu Xiang! He’s been running for so many years, yet he’s never fallen!”

“Um…” At this time, Father Chen suddenly poked Mother Chen and said quietly, “Liu Xiang fell.”

“Huh? When?”

“It happened ages ago.”

“…There are so many other runners as well. Isn’t Liu Xiang the only one that fell?”

“My dearest mother!” In a desperate tone, Chen Yu pleaded, “I really am not suited for sports! You’re just sending me to my ruin!”

He was going to be a broadcaster that was going to lead the world’s technological progress in the future. It was simply wrong for him to train in track and field.

“In that case, tell me what you’re suited for. You can’t possibly laze around and do nothing, right?”

“I…” Straightening his shirt and putting up a serious expression, Chen Yu said, “I am suited for studying.”


As soon as Chen Yu finished speaking, silence fell over the table. Afterward…

Mother Chen: “Hahahaha…”

Father Chen: “Ahahahaha…”

Chen Yike: “Pfff! Hahaha!”

Chen Erke: “Hahahaha—gek…”

Chen Sanke: “Ha.”

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