The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 341 - Golden Pill Patterns

Chapter 341: Golden Pill Patterns

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Yun Chujiu added the herbs according to the steps. During the refining process, she used her spiritual sense to observe the degree of purification of the herbs. Then, she added different types of herbs. It seemed that everything was no different from using other pill furnaces.

“Prince Charming, this furnace is no different from other pill furnaces! Could it be that it’s just a foodie?!” Yun Chujiu muttered.

“Open the lid of the furnace and take a look!” Di Beiming felt that the Heaven and Earth Universal furnace would definitely not be so simple.

Yun Chujiu slowly opened the lid of the furnace, and instantly, the entire small courtyard was filled with an extremely rich medicinal fragrance.

“Oh my God! Miss Jiu, this is too exaggerated! I feel that spiritual power is drilling into my body just from smelling this medicinal fragrance!” An Feng shouted in surprise.

Yun Chujiu took out a pill from the bottom of the pill furnace and looked at it. “Those with pill patterns are super-grade pills, but they’re grey in color. What does this golden pill pattern mean then?”

Di Beiming shook his head. He had never heard of pills with golden pill patterns before.

The strange grass in Yun Chujiu’s Dantian suddenly became excited and kept clamoring to eat the pills.

“You foodie! You only know how to eat all day long!” Yun Chujiu muttered a few words, then picked up a piece of pill and swallowed it like candy.

The strange grass did not stop even after having the pill and still clamored to have more.

Yun Chujiu stuffed the pill into her mouth one by one, and in the end, there was only one left. An Feng took it and said, “Miss Jiu, let me test the efficacy of this pill.”

An Feng swallowed the pill with golden patterns. Then, he realized that the spiritual energy in the small courtyard was crazily surging into An Feng’s body.

Di Beiming simply waved his sleeve and withdrew the isolation array. An Feng could see the spiritual energy within a thousand feet surging toward him.

After a quarter of an hour, An Feng stood up and said excitedly, “Oh my god! Is this an explosive spirit pill? It’s even more overbearing than the level seven spirit gathering pill I’ve eaten before! If I take this when I’m fighting enemies, I’ll definitely be able to quickly replenish my spiritual power! Miss Jiu, please hurry up and refine a few more furnace-full and give me a few bottles.”

Di Beiming set up the isolation array again and said to Yun Chujiu, “Black Thing, don’t use this Heaven and Earth furnace in front of others in the future. Otherwise, it’ll bring you trouble.”

Yun Chujiu said with sparkling eyes, “Got it! Prince Charming, you’re so nice! I’ll refine a few more pills for you!”

Di Beiming’s ears felt slightly hot but he pretended to be calm.

Yun Chujiu did not stop refining a few more bottles of blood coagulation pills and explosive spirit pills. The strange grass in her Dantian kept screaming ‘Hungry, hungry, hungry’. Just feeding it needed more than ten ordinary furnaces worth!

Di Beiming and the others were all dumbfounded!

There was no need to even mention Yun Chujiu’s rate and quality of pill formation, but even her speed seemed to be increasing! What the hell?!

Originally, half a day was needed for normal pill refining. Yun Chujiu needed a quarter of an hour at the beginning, and suddenly, she only needed a quarter of that time!

Yun Chujiu was constantly seen working hard like little bee, constantly walking to and fro the furnace to add herbs.

In the end, because there were no more refining flints and she had to stop.

“An Feng, go out and buy some flint for me! Then, buy some herbs according to the list! Oh right, get a few more ordinary pill furnaces to feed my Little Tiantian!”

In order to get a few more bottles of these strange pills, An Feng eagerly went.

He only remembered halfway that Miss Jiu did not give him any Spirit Stones! Ahhh!

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