The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 340 - Glutton Pill Furnace

Chapter 340: Glutton Pill Furnace

Yun Chujiu placed the pill furnace and Heaven and Earth Universal furnace on the stone table. Then, she said with her divine sense, “Little baby, eat!”

The Heaven and Earth furnace did not move. An Feng could not help but say, “Miss Jiu, don’t joke around! It’s impossible for this pill furnace to have a spirit! Besides, even if it does, it’s impossible for it to eat other pill furnaces…”

An Feng’s words came to an abrupt end as the Heaven and Earth Universal furnace slowly approached the other furnace.

What was that?

This thing could move on its own?

F*ck, could this be a dream?!

An Feng pinched himself secretly, grimacing in pain! It seemed to be real. It was not a dream.

‘Oh my God! Everything’s incredible when it came to Miss Jiu.’

If people knew about the pill furnace that had a spirit, would they not fight over it?!

With such a pill furnace, the chances of forming pills would definitely increase greatly, and the quality of the pills would also be easier to control.

However, it was true that it had a spirit. Did that mean it would gnaw on other furnaces?

The four people’s eyes were fixed on the stone table.

Seeing that no one was stopping it, the Heaven and Earth Universal furnace began to speed up.

When it approached the other alchemy furnace, the part of the ordinary alchemy furnace that was close to it visibly softened. Finally, it turned into a liquid. Then, the lid of the Heaven and Earth furnace opened automatically and the liquid went into the Heaven and Earth furnace’s opening.

Everyone was dumbfounded!

An Feng, in particular, had his mouth wide open. His eyes were as wide as copper bells. That was not a freaking alchemy furnace. That was a monster!

In a short while, that alchemy furnace had been ‘eaten’ by the Heaven and Earth furnace!

Yun Chujiu stretched her neck and looked into it. There was nothing there, and she did not know where the juice had gone! Then, faint burps and cheerful babbling sounds could be heard in her spiritual sense.

Yun Chujiu laughed dryly, “Hehe, actually it’s nothing. It’s just a spirit! My rolling pin has a spirit too! Eating is normal as well. Even Furry and the rolling pin eats!”

The rolling pin said weakly, “Master, but I can’t eat another pin? Master, please don’t put me with that monster. I’m so scared!”

Yun Chujiu said with a smile, “Don’t worry. I guess it’s not interested in you. It’s just eating the alchemy furnace. Otherwise, it would’ve eaten you long ago! Prince Charming, where did you get this Heaven and Earth Universal furnace? I’ve never seen it eat before.”

“It has been kept in the warehouse all this time. Nothing unusual has happened!” Di Beiming thought to himself. Could it be that it was formed after being refined by this glutton?!

Yun Chujiu blinked her eyes and said, “Prince Charming, are you using the isolation array now? Then I’ll try to use this Heaven and Earth Universal furnace to refine pills and see how it differs from an ordinary alchemy furnace.”

Di Beiming nodded and asked An Feng and An Yin to increase their vigilance and keep an eye on the situation outside.

Yun Chujiu thought about it and decided to refine a level four exploding spirit pill since she had never refined an exploding spirit pill before.

Yun Chujiu took out the flint stone and lit it. She then placed the furnace on it. Initially, Yun Chujiu was worried that the spirit would be burned to death. However, she did not expect to hear a satisfied squeak from her consciousness. It was as pleasant as eating a cold watermelon on hot days.

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