The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 33 - Getting the Silver Notes

"Forget five hundred thousand, even if it costs five million, we'll still save her! In the future, I'll make the Yun residence cough up double the silver!" As Bai Peng spoke, he brought out a stack of silver notes from a secret cabinet and passed them to Bai Moyu.

Bai Moyu found the situation incredibly unfair. Grandpa favored Morou way too much! He did not even hesitate in giving away five hundred thousand taels of silver! He did not even say a bad word about Morou. Instead, Bai Moyu was the one who was scolded. 

Bai Moyu took the silver notes over and returned to the area outside the Yun residence's entrance with a gloomy face.

The meddlesome onlookers who did nothing but watch and talk about the situation were all craning their necks to look around. When they saw Bai Moyu come back, all of them became excited, and their eyes shone with the desire for gossip.

Bai Moyu glared at those surrounding him in a ghastly manner. 'These stupid fools. If I wasn't here to maintain my family's reputation, I would have killed all of them.'

When the people of the Yun residence saw that Bai Moyu was back, they immediately delivered the news to Yun Chujiu.

After Yun Chujiu received their report, she calmly drank a cup of tea before she swaggered to the door.

Yun Chushi poked Yun Chuwu and tried to send her signals through his eyes, but Yun Chuwu did not understand and asked him, "Tenth, what's wrong with your eyes? Did sand get into them?"

Yun Chushi's expression froze. He saw Yun Chujiu's derisive expression, and he said in exasperation, "Yun Chujiu, what are you looking at?! Did you actually think that you could trick the Bai family out of their silver so easily? You might go out for wool but end up coming back shorn! That time, things won't end with just you embarrassing yourself!"

"Wow, you're not bad, kid! Aren't you thoughtful of me? Don't worry, since I have the guts to do it, I'm fully confident that I can succeed! Don't worry about your sister! Good boy!" Yun Chujiu pinched Yun Chushi's small face before she quickly moved back. 

Yun Chushi screamed angrily and chased after Yun Chujiu outside. 

Yun Chuwu rubbed her temples. 'Do the Chinese Zodiac signs from these two devils clash with each other or something? Why do they never stop fighting?'

As Yun Chujiu ran, she turned around to tease Yun Chushi, but he still could not catch up to Yun Chujiu no matter how fast he ran.

Yun Chushi was angry, but he could not help finding the situation strange. 'Yun Chujiu is obviously unable to practice cultivation, but why is she able to run so quickly?'

The two children soon arrived at the entrance as they teased and quarreled with each other. Yun Chujiu skipped outside, and once she did, her mouth unwittingly twitched a little at the sight.

The people in Ye City did not seem to have any sort of entertainment after their work!

In just a short time, there were already a few thousand people outside the Yun residence, and they were all waiting eagerly for Yun Chujiu to come out!

"Yun Chujiu, I've brought the silver notes. If you can't treat Morou, the Bai family will not spare you!" The glare Bai Moyu fixed on Chu Yunjiu was so fierce that his eyes looked like they were laced with poison. 

However, Yun Chujiu's gaze was like a long hook that was fixed on the thick stack of silver notes.

"Come now, this can be easily settled. I'm a trustworthy person. I guarantee you that once I get the money, I will get rid of her illness. Now, give me the money. If I'm in a good mood, I'll be able to kick accurately. I guarantee you, I'll give you back a lively Bai Morou!"

Bai Moyu suppressed his anger and threw the silver notes at Yun Chujiu.

Yun Chujiu was not bothered by that. She took the silver notes and counted them for a total of eight times before she grinned and separated the silver notes into two portions. Then, she put them into two money pouches. 

When Bai Moyu saw the money pouches Yun Chujiu took out, anger burned so fiercely in him that he almost fainted! 'Damn it, the money pouches that Yun Chujiu's holding are mine and Morou's!'

He had never seen such a plucky thief who would dare take out the money pouches she stole so brazenly and use them in front of the owners! How despicable!

Yun Chujiu was not aware of what her act entailed at all. Her theory was that since the money pouches were in her hands, they were hers. If Bai Moyu had the ability, he was welcome to snatch them back. Hmph! She was going to drive him so mad that he died of a stroke!

"Excuse me! Move aside! Clear up some space for me. I'm using Young Jiu' Shadowless Feet as the treatment!" Yun Chujiu put away the silver notes and skipped along until she arrived before Bai Morou's soft couch.

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