The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 21 - Who’s Paying For the Meal?

In everyone's eyes, Yun Chujiu ran off in a panic because she was overwhelmed with grief.

All of them looked at Bai Moyu, and their gazes were rather thought-provoking. Their eyes also shone with a desire for gossip!

'Oh my gosh, Yun Chujiu just divulged a huge amount of information!'

'A purpose that mustn't be known?'

Everyone knew that the Bai family and Yun family were enemies, so Young Master Moyu definitely had a desire to know something or do something through Yun Chujiu.

'We previously thought that Yun Chujiu was the one who hung around Young Master Moyu, but now, it turns out that Young Master Moyu's the one who's been playing dirty tricks?! Oh my goodness, how could he involve an orphan girl in his schemes?! How diabolical!'

They then recalled what happened earlier in the day—Yun Chujiu had obviously stated that she was not done eating, but Young Master Moyu forced her to leave. 

It was completely different from what Bai Morou described. That was not Bai Moyu taking care of Yun Chujiu, it was clearly Bai Moyu taking advantage of Yun Chujiu!

At that moment, a waiter from Immortal Gathering Tower suddenly shouted, "Ah! That Yun Chujiu didn't pay! She ordered all of our restaurant's signature dishes, and they cost a few dozen taels of silver!"

The waiter could not help but switch his attention to Bai Moyu. Yun Chujiu's departure had a lot to do with him, so he could only get the money from him. 

"Young Master Moyu, um, about that…" The waiter was very smart. He did not ask for money, but he also did not finish his sentence. 

Bai Moyu was extremely angry right then. Why did that stupid Yun Chujiu suddenly say those things? Who taught her to do something like that? He was worried about Su Yanran's possible reactions, hence he had to pay attention to her. If it had not been because of that, Bai Moyu would have chased after Chu Yunjiu to ask her just what was going on. 

Bai Morou glared at the waiter. "That piece of trash is the one who ate all of this food. What does it have to do with my brother? Scram!"

At this point in time, the onlookers really wanted to mock the Bai siblings, but they did not dare do so loudly. Nevertheless, their gazes were brimming with scorn, fully conveying their intention to mock the siblings. 

'Just now, Bai Morou rambled on about how Young Master Moyu took care of Yun Chujiu. Now when it's time to pay for her meal, this Bai Morou is quick to say that they have nothing to do with her! It looks like what Yun Chujiu said was true! Young Master Moyu was using Yun Chujiu!'

"Morou! Stop this nonsense! Waiter, I'll pay for Yun Chujiu's meal. Hurry up and clean the table!" Bai Moyu felt incredibly gloomy, but he did not show it on his face. Instead, he made himself look like a generous person. 

"Cousin, my mood is ruined. Let's go back home!" Su Yanran snorted coldly. She did not care about Bai Moyu's reaction and just proceeded straight to the entrance. 

Bai Moyu frowned a little, and a slight spark of displeasure shone briefly in his eyes. He threw some pieces of silver to the waiter before he chased after her. 

"Little Sister Yanran, Yun Chujiu is under the care of the Yun family. Her foster parents died, and I just took pity on her. I did not expect her to misunderstand my intentions and continue bothering me. This time, she must be playing some kind of trick to get my attention. I think she's just pretending to pull away from me. She's really trying to get closer to me."

"That's true. Big Sister Yanran, the people in Ye City all know Yun Chujiu. She is just a piece of trash that can't practice cultivation! If it weren't because of my brother's kindness, he wouldn't have bothered himself with that dark and ugly waste of space!" Bai Morou chirped up next to them, and her voice was full of disgust. 

Disdain flashed briefly across Su Yanran's face before it disappeared. "The Yun family? The Yun family that has always been against your family?"

Bai Moyu nodded. "Exactly. Oh, Yun Xiaotian, he's the head of the Yun family household, who by the way, is also at the Sixth Level in Spirit Refinement Realm. Their strength is on par with our family."

Su Yanran now had scorn on her face, but her look of contempt was barely noticeable. "He is just at the Sixth Level in Spirit Refinement Realm, and he can only rule over a small place like Ye City. In Towering Clouds City, he would only be considered to be of average strength."

Bai Moyu smiled and said, "Towering Clouds City is the capital, so it's only natural that plenty of talented people are gathered there."

Bai Morou also spoke up by the side to curry favor. "Big Sister Yanran, you're right. Even though you're just a year older than I am, you're already at the Fifth Level in Spirit Refinement Realm. I'm so jealous!"

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