The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 38 - Human Lightning Rod

It was Chun Yu's turn for watch duty outside Yun Chujiu's house that night, and she was startled when she saw Yun Chujiu. "M-Milady, what are you doing? It's raining outside!"

"Just stay in the house obediently. Leave me alone, I am cultivating."

Chun Yu looked baffled. 'Cultivating? There's a thunderstorm outside, and you're going out to cultivate? Are you kidding me?!'

"Milady..." Chun Yu did not feel at ease and was prepared to dissuade her.

"Chun Yu, if you continue dilly-dallying, I will go to Grandpa tomorrow and have him assign me another maid." Yun Chujiu was in a hurry to verify her hypothesis outside, and she had no time to spend giving any sort of explanation to her maid. Hence, she could only use her trump card. 

Just as she had expected, Chun Yu pursed her lips as if she had been wronged, and she said nothing else. 

Yun Chujiu stood in the middle of the courtyard and waited to be struck by lightning with an eager look on her face. 


After a few rumbles, silver lightning crackled in the sky, but it did not hit Yun Chujiu.

Yun Chujiu frowned and waited for a little while longer. Then, another lightning bolt came down, but it still did not hit Yun Chujiu.

Yun Chujiu blinked, let out a few fake coughs, and started to recite a poem she had already made in her heart with great emotion.

"Ah, there's a hopeless idiot in this vast land... May the storm rage more violently! May lightning strike me!"

Chun Yu was in the room when she saw this, and she was so terrified that she was completely dumbfounded. 'I'm done, my life is over. The lady must have lost her mind. I was wondering why she was behaving so abnormally. It's because she's gone completely bonkers!'

No one knew whether Yun Chujiu's poem was really effective or whether there was some other reason, but a purple lightning bolt truly appeared and struck Yun Chujiu after it took a few turns in the sky. 

With great satisfaction, Yun Chujiu fainted from the blast.

Chun Yu was just about to rush out of the room when she saw Yun Chujiu jump up and giggle happily. "Hooray! My guess was right! Hahaha!

"My dear little thunder, hurry up and come to me! I will treat you gently!

"Little Spark, Little Lightning, Little Thunder, hurry up and come to me!"

Unfortunately for Yun Chujiu, no matter what kind of purple prose spilled out from her lips, no lightning struck Yun Chujiu again although lightning flashed in the sky and thunder rumbled. 

Yun Chujiu was angry!

'Well, I refuse to believe it! I'll definitely find a way for you to hit me!'

Yun Chujiu ran into the house, and Chun Yu finally breathed a sigh of relief. 'It looks like the lady is back to normal now.'

However, she did not expect Yun Chujiu to pick up a copper basin specifically used to wash her face, put it over her head, and rush out again.

Yun Chujiu climbed up a tree in the courtyard, tied herself to the tree with her belt, and waved the copper basin in her hands with gusto. 

Yun Chujiu was feeling smug. 'Hah, loser, I'm now a human lightning rod, let's see whether you'll hit me now!'

Just as she had anticipated, a silver lightning bolt charged toward her.

Yun Chujiu was struck, and she fainted as per her wish, but because of the belt, she did not fall to the ground.

In just the span of a few breaths, Yun Chujiu woke up and was incredibly pleased with herself. 

'Haha! I'm so smart! The power of thunder and lightning came so easily to me! In minutes, I'll definitely be able to cultivate an ultimate skill! Hahaha! The opportunity for me to dominate the land is here!'

An Feng, who was hiding in a dark place was dumbfounded!

'This dark-skinned girl is too good at causing trouble! I won't say anything about the chaos she stirred during the day, but why is she coming out at night to get hit by lightning instead of sleeping?! Is something wrong with her head?!

'Do I need to tell the Supreme Lord about this? Why would such a lunatic need my protection?!'

However, the dark-skinned girl was quite resistant to thunder. After being struck by lightning, she was able to recover after just a few breaths. 

Suddenly, the dreary sky seemingly split open, and a bolt of purple thunder with a breadth as thick as the rim of a bowl came charging downward. 

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