The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 35 - Please Come Again

The onlooking crowd started to discuss among themselves when they saw the scene. 

"Yun Chujiu is in trouble now. She did not treat Bai Morou, but she kicked her until she spat out blood!"

"Exactly! I told you that this kick therapy is utter nonsense. Let's see how she clears up this mess now."

"Yes, Yun Chujiu is just too money hungry! This is basically the same as her wanting money so much that she's willing to throw her life away! The Bai family will not forgive her this time around!"


Yun Chujiu could not help but glower. The crowd's standpoint fluctuated a little too much. 'How could they?! They've shifted their standpoint so quickly!'

Yun Chujiu caught sight of Bai Morou's eyebrows quivering. She could not help but roll her eyes. "Bai Moyu, although I've ended my treatment, some patients have special conditions. They require intense pain and stimulation for them to recover. Don't worry, she will be able to jump around energetically after I give her some stimulation."

Bai Moyu was doubtful, but he could no longer tell whether Yun Chujiu was lying or not. 

However, he was worried that he would get scolded by Bai Peng if Bai Morou did not wake up. He asked doubtfully, "Are you telling the truth?"

"Of course! Since when have I ever lied? Can anyone lend me a dagger or long needle? I'll make Bai Morou bleed a little!" Yun Chujiu said firmly. 

Someone in the crowd volunteered. "Miss Yun Jiu, I have a dagger."

"Miss Yun Jiu, I have a long needle. It's used to sew soles to shoes, and it should be long enough."

"Miss Yun Jiu, if that doesn't work, I have a sword. It can be used for bloodletting too."


Bai Morou had been pretending to be unconscious, but she immediately felt as if she was on the verge of a stroke. If she did not "wake up" soon, someone might actually come over and offer up their kitchen knife!

Bai Morou immediately opened her eyes and moved her arms as well as legs. She pretended to be excited and said, "Big Brother, I can move now! I can move!"

When Bai Moyu heard Bai Morou say that, he knew that he could no longer cause trouble to Yun Chujiu. He let Bai Morou take a Blood Clotting Pill and helped her onto the soft couch. 

Bai Morou looked like a drowned mouse right then. Her hair was a mess, and her clothes were covered in dust. There were even blood stains on it. Bai Morou glared at Yun Chujiu. "Yun Chujiu, I, Bai Morou will make you pay for the humiliation I've suffered today!"

Yun Chujiu smiled and cast Bai Morou a glance. "Sure! Please come again! But next time, I will charge you one hundred thousand taels of silver for each kick!"

Bai Morou felt anger flare in her chest, and she almost coughed up blood again. 

"Morou, there's no need to argue with people like her! Let's go!" Bai Moyu waved his hand as a signal for the people from the Bai family to leave.

Yun Chujiu blinked and went to Bai Moyu's side to airily whisper, "Bai Moyu, you must remember to eat the Soul-Gathering Pill that I previously gave you. That's a really good item!"

Bai Moyu stopped moving and scowled. "Yun Chujiu, what do you mean?"

"Nothing! It's just a casual remark, don't mind it!" Yun Chujiu bared her teeth at Bai Moyu and showed him a look that said, "You don't have to think into it too much."

A storm raged in Bai Moyu's heart. 'What is Yun Chujiu trying to say? Would she be so kind-hearted to remind me to eat the Soul-Gathering Pill, or is something wrong with the Soul-Gathering Pill?

'Could she have deliberately given me the Soul-Gathering Pill?

'Have I harmed my grandfather?'

The more Bai Moyu thought about it, the less confident he became. He went straight to Bai Peng's study when he reached the Bai residence. 

"Grandpa! Have you eaten the Soul-Gathering Pill?

Bai Peng frowned. "Not yet. What happened?"

"I suspect that something is wrong with the Soul-Gathering Pill." Bai Moyu then proceeded to voice out his assumptions with worry in his heart. 

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