The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 39 - She Actually Had the Guts to Go and Die?!

When An Feng registered what happened, it was too late!

The purple celestial lightning in the sky struck Yun Chujiu directly while she was busy feeling smug about herself!

The remaining force from the celestial lightning reduced the big tree, where Yun Chujiu was tied to, into charcoal, and a huge pit appeared on the ground. 

Chun Yu was so scared that she fainted straight away when she saw this.

An Feng's heart let out a loud thump against his chest. 'It's over. The lightning must have reduced the dark-skinned girl to pieces by now! Even Spirit Emperors would find it difficult to resist celestial lightning bolts with such great power! Besides, the dark-skinned girl doesn't have any spiritual energy at all!'

After waiting for a long time, An Feng saw no movement from the pit. His hands trembled, and he took out a Voice-transmission Talisman. "Supreme Lord, the dark-skinned girl has been struck dead by lightning!"

An Feng felt a little sad. 'Although the dark-skinned girl's crazy, she's still very interesting. Ah... What was the Supreme Lord thinking? If he really does fancy this dark-skinned girl, won't he be really sad?'

Well, he had been neglectful of his duties. He should have tried to scare her off the tree the moment she climbed up. Since it had already happened, he would just wait for the Supreme Lord to punish him. 

While An Feng was busy blaming himself, Chun Yu, who was at the door, snapped out of her daze. She ran to the side of the pit as she cried, "Milady! Noooo, Milady! You died so miserably!"

"Hack! Cough! Wheeze..." A few coughs came from the deep pit.

A pair of dark hands grabbed the edge of the pit, and someone climbed out. 

"Don't cry! I'm not dead yet. It won't be that easy to get rid of me." A black charcoal head popped out of the pit.

Chun Yu was so terrified that she collapsed on the ground. "Ah! Ghost! Help!"

The black charcoal head bared her teeth, showing two rows of white chompers. "What ghost?! It's me, your mistress!"

"Milady? Ah, it's really you! I'm so glad you're not dead, Milady. Sob…" Chun Yu wept with joy.

The moment Yun Chujiu was struck by the purple lightning, she really thought she was about to die.

However, after Yun Chujiu was struck, she woke up very quickly. Despite that, her body refused to listen to her, and she could only fall into the pit. The mighty force of the lightning bolt surged through Yun Chujiu's body, and she felt as if her body was about to explode.

Right when Yun Chujiu thought she was going to croak, the power of the lightning in her body mysteriously disappeared, as though it had been devoured by something.

"Milady, your… your hair!"

While Yun Chujiu was in a daze, Chun Yu screamed in shock. 

Yun Chujiu touched her head. 'What the heck! Oh my gosh, I'm bald!'

Yun Chujiu lowered her head. Her robes were also burnt to a crisp, but luckily, the effectiveness of the pretty boy's clothes was really awesome, and they were completely unharmed. They were, in fact, the sole reason why she was not committing an act of public indecency right then. 

At that moment, Yun Chujiu did not care what kind of energy she had absorbed from the lightning earlier. She just dashed straight into her room. 

Yun Chujiu took a look at the bronze mirror, and she started to fume. 

"I was already dark enough before, and now, I'm even darker! I don't even have hair now! I've become even darker and bald now. I look so ugly! Gah! My eyebrows are gone too!


Yun Chujiu's furious shouts were heard continuously from within the house. Fortunately, the storm was raging outside, and no one noticed just how abnormal the situation was in Yun Chujiu's room. 

An Feng, who was hiding in the corner, started pacing around. 'It's over. It's all over. This is truly it for me!'

An Feng smacked himself. 

'Why did you act so quickly?! Why didn't you check whether the dark-skinned girl was really dead before you sent the Voice-transmission talisman?!

'Now look, the dark-skinned girl is still alive!'

There was a limit to how many Voice-transmission Talismans a person could send between two continents. He could no longer use a Voice-transmission Talisman for another three days.

If the Supreme Lord really thought that the dark-skinned girl was dead, he would be sad for nothing! If he knew that the dark-skinned girl was still alive, he would not spare An Feng for providing him with false information!

An Feng felt a chill run down his spine, and he found that his future was bleak. 

At the same time, a certain Supreme Lord was holding a Voice-transmission Talisman in his hand with an angry look on his face. 'The dark thing is dead?'

The first thought this certain Supreme Lord had was not that he could no longer get rid of the cold poison in his body. Instead, it was, 'How could the dark-skinned thing die? Even I was reluctant to kill her, yet she had the guts to go and die? The audacity!'

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