The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 303 - Lying Through Her Teeth

Chapter 303: Lying Through Her Teeth

“You guys didn’t die?” Bai Morou cried out in surprise.

Bai Moyu glared at Bai Morou, and he hurriedly added, “What Morou means is that it’s great that you guys are fine! They have the advantage in numbers. When we saw that you guys were taken away, we were really helpless. Now that we’ve gathered all of our senior and junior brothers, we were going to save you guys!”

The few Spirit Radiance Sect disciples behind him chimed in, “That’s right! Senior Brother Bai told us that you were all taken away by the people from Heavenly Gates Sect and were going to save all of you!”

When Yun Chuwu and the other two heard Bai Moyu altering the truth, they were so angry that their faces turned red. “Bai Moyu, you’re spouting nonsense! It’s clear that the three of you colluded with the people of Heavenly Gates Sect!”

Bai Moyu’s face was filled with shock. “Junior Sisters, although we may have some personal grudges in the past, we are all disciples of Spirit Radiance Sect. How could we do such a terrible thing? Junior Sisters, you can’t malign us just because we weren’t able to save you back then because of our limited abilities!”

Yun Chushan also said softly from the side, “That’s right. The five individuals from Heavenly gates Sect had superb spiritual power, and we really had no choice! We’re also very sympathetic to your suffering. After all, as women, after encountering such a thing, it’s indeed—”

Slap! Slap!

Before Yun Chushan could finish her words, Yun Chujiu slapped her twice.

Yun Chushan was stunned by the slap!

She never expected that Yun Chujiu would slap her without a word.

“Yun Chushan, shut your stinky mouth! you want to know what happened? Truthfully, those five people encountered a demonic beast horde and were already doomed!”

Bai Moyu’s eyes flashed, “They encountered a group of demonic beasts? How are you all fine?”

Yun Chujiu sneered, “Hearing what you said, are you regretful that we didn’t die?? The five of them discovered a high-grade bright lotus plant and made my third sister and the others fight for that bright lotus plant. I took this opportunity to save them.

“It’s really a case of karma. They didn’t expect that the bright lotus plant would be guarded by a group of five-ringed, silver-horned snakes! When we left, they were already surrounded by that group of five-ringed, silver-horned snakes!”

Although Yun Chuwu and the other two did not have any expression on their faces, they were dumbfounded in their hearts!

‘Little Jiu, how on earth did you train your ability to lie through your teeth?

‘You speak of fictional things as if they’re real!

‘If we weren’t personally witnessing it, we would have believed you!’

Moreover, these words could be used to advance or retreat when needed. Even if the five corpses were discovered, they could still justify themselves. After all, when they left, those five people were not dead yet. Anything could have happened after.

Bai Moyu and the others saw that Yun Chujiu and the others’ expressions were very natural, and what they said was reasonable. After all, the temptation of high-grade earth rank spirit medicines was too great. If it were them, they would also go and pick them at all costs.

Yun Chujiu originally wanted to find an opportunity to kill the Bai siblings and Yun Chushan, but now that the other diciples of Spirit Radiance Sect were there, it was not easy to do so.

Therefore, Yun Chujiu planned to bring Yun Chuwu and the others away. Bai Moyu’s eyes flickered a few times. “Junior Sisters, why don’t you follow us? There’s strength in numbers. Even if we meet people from Heavenly Gates Sect, we aren’t afraid!”

Although Bai Moyu said so, he felt that Yun Chujiu and the others definitely would not agree. Unexpectedly, Yun Chujiu said with a clear voice, “Alright! Let’s go together!”

Yun Chujiu thought to herself, ‘Since we can’t find fourth brother and the others for the time being, why don’t we follow Bai siblings and the others? At least we can prevent them from framing fourth brother and the others.’

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