The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 171 - The Man in Red

Chapter 171: The Man in Red

Yun Chujiu looked at the small silver dragon with a faint smile. “What do we want? Were you released by me, or did you avoid falling into the demon’s claws because of me? Yet, you’re repaying kindness with enmity. At that time, you wanted to shoot me to death, but later on, you wanted to use me. Tell me, don’t you think you’ve tarnished the reputation of those in the rod world? Do you have the face of a rod and the heart of a beast? Do you really not care about your reputation?”

The little silver dragon had obviously never encountered such a situation before. Its head immediately drooped down and its claws twitched. “Right, I’m sorry. I just don’t want to lose my freedom.”

“Freedom? Only those who are strong enough have freedom! Even if you had rushed out of the Spirit Radiance Sect at that time, do you think that you’d have freedom? Anyone who cultivates with a divine weapon like yours will fight over it until their head breaks and blood flows. Otherwise, why would my master bury you? Isn’t it because he’s afraid of causing a bloodbath because of you?” Yun Chujiu said with a serious expression.

The silver dragon kept nodding. “You… What you said makes sense. Then, how can I become stronger?”

“You definitely can’t do it like this! Otherwise, why is it that you’ve been buried underground for ten thousand years but still can’t break through Little Xuanyuan and the others’ Spirit Radiance Star Formation? However, I do have a way to make you stronger!” Yun Chujiu stopped speaking at this point.

The little silver dragon urged anxiously, “What Way? Tell me!”

“Sigh! You might not believe me even if I tell you, so it’s better not to say it! Forget it, Little Black, you should step aside and let Little Flame go out to explore. It’s not a big deal. At most, it’ll just be kept as a weapon!”

“Of course, there might also be someone who felt that the material of this rod was not bad and put it back into the crafting furnace to forge a new weapon. When that time comes, Little Flame, you’ll be completely free,” Yun Chujiu said indifferently.

The little silver dragon was scared to tears. “Sob sob! Don’t! If I enter the crafting furnace, I’ll die, then I won’t be me anymore. I beg you, quickly tell me the way!”

“Sigh, I’m just a soft-hearted person. Alright, seeing that you’re so pitiful, I’ll forget about the past and help you! Actually, the best way is for me to reluctantly accept you as a weapon.

“Firstly, I’m a low-key person, so no one will suspect that I’m holding a good weapon. Secondly, you also know that I hold a position similar to that of the retired emperor in the Spirit Radiance Star Formation sect. When the time comes, if I have any good things, I’ll naturally come first. And when the time comes, I’ll get some heavenly and earthly treasures to supplement you. Wouldn’t your cultivation level go up?

“Third. As you have seen, Little Black and I are both great geniuses that rarely appear in ten thousand years. As the saying goes, you are the product of your environment. If you follow us, how can you not be powerful?

“Fourth, I’m the kindest person. I definitely won’t mistreat you. In the future, I might even find you a male rod. When the time comes, you’ll cultivate into human form and make a few more small rods. What a beautiful thing!

“Fifthly, I’m the disciple of the Little Huahua that you mentioned. In the future, when I ascend, you can still meet your Little Huahua!” Yun Chujiu’s smile was very gentle, as if a spring breeze had completely fooled the innocent little silver dragon!

The little silver dragon said excitedly, “Alright! I’ll acknowledge you as my master! Let’s form a contract!”

Yun Chujiu showed a forced expression. “Alright! Then you better hurry up, lest I regret it later!”

When the silver dragon heard that, it quickly rushed into the body of the black staff. Then, Yun Chujiu bit her middle finger and dripped blood on the top of the black staff.

After Yun Chujiu did as she was told, a ray of dark light shot through the roof of Yun Chujiu’s house and into the sky.


Although the dark light was dazzling, fortunately, it only lasted for a short moment, so it did not attract anyone’s attention. Those who saw it thought that their eyes were blurred.

However, in the clouds, there happened to be an air-transportation spiritual tool passing by. The decorations inside were extremely luxurious. Other than the man who controlled the air-transportation spiritual tool, there was a red-clothed man lying on the soft couch. His long black hair was casually scattered behind him and he was playing with a skull in his hand. It was obviously an extremely terrifying thing, but when the man did it, it made people feel that it was pleasing to the eye. He was as lazy as a painting!

After the man in red saw the flash of black ray, the corners of his mouth curled up. “An immortal tool acknowledging its master? Interesting!”

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