Thriller Paradise

Chapter 1514

Chapter 1514: The next chapter might be the end.

Translator: 549690339 

The next chapter is exactly 1400 chapters. I think it’s a good ending for a whole number of chapters, so it’s decided.

Of course, if you count the three times that he was a detective, Chapter 33, the next chapter should be Chapter 1499 of the book … Well … If this can kill an OCD patient, that’s not bad.

In short, he posted this single chapter to recommend a friend’s book,”food transmigration: an adventure”, which was written in “seafood pot.”

‘The horror is almost over, so you can go read other books. Besides, their updates are more stable than mine (this seems to be nonsense).’

I’ll mention the news about the new book in my final speech. You can also follow me on Weibo or public WeChat.


Speaking of which, you guys who have an update notification might think that this single chapter is a new update.

It’s not very exciting to play a trick at this time (laugh).

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