The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 22 - Su Yanran

Once the Bai siblings flattered Su Yanran, she felt that her ruffled feathers had been smoothed over. "Cousin, Little Sister Morou, you don't have to look down on yourselves. You're both already very amazing to be at the level you are in a small place like Ye City!"

When Bai Moyu heard what Su Yanran said, his expression froze for a moment, and he felt slightly unhappy. If it were not for the fact that he had something to ask of Su Yanran who was in front of him, he would have left in anger a long time ago. 

Su Yanran was the daughter of Bai Shuyun, Bai Moyu's aunt. The Su family was a big family in Towering Clouds City, the capital of Donghua Nation. Back then, Bai Shuyun had used a lot of methods before she could finally marry into the Su family.

Bai Moyu secretly sent a signal to Bai Morou through his gaze, and she understood what he wanted. She then started to butter up to Su Yanran. "Big Sister Yanran, you've got a point there. Ye City is really too small! I heard that the Falling Clouds Sect will begin its decadal recruitment of disciples soon. I wonder if you have any connections that might help a person get in?"

Su Yanran looked even more arrogant than before. "The Falling Clouds Sect has always posed strict requirements when it comes to their recruitment. You will need a referrer for registration alone, and the requirements for getting in will be even higher!"

"Ah? Is that how it is? Then, my brother and I won't be able to even register!" Bai Morou deliberately spoke with a disappointed voice. 

Su Yanran smiled proudly. "If we're talking about other people, then there would be no way for them to get in. But my grandaunt is an elder in the Falling Clouds Sect, and she loves me the most. So, if I refer someone to her, forget about getting the rights for registration, it won't even be a problem for me to get that person into the sect."

"Wow! Big Sister Yanran, you're so great!" Bai Morou wore an envious expression before she squeezed out an expectant look. "Big Sister Yanran, can you register me and my brother for the recruitment?"

"That won't be a problem! When the time comes, I will register your names for you!" Su Yanran said with a smile. She naturally understood that Bai Moyu and his sister had discussed this beforehand. In any case, once her grandfather gave the orders, his mother would have to agree to it. If that was the case, she might as well go with the flow and have these siblings be in her debt! Besides, their affinities were not bad. If they joined the Falling Clouds Sect, she could have two more helpers.

Bai Moyu's eyes sparkled faintly. He had spent so much effort in buttering up to Su Yanran through every means possible because he wanted to make sure that he could enroll in the Falling Clouds Sect. As long as he could get into the sect, it would not be impossible for him to reach Spirit Being Realm based on his affinity.

Bai Moyu and his sister became more attentive to Su Yanran after their wish was fulfilled.

"Big Sister Yanran, I know that our mood was ruined by that piece of trash in Immortal Gathering Tower earlier, so let's go to Leisurely House. It's not as famous as Immortal Gathering Tower, but the decor there is quite elegant," Bai Morou said in a fawning tone. 

Su Yanran pretended to be reserved and nodded. The three of them then went to Leisurely House, which was located two streets away.

"Young Master Moyu, ladies, please head to the private room on the first floor." A waiter saw them, and he came forward with a hospitable attitude. 

"All right, we'll take Cold Plum Blossom Private Room, then! The decor there is refreshing and elegant, plus we can still view the scenery through the window," Bai Moyu said calmly.

"...Um, Young Master Moyu, I would suggest that you switch to another room. Golden Autumn Pavilion is also one of our top-grade private rooms," said the waiter in a troubled manner. 

Bai Moyu's face turned almost as sour as rotten milk. Did some unlucky spirit decide to visit him today? Everything was just not going according to plan!

"Cousin, my mom always told me how great my grandfather's family in Ye City is. But I never thought that despite being supposedly in power, it would be so hard for you to have a meal in Ye City!" When Su Yanran saw how Bai Moyu and his sister kept trying to curry to her favor, she started to show her arrogant and wilful nature. 

Bai Moyu found his ego slightly trampled, and his expression turned even more sour than before. "Who is eating in Cold Plum Blossom Private Room? Tell him to switch to Golden Autumn Pavilion! I will treat him to his meal!"

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