The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 1529 - Xiao Mogu was also a fool  

Chapter 1529: Chapter 1529: Xiao Mogu was also a fool

Yun chujiu could not help but sigh after hearing the old man’s words. TSK TSK, it was all for the so-called face. How much was that face worth? She really could not take it lying down!

The old man let out a long sigh. “Little girl, my remnant soul is about to dissipate. There is a storage ring underneath me. You can take the things inside as well as those defensive spirit tools. I only hope that in the future, if possible, you can help the chaos origin sect and the killing origin sect turn hostility into Amity.”

“Senior, logically speaking, you should take money from others to help them solve their problems. However, I have never heard of the Hun Yuan sect and the Shi Yuan sect. There is only one Gui Yuan sect in the Tian Yuan continent.”Yun chujiu sighed and said.

“Tian Yuan continent? You said this is the Tian Yuan continent?”The old man asked in surprise.

“That’s right. This is the Sky Burning Mystic Realm. It is said that all of you are ancient cultivators. It should have been tens of thousands of years since all of you died!”

The old man was stunned for a moment. “It has actually been so long?”? “No wonder you haven’t heard of it. The Tian Yuan continent is just a low-level world. The Hun Yuan sect and the Shi Yuan sect are on the immortal Yuan continent. I think that something must have happened on the Budian Mountain where we are, which is why it has become your so-called mystic realm.”

“The Immortal Yuan Continent?”? “I seem to have heard of this before. It seems that some people cultivate the Great Dao and go to the immortal Yuan continent. So, people on the immortal Yuan continent also die. I thought that when we reach the immortal Yuan continent, we would live as long as the heavens!”Yun Chujiu said with a smile.

The old man smiled bitterly. “Equal lifespan to the heavens?”? That was something that only gods could do. Gods no longer existed, so no one could live forever. “Little girl, if you can go to the immortal essence continent one day, you must remember my instructions…”

The old man’s remnant soul began to fade. Before Yun Chujiu could take the ancient green jade bottle, the old man’s remnant soul completely disappeared. Yun chujiu sighed. Actually, the old man had probably lived enough. He had lived for tens of thousands of years with resentment and regret, it was simply torture.

Yun chujiu respectfully kowtowed three times to the old man. Then, she moved the old man’s skeleton away. Sure enough, there was a ring underneath.

Yun chujiu did not check the things inside the ring. After she put it away, she dug a hole and buried the old man’s skeleton inside.

Yun chujiu stood up with some disappointment. “Sister Luoyue, you guys pick a few spirit tools that you like. I’ll shamelessly keep the rest.”

Nangong Luoyue and the others declined a few sentences. Seeing that Yun chujiu insisted, they each picked a few spirit tools. Yun chujiu kept the rest of the spirit tools.

When everyone reached the top of the stairs, Yun Chujiu remembered that she didn’t ask the old man about the origin of the mushroom. She rolled her eyes. I’ve taken three spirit pets, but I haven’t found any demonic plants yet. This big mushroom looks pretty good.., i might as well trick it into my hands. In the future, when I am fighting my enemies, I will appear on the mushroom that is flashing with seven-colored multicolored light. Just thinking about it makes me feel extremely arrogant and cool!

“Xiao Mogu, come out. I have something to tell you!”

The surroundings were quiet. That mushroom did not come out.., yun chujiu continued, “Xiao Mogu, your master has already said that you were originally from the Immortal Yuan continent. It was because you were fighting with Patriarch Hongyuan that you came to the Bu Ping Mountain. “However, we are now in the Tian Yuan continent. If you want to return to the immortal essence continent, you only have one choice, and that is to follow me!”

A faint and magnificent light shone from behind a rock wall. It was obvious that Xiao Mogu was hiding behind that rock wall. Yun chujiu could not help but be secretly happy. This Xiao Mogu was also stupid!

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