The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 34 - Young Jiu’s Therapy Session

After listening to what Yun Chujiu said, the onlooking crowd immediately emptied out some space. Their eyes were wide open, and they were prepared to watch the unprecedented kicking therapy.

Yun Chuqi whispered to Yun Chushan as she thoroughly relished in Yun Chujiu's impending suffering. "Third Sister, don't you think Yun Chujiu is just causing trouble for herself? If kicks can heal, pigs can probably fly too!"

Yun Chushan's eyes flashed. "Maybe our ninth sister is just using kicks as a pretext. It's possible that the head of the household gave her some secret remedy. She previously poisoned Bai Morou, and she's now trying to cure Bai Morou of her poison while kicking her."

Yun Chujiu came to a sudden realization and scowled as she pouted. "The head of the household is always so biased! Why is he treating this piece of scum so well?!"

Yun Chushan said nothing but gave a thought-provoking smile.

Yun Chuqi sneered contemptuously at Yun Chujiu when she saw that Yun Chushan was not uttering a word. 

At that moment, everyone from the Bai family had moved away and left Bai Morou alone on the soft couch. 

Yun Chujiu squatted in front of Bai Morou, smiled, and said, "Bai Morou, this kick therapy must be carried out continuously without any interruptions halfway, or else, there will be consequences! For example, you might not be able to move one of your hands or legs again, do you understand that?"

Bai Morou was filled with both hate and fear, but she just gritted her teeth and said, "Okay. Y-You can just kick me however you want!" 

Yun Chujiu clapped her hands and said, "Then, let's start! I've received your money, and I will now kick you to treat you. I'm a trustworthy person, so I'll definitely kick you fifty times."

After Yun Chujiu said that, she kicked Bai Morou's waist. 

Bai Morou flew a few meters away. Coincidentally, her face hit the floor first!

Bai Morou moaned from the pain, and hatred filled her heart. 'Yun Chujiu, just you wait! Once I recover, I'll kill you for what you've done!"

Bai Morou decided to close her eyes. There were still forty-nine kicks left. All she needed to do was bear with it, and it would be over. 

Bai Morou waited and waited, and continued to wait. The feeling of suspense filled her heart, but Yun Chujiu never kicked her. 

"Yun Chujiu! Hurry up!" Bai Morou could not help but urge her to move. 

"Wow, this is my first time seeing someone ask for a kick! You see, my small body is weak, and I get sick often. Whenever I kick you, a lot of my primordial qi is spent. I have no choice but to slow down. There's no need for us to hurry."

Bai Morou was so pissed that she almost fainted, but she could only lie down and wait. 

Yun Chujiu took out the silver notes and counted them. She smiled like a blooming flower and started to rub her fists before she said, "Young Jiu Shadowless Feet!"

Yun Chujiu skipped up to Bai Morou and started to kick her. "Kick, kick, kick the ball. Kick it very high. Kick it over the garden wall, kick it to the sky…"

Bai Morou regained the feeling in her limbs after she endured around ten kicks, but she dared not move away when she remembered Yun Chujiu's warning. She could only let Yun Chujiu kick her with her left and right legs.

'Forty-eight, forty-nine, fifty!' Bai Morou finally managed to count fifty kicks. She thought that Yun Chujiu would stop, hence, she did not expect Yun Chujiu to say with all apparent seriousness, "Since you're so cooperative, I'll give you another kick. It's to strengthen the efficiency of the treatment!"

Yun Chujiu quickly gave Bai Morou one last ruthless kick the moment Bai Morou was stunned. This kick was more powerful than her previous kicks, and Bai Morou was sent flying more than one hundred feet away. She spat out blood, choked a little, and fainted. 

"Morou! Morou! Are you okay?" Bai Morou quickly ran to Bai Morou's side, pressed down on her philtrum, and shouted.

"Yun Chujiu! You're asking for death!" Bai Moyu's eyes turned bloodshot, and he wished he could kill Yun Chujiu immediately. 

Yun Chujiu shrugged. "Ah... you're such ungrateful bastards... I'm just trying to help! Bai Morou's meridian system is blocked, and I was just forcing the extravasated blood out of her body. I didn't even charge you for that! How could you ignore my kindness!"

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