The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Provocation

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Before Feng Qing could reply, Xie Shihao said, “Feng Qing specializes in violin, not piano!”

Hearing that Xie Shihao was still defending this woman, Gu Jingtong’s expression turned even uglier. However, she quickly smiled and said, “You can play the violin too. What doesn’t the Gu family’s villa have? Feng Qing, are you willing to play with my elder brother? You can’t be looking down on my elder brother’s standards, right? Or you don’t want to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday?”

If Feng Qing were to reject Gu Jingtong’s moral coercion, she would really offend them. However, Feng Qing didn’t intend to refuse. Instead, she smiled and said, “Then ask your brother if he’s willing to play with me?”

When Gu Qingye came over, he naturally heard their conversation. At this moment, Gu Jingtong ran over to Gu Qingye and begged, “Brother, this is the first time you’ve brought a female friend over, and it’s even your grandfather’s birthday. Feng Qing must have something special about her. Why don’t you play a song with her for grandfather to hear?”

Gu Jingtong knew that Gu Qingye was haughty and cold, and he was even more arrogant. Very few people could enter his music world, so it was impossible for him to agree to Feng Qing’s request. She wanted Feng Qing to look bad.


“Huh?” Gu Jingtong was dumbfounded. What was wrong with Big Brother? Where was his arrogance? Was he really going to play with a blind girl? But no matter what, Feng Qing had already agreed. Gu Jingtong could not give Feng Qing a chance to go back on her words. She then turned around and instructed the servants to find the violin.

Gu Qingye looked at Feng Qing. “What do you want to perform?”

Feng Qing thought for a moment. “Since it’s a birthday celebration, be cheerful. Carmen’s Fantasy.”

Gu Qingye was stunned. He never expected that Feng Qing would choose such a difficult song. It looked like this little blind girl was going to surprise him again.

Gu Qingye walked straight to the piano and sat at Feng Jianing’s seat. In an instant, everyone’s eyes were on the young master of the Gu family.

“The eldest young master of the Gu family is going to perform a piece too?”

“I heard that the eldest young master of the Gu family is extremely talented in music. We’re really lucky today…”

Feng Jianing didn’t expect Gu Qingye to play after her. She couldn’t help but smile. When Gu Qingye played, she might be able to make use of this topic. Then, she looked at Fu Anlan, hinting for her to quickly record this scene. After tonight, there will be a video of the two of them playing a duet tomorrow. It would definitely cause a heated discussion.

Fu Anlan nodded at Feng Jianing. She was already prepared, but when she raised her head again, she was stunned.

Feng Jianing followed Fu Anlan’s gaze and looked over. Instantly, her expression changed because she saw Feng Qing standing beside Gu Qingye with the violin in her hand.

The violin was found by the maid at the last minute. Feng Qing adjusted the strings and tested the sound. The effect was average. Gu Qingye could tell that the violin was not good.

However, Feng Qing nodded at him. Gu Qingye was stunned. She knew that the music was bad, but she still wanted to play? However, on second thought, if she were to say that the sound quality of the violin was not good and wanted to change the violin, or if she stopped playing, Feng Qing would definitely be criticized! Feng Qing could only brace herself and continue playing!

The guests were all eagerly waiting. The guests started to discuss quietly when they heard Feng Qing adjusted the violin strings. “Who is that girl? Even I, who doesn’t know the violin, think that she’s terrible at playing. Why didn’t you let Young Master Gu do it himself!”

“That’s right, looks are not enough…”

Hearing the discussion, Feng Jianing kept smiling. Although those who knew the industry could tell that Feng Qing was testing the sound and could even tell that it was the problem of the violin itself, this had nothing to do with Feng Jianing. Hearing the dissatisfaction of the crowd towards Feng Qing was what made her the happiest.

Feng Qing, that little b*tch, wanted to copy her? Why didn’t she look in the mirror! Oh right, Feng Qing was blind and would never look in the mirror again.

Just as everyone was about to call Feng Qing down, Carmen’s Fantasy began.

The violin in Feng Qing’s hands quickly attracted everyone’s attention. As the sound of the violin rose higher and higher, it was like it had rushed out of the horizon, and everyone seemed to see the horizon.

Gu Qingye’s eyes were filled with shock. This song was already hellishly difficult. Coupled with the problem of the violin, Feng Qing had actually changed the melody. From the start, it started with a ten-degree finger technique, with both hands perfectly coordinating with each other.

She even played double harmonics! It was as if top-notch equipment was playing for her, and Feng Qing was the one who made the noise. Gu Qingye no longer had the time to be shocked and could only focus on playing. A song of this level could be played wrongly if one was careless!

The girl’s shoulders swayed gently, and her long hair fluttered along with the music. The afternoon sun beat on her long hair, and she seemed to be immersed in the world of music.

Everyone was shocked.. Even though they did not understand the violin, they felt a resonance, and the blood in their bodies was also surging. Just as everyone was immersed in the beautiful world of music, there was a sudden “clang” as the strings were cut!

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