The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 305 - If You Step Out of the Ring, You Lose

Chapter 305: If You Step Out of the Ring, You Lose

Yun Chuwu sneered, “If you want to leave, you can leave. We won’t give up on Little Jiu!”

Yun Chuqi and Su Yun also stood in front of Yun Chujiu, protecting Yun Chujiu behind them.

The other disciples of Spirit Radiance Sect looked at Bai Moyu and then at Yun Chujiu, feeling a little conflicted.

Su Yanran’s spiritual power was superb, and they were indeed no match for her. However, they would not be able to live with their conscience if they disregarded the lives of their fellow disciples!

Seeing their hesitation, Bai Moyu’s eyes flashed as he said, “Everyone, I understand your feelings, but even if we fight head-on, it’ll only cost us our lives. It won’t be of much use. Since that’s the case, why strike a stone with an egg [1]?”

Bai Morou was somewhat impatient and said with a sullen face, “Forget it if you don’t want to leave! Brother, let’s go!”

When the people of Spirit Radiance Sect saw that the Bai siblings and Yun Chushan had left, they felt a little scared. The three strongest people had already left. If they stayed here, would they not be waiting for death?

Yun Chujiu looked at them and said faintly, “Senior brothers, you can leave! I won’t blame you! After all, we’re not relatives. We’re just fellow disciples! Last time, I offended Su Yanran for the sake our Spirit Radiance Sect’s honor. Consider this as something I deserve! “Fifth sister, you guys should leave too! Let me die in the hands of Heavenly Gates Sect! For the sake of our Spirit Radiance Sect, I’ll die without regrets!”

When the disciples heard those words, they could not help but blush with shame. That was right! Why did Su Yanran want to kill Yun Chujiu? Was it not because Yun Chujiu defeated her in the competition previosuly?

Why did Yun Chujiu want to? She wanted to protect Spirit Radiance Sect’s honor!

They actually wanted to escape at the last minute and hand over the lives of their fellow disciples to the Heavenly Gates Sect. Were they even worthy of being members of Spirit Radiance Sect? They were simply not human!

“Junior Sister Little Jiu, we’re not leaving! At most, we’ll die together! Twenty years later, we’d still be the good guys!”

“Right! We’re not leaving! Even if we die, we’ll drag someone down with us!”

“What’s so great about Heavenly Gates Sect?! Damn it! It’s still not certain who will win or lose in the end!”

Bai Moyu, who had walked some distance, could not help but frown. However, now that things had come to this point, there was no way to end it, so he could only continue walking forward. In any case, these people would die in the end, and the sect would not be able to trace it back to them.

Seeing that the disciples of Spirit Radiance Sect were naturally good people, Yun Chujiu decided to put away her tricks.

Yun Chujiu motioned for everyone to stand back, and then looked at Su Yanran a few times.

“Su Yanran, you forgot something very important! You can’t kill us. We just need to crush the jade token and we’ll be out of this mystic realm!”

Su Yanran was stunned. That was right! How did she forget about that?

The disciples of Spirit Radiance Sect all slapped their thighs. That’s right, they did not need to die at all! They had all been led astray by Bai Moyu!! They would be fine once they crushed the jade token! How stupid!

“Su Yanran, I know that you feel very indignant about losing to me last time. How about this? I’m the kindest person. I’ll give you a chance. Let’s have another competition. If I lose, I promise that I’ll never use the teleportation jade token.

“If you lose, you’ll immediately take your people and leave. Also, you’re not allowed to cause trouble for us in this mystic realm! Whoever breaks the oath will be struck by lightning. Do you dare to agree? Besides, I’d already crush my jade token. I wouldn’t be able to use it even if I wanted to.

Su Yanran thought that as long as Yun Chujiu did not use the teleportation jade token, she would have the confidence to kill her. Hence, she sneered, “Alright! I agree! Let’s do it!”

“Ahh, your personality is really too impetuous! No wonder you can’t beat me! I haven’t said the rules yet. Let’s draw a circle. Whoever comes out of the circle first will lose. How about it? If you agree, we’ll take an oath.”

Su Yanran snorted coldly and swore. Yun Chujiu, who was at the side, also made a decent vow. Then, she took out a rolling pin and drew a circle with a diameter of about thirty feet.

Yun Chujiu and Su Yanran entered the circle. Yun Chujiu was happy. “Come on! Let’s begin! Come and beat me to your heart’s content!”

The people of Spirit Radiance Sect could not bear to look at her. ‘Junior Sister Little Jiu, are you stupid? Who asks for a beating themselves?’

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