The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 23 - I Will Torture You to Death Today

The waiter dared not offend Bai Moyu, so he could only whisper that he would do as he was commanded before he ran up to the first floor.

A while later, the waiter came back with a troubled look. "Y-Young Master Moyu, the customer, she refuses to change rooms."

Su Yanran snorted coldly. "Cousin, I think we can only head back for lunch today. If we continue dawdling around, instead of having lunch together, we'll end up having dinner."

"Does the person know that it's me asking her to change rooms?" Bai Moyu's expression was sour like milk that had gone bad for at least a week. He burned with rage, but he could not vent his anger on Su Yanran. Therefore, he vented his anger on the customer in Cold Plum Blossom Private Room.

"I t-told her, b-but…" The waiter looked distressed, as though he had something very inappropriate to say. 

"But what? Tell me, honestly. If you hide anything, I will have someone dismantle Leisurely House!" Bai Morou felt annoyed too. Usually, in Ye City, her words held weight, and she was always the one giving orders. Yet, ever since Su Yanran came, she had almost become a young maid.

The waiter shook with fright. "I'll tell you! At first, the customer happily agreed to your request when she heard that someone would pay for her to change rooms. B-But when she heard that you were the ones paying for her, she immediately changed her mind!" 

Bai Morou instantly erupted like a volcano when she heard those words. 

"She's openly going against the Bai family! Ha! I'd like to see just who it is who has a death wish!" Bai Morou fiercely rushed up to the first floor.

The waiter was pale with fright, so he quickly ran to the backyard and looked for the owner of the restaurant.

Bai Morou kicked the door of Cold Plum Blossom Private Room, and when she saw the person inside, she became even angrier.

She saw a dark-skinned girl happily gnawing on a drumstick in the private room!

"Yun Chujiu! You again?! Are you doing this on purpose?!" Bai Morou demanded viciously. 

Yun Chujiu cast a glance at her. "Are you out of your mind? I came here first! Everything works at a first-come, first-served basis, you know?! You took over my seat in Immortal Gathering Tower, but I didn't make a fuss about it. Now, you've followed me here! Aren't you ashamed of yourself?"

"You! You… Die!" Bai Morou was so angry that her face turned red. She jumped over and was ready to give Yun Chujiu a slap on the face.

Yun Chujiu cursed up a storm in her heart. 'Are all the people here sick? Why do they always want to slap someone?

'Well, screw you! If your hand even touches me, I'll torture you to death today!'

"Have a taste of my hidden weapon!" Yun Chujiu threw the drumstick in her hand (which she had not finished eating, by the way) at Bai Morou's face.

Bai Morou was stunned, and she subconsciously dodged it. 

Yun Chujiu quickly moved away and slid behind Bai Morou in a flash. Then, she kicked the back of Bai Morou's knee, and Bai Morou fell face first on the floor because she was caught off guard. 

Yun Chujiu tapped a few spots on Bai Morou's body, and immediately after, to Bai Morou's shock, she found that she was not able to move at all.

Yun Chujiu picked up a bowl of hot soup from the table, and she poured it all over Bai Morou's head.

"Ah!" The soup was so hot against her skin that Bai Morou screeched like a pig being slaughtered. Although it was not hot enough to disfigure her, a large part of her skin was still scalded red, and a few vegetable leaves also hung off her hair. 

Bai Moyu as well as Su Yanran heard Bai Morou's pained shrieks from below, and they quickly ran up.

When Yun Chujiu heard their footsteps, she sat back in her chair, picked up her chopsticks, and continued eating.

'Damn it! You've caused me so much trouble in two places, and I STILL haven't filled my stomach! What a loss!'

When Bai Moyu saw the situation in the room, he was full of confusion, "Morou, what's wrong?"

"Brother! Save me! Save me, please! The b*tch must have used some kind of unknown dark arts. I couldn't move anymore after she tapped a few spots on my body!" Bai Morou screamed hysterically. 

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