The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 169 - Little Noodle or Little Stick

Chapter 169: Little Noodle or Little Stick

Yun Chujiu took the black stick and carried it with a valiant spirit. Yes, she carried it away!

‘F*ck! Why is this damn broken stick so heavy?!’

Yun Chujiu used all her strength to barely carry it and staggered away with the stick.

Master Xuanyuan and the others looked at Yun Chujiu’s back and the corners of their eyes twitched. No matter how they looked at this Yun Chujiu, it just didn’t make sense. Could Patriarch Linghua have made a mistake?!

A few elders filled the soil back in and then carefully covered the green stone slab on it again. Seeing that there were no traces left, they all dispersed.

Feng Ming was stunned for a long time before he also left in a daze.

Yun Chujiu cursed as she walked, “F*ck! I’m just looking for trouble for myself. Such a broken stick is not only useless, it’s also so heavy! I might as well throw it here!”

After saying that, Yun Chujiu actually threw the black stick on the ground and then hopped toward the dormitory.

After Yun Chujiu walked for a distance, Little Black cried out in alarm, “Master! Master! Quickly turn around! The stick has become a spirit! The stick has become a spirit!”

Yun Chujiu was already mentally prepared. She turned around and saw the black stick jumping toward her, Yun Chujiu curled her lips. “If you want to follow me and have a good life, then stop being so narrow-minded. Otherwise, I’ll give you to Little Xuanyuan and have him lock you in the Spirit Tool Pavilion so that you can sleep all day.”

The stick leaned forward a few times as if it was nodding. Yun Chujiu said with disdain, “It’s fine if you look ugly, but you’re overweight. Hurry up and become lighter. Otherwise, you can hop behind me!”

The black stick paused for a moment and then flew into Yun Chujiu’s hand. The corner of Yun Chujiu’s mouth curled up—it was indeed much lighter. “At least you’re sensible! Don’t worry, Master. One day, I’ll let you regain your former glory and become the number one rolling pin in the world!”

The black stick trembled a few times and then stopped moving.

“Yes, Master. I have to give you a good name. Let me think…” Yun Chujiu held the stick with one hand and touched her chin with the other.

Little Black looked at the black stick sympathetically. With the master’s level of naming, the name she gave would not be any better!

“Actually, it’s not bad for you to be called Little Black, but it’s a pity that Little Black already has this name! Let me think again. Yes, I have it! You shall be called Little Flame!”

The black stick trembled even more violently. Yun Chujiu narrowed her eyes. “What? You Don’t like the name Little Flame? Then do you want to be called Little Noodle or Little Stick?”

The trembling of the black stick suddenly stopped!

Yun Chujiu nodded her head in satisfaction. “That’s right! A wise man submits to circumstances. You shouldn’t try to go against my authority. Otherwise, you’ll only end up in an even worse situation! Little Black, I’ll leave Little Flame’s education to you from now on.”

Little Black agreed very happily. Although it was only a stick, this little lord also had a little brother!

Yun Chujiu took the stick and brought Little Black back to the dormitory. As it was early in the morning, they did not meet many people along the way. Although everyone was puzzled as to why Yun Chujiu was jumping around with a rolling pin, no one went forward to ask.

Yun Chujiu jumped to the dormitory and muttered, “Anyway, I’ve applied for leave, so don’t waste it. I can use this time to catch up on my sleep!” After washing up, she took off her coat and lay on the bed. Not long after, she fell asleep.

Yun Chujiu let out a light snore. A white light sneakily shot out from between Yun Chujiu’s brows and went straight for the black stick that was placed at the door!

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