Thriller Paradise

Chapter 1513

Chapter 1513: Chapter 1399-REWRITE

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When he closed the book of heart, Feng bujue fell into deep thought.

He knew very well that the reason why fate had chosen this method to let him know about the erased memory was to prevent this matter related to “memory adjustment” from entering the strange circle of trust.

For example … If fate showed the memory to brother Jue directly, or requested for him to transfer the memory through physical contact, then there was the possibility of ‘even this memory being fake’.

This “possibility” that could not be verified, whether positive or negative, could ruin the entire plan.

Therefore, fate had used the book of heart.


At this moment, the content that Feng bujue was reading from the book was something that he had deciphered using the ‘aberration of truth’. This was an ability that he had just upgraded to “parallel rank,” and fate could not interfere with it. Other than that, brother Jue, who had mastered the aberration of truth, could also use his ability to test the function of the book of heart and whether it had been tampered with beforehand … In summary, there was no need to question the authenticity of the book and the authenticity of the contents of the book.

Feng bujue’s thoughts were … On something else.

“What I don’t understand is …” After a while, brother Jue finally opened his mouth.”Even if this is the ‘upgraded’ book of heart, theoretically speaking, it should only be able to see the thoughts and memories of people with paper-level abilities … But now that I’m of the same level, how does this book show my memories?”

“What you’re seeing isn’t your memory.” Twenty-three said.

“Oh?” Hearing that, Feng bujue turned his eyes to fate.”Could it be …”

“That’s right. ” Before brother Jue could finish, fate continued,”the me now is already a ‘living being’, and I am not an ‘ability user’, so … What you are seeing is my memory.”

“I knew it … Why are you smiling?” Feng bujue tilted his head to the side and revealed a relaxed expression. The last bit of doubt in his mind was cleared.

“Eh?” A second later, he suddenly thought of something. He raised the book of heart and said,”then, in the future, when I hold this … Should I read someone’s inner voice when I want to …”

“You’re thinking too much,” No. 23 interrupted him,”the design and structure of this book … Are all used to monitor the creatures of another universe. Naturally, it can only read the thoughts of people from another universe …” She paused.”And in this universe, only you two are from the same world as this book, so you can’t see a third person at all.”

“Oh? Can’t I even see your inner voice?” As Feng bujue said that, he lowered his head and flipped through two pages.

“Of course I can ‘t.” Twenty-three said,”although ‘Xiao Ming’ and I are two-in-one, I was born in this universe. We data life forms are different from you humans. Our connection is not built on bloodline, so I am not considered a life form of that universe … You can see me as the twin sister of my ‘little life’ in this world, or some kind of similar but different dimensional body. ”

“Why …” At this moment, fate suddenly continued,”even you are starting to call me ‘Xiao Ming’?”

“Why? He’s the only one allowed to call out, but I’m not allowed to?” No. 23 said, slightly surprised.

“Ha … You seem to be a little unhappy.” Feng bujue said with a smile.

“Nonsense.” No. 23 replied righteously,”I was fooled by your plan … Not only did you not ask for my permission, but you also used me to do so many things for you … How can I be happy?”

“Sigh ..~For a plan like this that can’t be messed up~in order to reduce the variables and failure rate, the number of insiders has to be reduced to the minimum.” Feng bujue spread his hands and advised,”not only you … But even my girlfriend, my best friend … And even myself, I didn’t tell them, did I?”

“Why … Do I feel like you’re taking advantage of me?” Hearing this, 23 immediately complained.

“I say …” Seeing that they were getting more and more excited, fate quickly interrupted and brought the topic back on track.”If you two want to talk … Can you find another time?” We still have one last step to complete. ”

“Hmm, you’re right …” Feng bujue heard that and added in a low voice,”Humph, there’s no time to lose …” He put away the book of heart, cleared his throat, and turned to look at fate.”Is everything ready?”

“It’s done a long time ago …” Fate replied.”The living creatures, anomalies, humans … The plants and animals in this dimension, the modeling and connection of the Old and New space-time, and so on … All the souls, data, and the ‘new meme’ have been preserved and are ready.”

“What about the gods and devils?” Feng bujue asked again.

“Just like other living beings, they won’t remember anything after the event, and they won’t be able to sense that the world has changed drastically.” Fate said.

“Well, let’s start then.” Feng bujue nodded and extended his hand to fate. At the same time, he turned to twenty-three.”Er … Waiter …”

“What waiter? And you call yourself a partner?” Twenty-three replied unhappily.

“That can’t be called little San, right?” Brother Jue said.

“Tsk …” She pursed her lips.”Then let’s call him little ten.”

“Hehe … Alright, alright.” Feng bujue smiled and extended his hand to twenty-three.”Little ten, I’m sure your sister has shared the details of the plan with you … Now, can you do us another favor?”

“I’m curious …” Twenty-three looked at brother Jue.”At this moment, if I ignore you guys, then your plan will fail, right?”

“Yes.” Feng bujue replied without thinking.

“F * ck! “Then why are you …” No. 23 wanted to say it out loud, but when the words came to her mouth, she suddenly thought of something.

Soon, her angry expression softened. She did not say anything more but reached out to hold brother Jue’s hand.

At that moment, twenty-three, who had absorbed many Omega Level AI from the multiverse, fate, who had obtained the divine power from the staff of truth, and Feng bujue, who had mastered the parallel grade of truth’s aberration … Their consciousnesses were connected, forming an array that had never been seen before, one that surpassed the power of the multiverse.

One breath later, a black light suddenly appeared in the white space with the three of them as the center.

In contrast to the White pillar of light that exploded when the “dimensional erosion” occurred, the pillar of light that appeared this time was black …

The abyss-like darkness bloomed at a speed far beyond the speed of light and spread rapidly in the half-dappled universe.

The darkness swallowed everything, be it light, sound, solid, gas, tangible, intangible, tangible, abstract, material, spiritual …

The boundless nature of the two dimensions and the countless living beings would undergo a [REWRITE] baptism in this darkness.

Then, at the first light of the future, they would welcome a new life.

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