The Yun Family's Ninth Child is an Imp!

Chapter 1528 - was not ashamed, but rather proud  

Chapter 1528: Chapter 1528 was not ashamed, but rather proud

Yun chujiu probed, “Senior, is my cheap master your enemy?”

“HMPH! You Scoundrel! This master is so easy to call! I reckon there isn’t a second person who would acknowledge him as a master like this. Truly Shameless, Shameless!”The old man snorted coldly.

If it was an ordinary person, they would definitely be ashamed of themselves. Unfortunately, Yun Chujiu did not feel ashamed, but felt proud instead. She smiled and said, “Senior, thank you for your praise!”

The old man was amused. “No wonder you were able to scam old Hongyuan. Your skin is really thick!”

“Senior, what is the relationship between you and my cheap master? Why Do I look like a friend as well as a foe?”Yun chujiu asked with a smile, this fellow was not afraid of the old man’s remnant soul at all because he was very confident. Damn it, if you dare to make things difficult for me, I will release my remnant Soul Army and Tao Wu. I will torture you to death!

“Both enemies and friends? You said that we are both enemies and friends? What nonsense! How can I be friends with such a treacherous person? We are enemies! Enemies that will not rest until one of us dies!”The old man said through gritted teeth, however, there was a hint of sorrow in his voice.

At this moment, Yun Chujiu actually hummed in a low voice, “The rolling Yangtze River flows to the east and the waves wash away the heroes

Right and wrong, success and failure turn into emptiness… a pot of turbid wine meets happiness, and so many things in the past and the present are just a joke…”

The powerful and desolate tone and lyrics instantly made the old man burst into tears. Yun chujiu shrugged her shoulders. Sigh, there was no choice. Just singing a song could make people cry. Was It My Fault?

The old man took a long time to calm down. Although there were no tears in the remnant soul, he still wiped his eyes with his sleeve, he let out a long sigh. “It’s laughable that an old thing like Hongyuan and I who are more than 10,000 years old can not see through things as clearly as a little girl like you. In order to fight for our lives, we actually fought until both of us were injured and both of us died. It’s really laughable!”

“Senior, don’t say that. Those who are in the middle are confused and those who are watching are clear.”Yun chujiu pretended to be modest.

“You Little Girl, you are full of tricks!”The old man stroked his beard and scolded with a smile. It seemed that the knot in his heart had been resolved, and his tone was a little relaxed.

“Senior, what is going on between you and my cheap master?”Yun chujiu asked curiously.

The old man sighed and told the story. The old man was known as Patriarch Yuan Tian. He and Patriarch Hongyuan were both disciples of Patriarch Huntian, the sect leader of the primordial chaos sect. Hongyuan was the senior brother, and the old man was the junior brother.

The two of them were like brothers at first, but their master passed the position of sect leader to Patriarch Yuan Tian before his death. Patriarch Hongyuan was displeased. In addition to the instigation of people with ulterior motives, as time went on, the animosity grew. Patriarch Hongyuan simply betrayed the primordial chaos sect and founded the murderous origin sect.

Patriarch Hongyuan was indeed a talent. The murderous origin sect developed rapidly. Although it couldn’t compare to the primordial chaos sect, it was still considered a relatively large sect.

The two sects were constantly in conflict, and it had even developed into a small-scale fight. It was like fire and water.

Forefather Yuan Tian and forefather Hongyuan had been fighting for thousands of years, but there was no result. The two of them had agreed to go to the bumpy mountain to fight to the death.

The battle between the two of them actually lasted for several years. The two of them simply opened up a cave abode. After the battle, they would rest for a period of time before fighting again.

In the beginning, the two of them really wanted to kill each other. However, in the end, as they fought non-stop, they could not help but think of the days when their fellow disciples cultivated. In the end, they actually used this method to conceal themselves, the two of them never returned to their respective sects.

Although the two of them had the intention of reconciling in their hearts, they could not let go of their self-esteem. Just like that, another two thousand years passed. The two of them ran out of lifespan and died in their respective cave abodes.

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