The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 40 - Your Whole Family Is a Laughing Stock

The more Di Beiming thought about it, the angrier he was. He smashed the table in front of him.

"An Yin, come with me to the Qingxuan Continent."

"Yes, Supreme Lord."

An Yin and An Feng were complete opposites. An Feng was extroverted, while An Yin had a poker face and seldom showed any expression. 

However, he was curious. Why would the Supreme Lord want to suddenly go to the Qingxuan Continent when it was dark outside? Did they not just come back from that place? 

Even so, he remained expressionless. 

Yun Chujiu did not know that her "prince charming" was coming. After she took a bath, she began to allow her mind to wander while she cupped her face in her hands. 

Yun Chujiu thought about how she was struck by the lightning bolt in detail. It seemed that the purple lightning would take the initiative to hit her, while normal silver lightning bolts would only hit her if she attracted them to her using metal.

'Why is that so?'

She usually absorbed purple light balls, but she had never absorbed silver light balls. So, was the silver lightning useful to her at all?

Yun Chujiu sat down cross-legged and used her inner vision to examine her Dantian region. 

Yun Chujiu was stunned when she saw what had happened to her Dantian region.

The purple light balls in her Dantian region were happily swallowing the silver light balls!

'What the heck? What's going on?

'They operate by the law of the jungle too?'

Yun Chujiu's spiritual energy was limited, so she could only observe it a little before she felt dizzy. She immediately stopped using her inner vision. 

Right after Yun Chujiu's divine sense left her Dantian region, a black and bright seed happily shot out of the purple light balls. There was already a crack on the seed, and it looked as if it was about to begin germinating at any moment. 

However, Yun Chujiu knew nothing about this. She was currently touching her very smooth, bald head. 

'Bugger! How am I supposed to meet anyone like this?

'My eyebrows are not a big deal. I can just draw some with a charcoal stick, but what about my hair? Am I supposed to wear a hat all day now?'

In spite of this, Yun Chujiu was the carefree type. After thinking about it for a while, she found that she could not make heads or tails of it, so she decided to just turn over and sleep. Before she fell asleep, she laughed at herself. 'Well, there are still benefits to having no hair. At least after taking a bath, I can go to bed without waiting for it to dry…'

The next morning, while Yun Chujiu was still in dreamland, goosebumps broke all over her skin. Something was wrong. 

Danger was afoot!

In the past, Yun Chujiu was able to avoid countless dangers because she relied on this kind of intuition. But before she was able to do anything, her poor door was destroyed again!

Chun Yu screamed in fear, and immediately after, Chu Yunjiu heard nothing else from her.

Yun Chujiu quickly scanned the room, but there was not a single sharp weapon that she could use for self-defense. She gnashed her teeth and could only pick up her pillow. At the very least, she could use it as a hidden weapon during critical moments!

Her bedroom door was swiftly shattered to pieces, and Yun Chujiu realized that she was finding the scene more familiar with each passing moment. 

Before she could respond, a man in white came in.

'What in the world…? It's the pretty boy! It really is the pretty boy! Does he have some kind of grudge against my bedroom door?!'

The sun shone through the broken door, and it was as if it had decided to have its morning rays serve as decoration on Di Beiming's skin. Yun Chujiu was dazed for a moment by the sight. The pretty boy was really beautiful! Darn it, he even came in with his own halo! He seriously knew how to look cool!

Di Beiming was also a bit flabbergasted. Did An Feng not say that the dark-skinned girl was dead? So what was this thing in front of him?

After being dumbfounded for a moment, Di Beiming could not help but laugh and point at Yun Chujiu, "Hahaha! Your hair and eyebrows are so funny!"

Yun Chujiu cursed in her heart, 'Why the heck are you laughing?! You're the laughing stock here! Your whole family is a laughing stock! Why is the pretty boy here? Is he here to suck some of my blood again? Didn't he just finish sucking my blood the day before yesterday?'

"You were ugly before this, but you're even uglier now! Haha, you don't need to light a candle at night, you can just use your head to light up the area!" Di Beiming was usually aloof, but for some reason, when he met up with Yun Chujiu, he was just incredibly tempted to tease her.

As expected, Yun Chujiu flew into a rage, and the pillow in her hands went charging at Di Beiming.

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