The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 1530 - Xiao Mogu

Chapter 1530: Chapter 1530 Xiao Mogu

“Xiao Mogu, I’ll give you one last chance. If you want to return to the immortal Yuan continent, come over and acknowledge me as your master. “Let’s sign an equal contract. If I ascend to the Immortal Yuan continent in the future, I’ll cancel the contract with you, and you’ll be free. “I’ll count to ten. If you still don’t come out, I’ll leave! “Ten, nine, eight…”

When Yun Chujiu counted to two, the Xiao Mogu jumped out from the cliff. It trembled and stretched out a mycelium. This mycelium was different from other mycelium. There was a red line inside, obviously, it was where Xiao Mogu’s demon essence was.

Yun chujiu bit her index finger and dripped a drop of blood on it. Xiao Mogu’s mycelium waved and started to form seals.

A moment later, a soft voice sounded in yun chujiu’s mind, “Master.”

“Since you acknowledge me as your master, I have to give you a cool name. What should I call you?”Yun chujiu was in a dilemma!

Yun chujiu thought for a while and her eyes lit up, “I think of a good name! It has an image and is easy to remember. Cough Cough, you should be called Xiao Mogu!”

Xiao Mogu..

Nangong Luoyue and the others..

“Come, Xiao Mogu, quickly turn into a big mushroom. I want to sit on it and show off!”Yun Chujiu said with a smile.

Xiao Mogu trembled. “Master, I Can’t grow bigger now.”

“What? !”Yun Chujiu was immediately angry. She poked Xiao Mogu with her finger and asked fiercely, “Weren’t you able to grow bigger before?”

“Master, master, it’s not my fault. You sucked away a lot of my poison. The spiritual power in my body is not enough to maintain such a big appearance.”. “Moreover, I just used some spiritual sense to support my former master’s remnant soul. I need to recover for a period of time before I can recover my original spiritual power.”

Xiao Mogu said aggrievedly. It was bitter in its heart. It had lived for tens of thousands of years, but it had never met a monster like you who could not be poisoned to death. It was so angry!

“Then how long will it take for you to recover your original spiritual power?”Yun Chujiu had a bad feeling in her heart.

“No, it’s hard to say. Maybe a few years, maybe a few hundred years.”Xiao Mogu used the mycelium to protect its cover, afraid that Yun Chujiu would poke it again.

Yun chujiu felt that she seemed to have, like, taken in another burden, but she could not throw it away even if she had taken it in. Yun Chujiu touched her chin. “Since you don’t have any abilities now, you can’t eat for free, right? Fortunately, you’re quite good-looking. You can be my headdress from now on!”

After saying that, Yun chujiu put the little mushroom on her head and said to Nangong luoyue, “Sister Luoyue, do you think my mushroom hairpin looks good?”

The corner of Nangong Luoyue’s eyes twitched violently. Although the little mushroom was emitting a dazzling seven-colored radiance, the mushroom on her head looked strange no matter how she looked at it!

“Xiao Mogu, let’s go up!”Nangong Luoyue decided to avoid answering.

Yun chujiu pursed her lips. She wasn’t stupid, so she naturally knew what Nangong Luoyue meant. She stuffed Xiao Mogu into the spirit beast bag with disdain. “You’re the one who’s useless! You Can’t even be a headpiece! Little Trash!”

“Master, Master, you can’t keep putting me in the Spirit Beast Bag. If I don’t come into contact with the soil for a long time, I’ll die!”Xiao Mogu said pitifully.

Yun chujiu was so angry that she gritted her teeth. I’ve just picked up an ancestor! She could only get some soil from the great void Mystic Realm and put it in the spiritual beast pouch. Xiao Mogu grew on it contentedly.

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