The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 170 - The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Chapter 170: The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing

Just as the white light was about to reach the black stick, Little Black flew over from the side and threw a purple fireball at the white light.

The white light obviously did not expect Little Black to be able to release spiritual power, and it was a fireball with the power of lightning. In a hurry, it wanted to hide between Yun Chujiu’s eyebrows again.

Unexpectedly, Yun Chujiu, who was supposed to be sleeping, suddenly sat up and shot a bolt of lightning at it.

The white light was shocked!

Was it because it had been sleeping for too long?

‘Why could a young fire-breathing crow shoot out a fireball with the power of thunder and lightning?’

‘Why could a trash without spiritual power shoot thunder and lightning. Plus, it was purple!’

Yun Chujiu finally saw the true appearance of the white light. It was a very small silver dragon with gleaming scales which made it look like white light.

“Are you the spirit of the rolling pin?” Yun Chujiu covered her brows with one hand and prepared to attack with the other.

The silver dragon raised its neck and opened its mouth to speak in the soft voice of a little girl, “That’s right! Why aren’t you bowing when you see a senior? Little Huahua’s disciples and grand-disciples are getting worse!”

Yun Chujiu was shocked, “You’re a female?”

This sentence seemed to have touched the little silver dragon’s sore spot. It bared its fangs and brandished its claws as it shouted, “So what if I’m a female? You’re female too!”

Yun Chujiu’s heart was intrigued and she probed, “Could it be that it’s because you’re a female that Patriarch Linghua buried you under the stone?!”

“You, how did you know?” The little silver dragon was obviously shocked.

“I figured so! Could it be that ancestral Master Linghua was afraid that after a long period of time, he would develop feelings for you and fall in love with you? That’s why he simply buried you under the green stone slab and waited for me to appear?” Yun Chujiu’s mind was wide open as she spoke with great joy.

“You… You’re talking nonsense! Little Huahua isn’t that kind of improper person! It’s just that I’m Yin, and Little Huahua is Yang, so I can’t unleash my full power.

“Moreover, my body is a rod, and Little Huahua uses a sword. So before I ascended, he buried me under the green stone slab, waiting for the fated person!” The Silver Dragon glared at Yun Chujiu, obviously very dissatisfied with her arrangement of the former master.

“Little Flame, you’re wrong to say that! It’s natural for men and women to love each other. How is that impolite? Don’t worry, I’ll definitely find a male rolling pin for you in the future so that you two can pair up!” Yun Chujiu winked at the Little White Dragon.

“Little Flame? Hmph! This rod has a name! It is the Ninth Heaven Silver Dragon Wind Fire Rod, not something vulgar like Little Flame!” The Silver Dragon was obviously very dissatisfied with Yun Chujiu’s name. Previously, it could only command the black rod to do some simple actions between Yun Chujiu’s brows. Otherwise, it would have protested long ago.

“Little Flame, do you think you have the ability to negotiate with me? If my guess is correct, you must’ve encountered some kind of trouble. Either your spiritual power has been greatly reduced, or you’ve suffered a serious injury. Or, you must’ve made some kind of oath to my master.

“Otherwise, how could a mere stone trap you?! Now, it’s a matter of whether I want you or not. If you don’t know what’s good for you, I’ll send you back to Little Xuanyuan!” Yun Chujiu said with a sneer.

The silver dragon clearly did not expect Yun Chujiu to be so difficult to deal with. At first, it thought that Yun Chujiu was the most useless among those people, so it was best to get rid of her. Therefore, it hid between Yun Chujiu’s brows. Who would have thought that this was a freaking wolf in sheep’s clothing, and it was also a wolf who ate people without spitting out their bones!

The Silver Dragon looked at the little black bird who was staring with its green bean eyes, and then looked at Yun Chujiu, who had a cold smile on her face. With a sobbing voice, it said, “Then what exactly do you want?”

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