The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 342 - Strong Deity Turned Soft and Gentle

Chapter 342: Strong Deity Turned Soft and Gentle

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In less than two hours, An Feng bought the items back and then said with an apologetic smile, “Miss Jiu, these things cost a total of eighty thousand Spirit Stones! Have a look.”

Yun Chujiu looked at him and said with a smile, “Do you want eighty thousand Spirit Stones or the one-of-a-kind pills that I refined for you?”

An Feng saw the look of disdain in his superior’s eyes and immediately became terrified, “Of course I want the pills. Miss Jiu, please take it as if I was talking nonsense!”

Yun Chujiu giggled, “I’m kidding! I’m a reasonable person! We’re friends. Why would I cheat you? Take it!”

Yun Chujiu transferred eighty thousand Spirit Stones to An Feng and continued to make the pills.

An Feng and An Yin were stunned.


Miss Jiu said that she was friends with them?

They were the Lord’s subordinates, and Miss Jiu was a lady that the Lord liked. How could she treat them as friends?

Although the women of Tianyuan continent wanted to get close to the Lord and please him, the disdain in their eyes toward them could not be hidden! Only Miss Jiu did not treat them as servants.

Di Beiming looked at the two stunned people and then shifted his gaze to Yun Chujiu who was focused on refining pills.

With the increase of spiritual power, Yun Chujiu’s skin had become fair, especially her eyes, which were like a pool of spring water, bright and lively. Di Beiming felt his heart beat faster and faster, thinking of the lingering words between the two. A certain someone’s face turned red again…

Yun Chujiu’s alchemy finally came to an end. Then, she fed the alchemy furnace that she bought to the Heaven and Earth furnace.

The Heaven and Earth furnace was probably already full, so it only ate one alchemy furnace and stopped eating thereafter.

Yun Chujiu put it and the alchemy furnaces into her storage ring. The rolling pin did not dare to go in no matter what, so Yun Chujiu could only put the rolling pin into another storage ring.

Yun Chujiu kept some pills for herself and gave some to Di Beiming and the others. Then she touched her stomach and said, “Idol, let’s have dinner. I’m starving!”

After the two of them had dinner and chatted for a while outside, Yun Chujiu yawned and said that she was sleepy! Refining pills consumed a lot of spiritual power. Only a weirdo like Yun Chujiu would be able to endure it.

The two of them washed up briefly. Yun Chujiu climbed to the side of the bed and yawned as she said, “Idol, sing the Lullaby!”

Di Beiming frowned. “Didn’t we agree yesterday? I’ll only sing it once. I won’t sing it anymore!”

Di Beiming thought to himself. He was a majestic Overlord! How could he sing the lullaby for others? It would be so embarrassing if it got out! He could not sing it no matter what!

Yun Chujiu pouted. “Prince Charming, my hand is cramping from refining pills today. Who do you think I’m doing this for? Can’t you feel a little sorry for me? Prince Charming, I beg you, just sing one more time!”

Di Beiming’s determination was immediately shaken. Should he sing one last time?

“Prince Charming! My good Prince Charming, please pity me! Okay?” Yun Chujiu hugged Di Beiming’s arm and shook it. Her little head rubbed against Di Beiming’s chest!

Di Beiming’s determination had long disappeared as he hummed in a low voice, “The moon is bright, the wind is still, the leaves cover the window lattice. The crickets chirp, chirp, chirp, like the sound of the zither strings. The sound of the zither is soft and melodious, the cradle is swaying gently. Ah, my Little Jiu, close your eyes, sleep with that, sleep in your dream…”

“Prince Charming, pat me!”

Di Beiming could only raise his hand and pat Yun Chujiu slowly and rhythmically as he sang.

Yun Chujiu was extremely proud in her heart. ‘Hmph! Little fellow, no matter how strong your heart is, I can still turn you into a soft and gentle person! Little gigolo, sooner or later, you’ll be my slave!

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