The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 304 - Yun Chujiu Must Stay

Chapter 304: Yun Chujiu Must Stay

Although Yun Chuwu and the others did not know what Yun Chujiu meant, they were already used to going with Yun Chujiu’s arrangements, so they did not say anything.

Bai Moyu’s eyes flashed with a hint of viciousness. ‘It’s great that you’re all throwing your lives away!’

In the next few days, Yun Chujiu and the others trained with the Bai siblings.

However, Yun Chujiu’s actions angered the Bai siblings!

Every time a demonic beast came, Yun Chujiu would retreat far away and cheer them on.

“Good fight! Put in more effort! I have high hopes for you!”

“Bai Moyu, Bai Morou! You two have the highest spiritual power, hurry up and attack! Why aren’t you exerting your strength? Are you not willing to let us benefit from your prestige?”

Bai Morou angrily shouted, “Yun Chujiu, why aren’t you attacking?”

Yun Chujiu said with a matter-of-factly, “Because my spiritual power is the lowest, and I’m the youngest. You guys are so powerful. Shouldn’t you take care of a young seedling like me? Besides, I don’t share your spoils of war. What are you unhappy about?”

“You!” Bai Morou almost choked.

Yun Chujiu kept her word. She really did not want any spoils of war. It was as if she was just watching the scenery with them.

The others did not have any thoughts seeing Yun Chujiu acting like that. After all, she was only at the fourth level of Spirit Enhancement. Even if she participated in the battle, she would not be of much help. They were so happy that they did not have to share anything.

That day, they found a piece of black category, low-grade jade bell flower, and they were extremely excited!

“Oh my god! There are more than a hundred of them! Our points will increase significantly!”

“That’s right! Our luck is really great! This is a black category, low-grade spirit herb!”

“Today’s harvest is equivalent to a few days’ harvest!”

What made them even more ecstatic was that that piece of jade bell flower did not even have a single demonic beast guarding it! Their luck was simply superb!

The group had just picked a few jade bell flowers when they heard a sneer. “Stop! These jade bell flowers belong to Heavenly Gates Sect! If you don’t want to die, get lost!”

The people from Spirit Radiance Sect raised their heads and saw more than a dozen Heavenly Gates Sect disciples. They were clustered around a beautiful woman—it was Su Yanran!

Su Yanran glared at Yun Chujiu viciously and then inadvertently exchanged looks with the Bai siblings.

The one who spoke was a male disciple of the Heavenly Gates Sect. His attitude was extremely arrogant. “Didn’t you hear what I just said? Quickly leave! Otherwise, I’ll take your little lives!”

The disciples of Spirit Radiance Sect immediately became indignant. “Are you being reasonable? We were the ones who discovered these jade bell flowers first!”

“Reasonable? We only care about brawn! Why don’t we spar? With our Junior Sister Su here, all of you will die!” The disciple of Heavenly Gates Sect said proudly. Along the way, they had robbed many disciples from Spirit Radiance Sect. They were practically invincible.

Bai Moyu seemed to be in a difficult position. He thought for a moment and said, “Everyone, although these jade bell flowers are hard to come by, we don’t stand to lose much. There might be high-grade spirit herbs ahead. Let’s go!”

Although the other disciples of Spirit Radiance Sect were unwilling, the Bai siblings had the highest spiritual power, so they could only obey.

Just as the disciples were about to leave, Su Yanran said, “You can leave, but leave Yun Chujiu behind! I want to resolve some personal grudges with her!”

Bai Moyu’s eyes flashed, and he said in a difficult manner, “Cousin Yanran, can you let Yun Chujiu go this time on account of your brother?”

Su Yanran sneered, “Cousin, we belong to two different sects, so don’t try to build a relationship like in the secular world anymore! Yun Chujiu must stay! Otherwise, all of you will die!”

Bai Moyu pretended to be troubled, turned around, and asked the people of Spirit Radiance Sect, “Everyone, although this decision is very difficult, the bigger picture is more important. Let’s go!”

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