Thriller Paradise

Chapter 1515

Chapter 1515: Final chapter curtain call

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Early in the morning, a ray of sunlight peeked through the gap in the curtains and landed on Feng bujue’s face.

He pursed his lips, turned over, and with a “thump”… He fell to the floor.

“Er …” The cold feeling of the floor and the pain from the fall instantly swept away brother Jue’s sleepiness, and he moaned out of instinct.

“It’s so early in the morning … What’s with all the noise …” Two seconds later, RUO Yu’s voice came from the bed.”What time is it …”

She mumbled in a lazy tone as she grabbed the phone on the bedside table and glanced at it.


“Ah … It’s not even Seveno’ clock yet, let’s sleep a little longer.” After saying that, she grabbed the blanket and covered herself with it, then fell asleep.

During the whole process, she did not even look at brother Jue, so she probably did not realize that he had already fallen off the bed.

“Ha …” On the other hand, brother Jue, who had been lying on the ground, stood up after a few seconds.

Since he was already awake, he put on his sleeping robe and slippers and walked out of the bedroom.

“By the way … What are we having for breakfast today?” When he opened the door, Feng bujue rubbed his neck as he asked the question.

“I’ll eat you if you keep bothering me. ” An impatient and threatening reply came from under the blanket.

“Okay, okay … I’ll make some oats myself …” Feng bujue knew that his intention of waking the man up to make breakfast and coffee for him had been seen through, so he could only drop the matter.

He closed the door and dragged himself to the living room.

He picked up the remote control from the sofa, turned on the TV, and went into the bathroom.

He didn’t know when it started, but he got used to listening to the news when he was washing up … Even though he didn’t really believe the news.

[Welcome to’ super gaming news ‘! New positions in interactive media, the latest news, is at your fingertips!

Hello everyone, I’m peerless general Pan Feng, thousand kills Hwa Xiong.”

Next, let’s take a look at the news of a new game.

This year was undoubtedly the year when the gaming and e-sports industry exploded. In the first half of the year, when dream Inc., A short-lived industry giant, suddenly declared bankruptcy, everyone in and out of the industry seemed to feel that … The industry was going to be finished. Sigh … I didn’t expect that in just two months, there would be new games everywhere and hundreds of players competing for it. Let’s look at the list of games that are going to be released at the bottom of the screen. At the end of this month alone, there are 15 more Virtual Online Games to be released, and three of them are Triple A masterpieces. It seems that not only is this industry not over, but players are also worried that there are too many games to play.

Even though there were still many speculations about the reason for dream Inc’s collapse … Some said that the higher-ups ran away with the money, some said that it was due to unfair competition, and some said that the company was just an empty shell that was heavily in debt from the beginning … No matter what, it had to be admitted that in the year that they almost monopolized neural-link online games, they had brought many new ideas to the industry. Their series of revolutionary actions had changed the current game market, and the impact would probably continue to ferment for years to come.

Is our understanding of the market, marketing model, user experience, micro-transactions, gaming, and other elements correct? This point was indeed worth considering. If anyone is interested in this topic, please click on the link on the right side of the screen. We have more information and expert discussion videos here.

Then … When it comes to games, we have to talk about e-sports. In the past six months, with the limit of all the strong new games, the e-sports industry had also ushered in a major reshuffling. Many new gaming studios had emerged in this chaotic world of new games. One of them had to be mentioned,”Frost King.”

That’s right, in just half a year, frost monarch had signed many heavyweight star players. Among them, other than the familiar “Xu Huai Shang” goddess Xu, there were also “uncle useless,””Hong Hu,””King of Shadows,””tired dream,””flying Pegasus,” and other top players with different styles. These players had joined frost monarch on their own and did not spend a single cent on the transfer fee. With such a staff configuration, this studio, which was established less than two years ago, instantly became the darling of various sponsors and competitions. In the past six months, they have really been doing well, and their limelight is almost as good as big brother’s order … Hey, our broadcasting teacher has already put the relevant information on the right side of the screen. If you want to pay attention to the details, please click here.

Next, let’s take a look at the news about the “JS Nebula”.

It had been half a year since the interstellar probe Group from the JS Nebula visited earth in may. Last evening, New York time, the United Nations ‘Department of Communications once again released a new set of information to the public media of all member states at the same time, which included more information provided by the JS Nebula about their social system, ecological environment, culture, economy, military, and other fields.

Although the relevant experts have repeatedly emphasized that we can not completely trust those “alien life forms” that we don’t understand and whose technological level is obviously higher than ours, it seems that the multi-cultural civilization on the other side of the universe is still very friendly to us. They have also shown considerable sincerity when communicating with us.

But to be honest, it’s hard for me to imagine the situation in their Nebula … All kinds of mythical creatures and super life forms similar to Earthlings live in the same Galaxy and maintain a relatively peaceful relationship with each other. This should be incredible to us humans, right?

Are you trying to say that we humans are of the same species, but we keep fighting?

Haha, I didn’t say that. It’s you …]

* Beep *

After washing up, Feng bujue returned to the living room. He picked up the tablet from the coffee table and used the cursor to click on the Super Link that appeared on the television screen.

“Why is the video game media talking about the planet … And they’re shooting their mouths off …” As brother Jue was complaining, he switched the screen to a quiet news website. The content on the website was the news about ‘JS Nebula’ that the United Nations had announced earlier, as mentioned by the two hosts.

“Hmm … Looks like fate and twenty-three is pretty good …” Feng bujue sat on the sofa and browsed through the information on the television screen. He mumbled,”let me see … Lute and Billy have both been elected as planetary governors … The Phantom church led by the bloody corpse God has become the law enforcer of the Galaxy … Hey Hey … Is this to make it easier to deal with those who have committed capital crimes … And … Duo MA has become the biggest religious leader.” Zhuanye Zun and King moonlit Ming became his left and right guardians?”

There were a lot of things to complain about, but there was basically no news that was too surprising. For the development of the anomalies and the data life forms, Feng bujue and the Sisters of Fate had already made a long term plan. At least, before this new batch of ‘life forms’ accumulated to a certain extent, there would not be any major changes in the JS Nebula.

In a few years, when the communication between the other side and earth became more frequent and in-depth, earth would naturally be able to develop warp engines and communication hardware that could cross galaxies. At that time, there would be more network exchanges among the people, and it would even be possible to form a Tourism Group to visit.

Of course, he could not rule out the possibility that some people on earth might try to use the technology/power/creatures there to cause trouble, or even start a war. If that really happened, brother Jue must have prepared the necessary countermeasures. He was cruel and merciless to solve the root cause.

“You …” About half an hour later, a drowsy-eyed RUO Yu walked out of the bedroom. She looked at brother Jue who was still reading the news on the sofa, then at the kitchen and muttered,”if I don’t get up, you won’t eat, right?”

“Er …” Brother Jue heard her voice and shivered.”Actually … I don’t know where the oats are …”

That was true. Ever since they moved into their new home after their marriage, RUO Yu had taken care of most of the household matters. Other than the occasional cooking and washing, Feng bujue was basically a useless person.

“Ah …” RUO Yu covered her face and sighed. She walked into the bathroom and said,”if I’m not by your side, are you going to starve to death at home?”

“Yes, so I’ve made up my mind to stay within ten meters of you for the rest of my life. I won’t be separated from you for more than half a day.” Feng bujue replied in his cheeky tone, not feeling ashamed but rather proud.

“Don’t beat around the bush with me …” It was obvious that RUO Yu, who had been unsealed and married to brother Jue, had been seriously led astray.”…If you want to say it, then say it openly. I don’t think you’re too mushy.”

When she said this, she had just finished washing her teeth. She took a sip and began to rinse her mouth.

“Alright … I’ll try my best.” Feng bujue replied with a smile. A few seconds later, he was reminded of something and added,”Oh, right, we’re going to your grandfather’s house for dinner tonight. Don’t forget, Xiao Tan, Xiao Ling, miss an, Bao Qing, and Ouyang are all there.” He paused and added,”Bao Qing and Ouyang are both here with their wives and children. We have to be careful when we chat. Don’t tell them about your family’s cultivation.”

” RUO Yu spat out the water in her mouth, turned around, and raised her voice.”Am I that kind of person? In our social circle, you’re the only one who’s full of bullsh * t, okay?”

“By the way …” Feng bujue waited for a moment before adding,”I might have to delay my script this month. Can you help me talk to Miss an and ask her to make an exception for me …”

“Alright.” RUO Yu sucked on her toothbrush and agreed without a second thought.

“Eh? “However, Feng bujue narrowed his eyes and turned around. He looked toward the bathroom with a guarded expression.” There’s a conspiracy going on, right?”

“Ha, ha, ha, ha.” RUO Yu rinsed her mouth again, spat out the water, and said,”I didn’t say anything, but since you’ve brought it up …” She put on a fake smile, leaned back, and stuck her head out of the door. Looking at brother Jue, who was in the living room, she said,”let’s talk about the terms.”


In the afternoon, in a villa under the name of the luminous group in S city.

In front of the floor-to-ceiling window, a short-haired beauty was bathing in the warm sunlight and enjoying a leisurely afternoon tea.

On the exquisite table, there was a laptop and a cup of black tea that was still steaming.

An Yueqin sipped her hot tea and was entranced by the words on the screen.

At this moment, she was not using an ordinary notebook, but a special hardware that only the “scribe” could use.

Since ancient times, these recorders who were directly protected by “God” had been writing an epic called “revelation of doomsday”(also known as The Chronicles of doomsday) for generations. Those recorders who did well in their work even had the opportunity to be promoted to the “Regent King”. They existed all over the world … Although the things recorded by each scribe were different, when some major events occurred, the contents of their records would inevitably overlap.

In the 21st century,(earth ‘s) recorder officers no longer needed to write on slates, bamboo slips, or paper. The input hardware of “apocalyptic revelations” had been upgraded to a laptop, and it had a function similar to “cloud backup.” This … Could be considered advancing with the times.

“Hehehe …”

Suddenly, a burst of wretched laughter was heard. There was no need to guess who had made this sound.

“It seems like you’re adapting to your new part-time job very quickly.”

“You barged into a lady’s room without saying a word … Is that appropriate?” An Yueqin calmly put down the teacup in her hand and turned to look at Wu Di, who had suddenly appeared in her room.

“Hehehe … Sorry.” Woody was very polite to the recorder. He apologized without any hesitation. His expression and tone were very natural.”I’ll remember to knock next time.”

“Alright,” he said. An Yueqin was now very clear about Woody’s background and identity, so she didn’t need to be polite with him.”Then … Is there anything you need?”

“Hehe … What else could I have to do? run errands for the ‘Parliament’.” Woody shrugged and said,”even if I win the game of candidates, my ‘punishment’ still has to continue … I’m afraid I’ll have to do this kind of ‘community service’ work for a few years …”

As he spoke, he pulled out a cat from behind … Yes, from “behind”… Like a cartoon character.

“Today, I’m here to give you a pet …” Woody said. He took a deep breath and continued,”…Also a bodyguard.”

“Eh?” When an Yueqin saw the cat in Woody’s hands, she immediately reacted.”Aren’t you …”

“Yes, yes …” The cat did not wait for the man to tell him the name that Feng bujue had given to him before it said,”actually, my real name is sunflower. I was once responsible for protecting and monitoring Feng bujue, but recently, I was transferred to the Council, so I am no longer part of Woody’s organization … So, I was sent to protect you this time. Please take care of me in the future.”

“Oh … Nice to meet you.” For a moment, an Yueqin didn’t know how to comment on this matter. She thought for a moment and said,”by the way … I thought I was directly protected by a ‘God’. So it’s not?”

“Yes.” By the time sunflower replied, she had already jumped from Woody’s hand to the ground.”But gods usually wait until they have no choice before they act. For example … When you encounter a strong natural disaster or a monster stronger than me, God will only intervene. But most of the time … For example, if you encounter bandits on the street, I’ll be the one to deal with them. It’s too much of an exaggeration to just strike them to death with heavenly lightning. ”

“I see …” An Yueqin nodded and said,”that makes sense.”

“Hehehe …” Woody said,”okay, meow, I’ve delivered it. I’ll take my leave.”

“Okay, goodbye.” An Yueqin didn’t have much to say to him, so she casually agreed and turned back to continue drinking her tea and looking at her notes.

However, after he said “goodbye”, Woody was stunned and did not leave after more than ten seconds.

He stood there, hesitating, and finally couldn’t help but speak again,””Hehehe … Mr. Scribe, actually … There’s something I want to ask you …”

“Overstepping your boundaries.” An Yueqin also knew that Wu Di hadn’t left. She already knew what he wanted to ask without Wu Di saying anything, so she directly replied with these two words.

“Hehe … As expected of the scribe. You’re really smart and quick-witted …” Woody was also a shameless person. According to the situation, he could totally pretend to be a grandson, or even a great-grandson, great-grandson, great-grandson, great-grandson …

“Alright, enough with the flattery.” An Yueqin said,”you can’t read my mind, and you don’t have the right to peek at the book of Revelation, but you care a lot about Feng bujue, right?”

“Hehehe … That’s right,” Wu Di replied.

Of course, the universe that was rewritten by Feng bujue, fate, and twenty-three had no flaws. Even an existence like Woody could not realize that his memories, knowledge, and some settings of the universe had been modified and rewritten.

However, Woody was still Woody … He still faintly felt that there was something strange about him.

Hence, he thought of getting information from the scribe.

No matter what, even if the entire world was rewritten, the apocalyptic revelation could not be modified. If there really was a reality that had been erased or distorted, at least …”God” and “recorder”(including the Regent who used to be a recorder) would still know the truth.

“But I have no right to reveal anything to you.” An Yueqin said,”if you care so much about it, you can ask Feng bujue himself.”

“Hehehe … It’s not like you don’t know. He can already use the book of heart and the pen of sin to write some simple ‘formulas’…” Woody continued,”nowadays, anyone with a bit of divinity in the world is not willing to show up in front of him … Because they are afraid of being observed by him …”

“Hmm …” An Yueqin thought for a moment before saying,”let me put it this way …” She took a sip of tea, and an imperceptible smile flashed across her face.”Using chess as an analogy, the game between you and him has already ended.”

“Then …” Woody pushed up his glasses.”…What was the result? Who won?”

“What do you think?” An Yueqin used a question to answer the question.

“Pfft … Hehe … Hahahaha meow~” before Woody could react, sunflower, who had already leaned against the floor-to-ceiling window, laughed.

“Hehe …” A moment later, Woody also laughed. His laughter was not forced. On the contrary, there was a kind of happiness from the bottom of his heart in his laughter.”Although it’s not the first time I’ve lost, but to lose to a mortal … Hehehe …” He shook his head and let out a long breath.”There’s another interesting guy in this world …”

“That’s right …” An Yueqin agreed.”In various ways …” She said as she turned her gaze to the computer screen in front of her.”He even showed me an interesting and unforgettable story.”

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