The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: So-so Original

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Old Master Gu pouted unhappily. “I indeed stopped coughing after eating, but the next day, I coughed even harder…” But today was his birthday, and Old Master Gu didn’t want to keep coughing in public, so he had no choice but to eat.

Just as he was about to take the pill, Feng Qing held his hand. “Grandpa Gu, since this pill will make your cough worse, you shouldn’t take it.”

“Feng Qing, is there something wrong with your head? What does my grandpa’s condition have to do with you?” Gu Jingtong wished that she could throw this woman out. However, she realized that there was something wrong with Feng Qing’s eyes as they were so close.

“You… you can’t see?” It was no wonder that Gu Jingtong did not notice that Feng Qing had been traveling without any obstructions along the way. Gu Jingtong did not expect that this person was blind.

Feng Qing ignored her and said to Old Master Gu, “Did Grandpa Gu check your heart?”

Gu Jingtong glared at Feng Qing. “What are you trying to do? My grandfather has a good heart!”

Feng Qing continued to ask, “Grandpa Gu, does your heart feel uncomfortable every time you cough? For example, pain?”

Old Master Gu answered, “It’s a little painful, but not stabbing pain.”

“When someone coughs, it will cause their chest to tremble. It’s normal for them to feel slightly uncomfortable!” Gu Jingtong said coldly. Then, she looked at Xie Shihao and said, “How many years has your classmate studied medicine for? How can she not understand this? But how can she learn medicine if she’s blind?”

Xie Shihao didn’t explain and only replied, “She’s in the same school as Gu Qingye.”

Upon hearing this, Gu Jingtong instantly looked disgusted. “You’re a music student, yet you’re showing off in front of me?”

Old Master Gu smiled and said to Feng Qing, “Although my granddaughter is about the same age as you, she is now a graduate student at the Capital University’s First Medical University. She is very talented in Traditional Chinese Medicine and last year, she was accepted as the last disciple by the divine physician Hua Pianshan!” Old Master Gu was still proud of Gu Jingtong.

“Do you know Mr. Hua Pianshan?” Gu Jingtong raised her head arrogantly and looked at Feng Qing.

Feng Qing chuckled. “Yes, I know him.”

“It’s good that you know! I’m really afraid that you don’t know! Mr. Hua Pianshan is my master. This pill was personally developed by my master. In my master’s Xuanwu Pavilion, this kind of cough pill only has a hundred bottles a year. The price is a hundred thousand! Many people line up for three years to buy it! I can buy ten bottles at once because I’m his last disciple!”

“The medicine from Mr. Hua Pianshan is indeed good, but no matter how good it is, it has to be used in the right place. There’s something wrong with the medicine…” Feng Qing spoke unhurriedly, but before she could finish, she was interrupted by the sound of an excited piano.

The sound of the piano was sonorous and powerful. The pitch of the sound rose higher and higher, and then it was like a waterfall, making one feel as if the spring water was tinkling…

Everyone was attracted by the sound of the piano and walked over.

At the outermost balcony, Feng Jianing was wearing a soft green tube top dress and playing with her hands nimbly. It had to be said that Feng Jianing was very good at choosing angles. At this moment, the afternoon sun was scattered all over her body, making her look like she was covered in a layer of light.

“As expected of a piano princess, her playing is really quite good!”

“Yeah, I remember this song was her original composition. She participated in competitions before.”

“Of course, she’s the top student in the Capital University.”

When Feng Changjun and Fu Anlan saw all of this, the corners of their lips curled up. This was the daughter they had painstakingly nurtured. Meanwhile, Fu Anlan hurriedly took out her phone and took a picture of this scene. She planned to edit it properly before posting it online. This was the Gu family’s birthday banquet. By then, the limelight would come easily.

Gu Qingye took a few steps forward and also looked at Feng Jianing.

After the song ended, Feng Jianing gracefully stood up and welcomed the applause from the crowd. When she saw that the Gu family members who were closest to her were also attracted to her, her smugness was apparent.

Standing together with Feng Qing, Xie Shihao asked the person beside him, “What do you think?”

Feng Qing sneered: “Can’t you tell? It’s nothing much.”

Xie Shihao continued, “Actually, I find it strange too. It’s said that this piano princess has been learning for more than ten years and has created a lot of songs, but only one or two songs are still acceptable. This is one of the two that was acceptable. Could it be that her family’s marketing is too much?”

Feng Qing shrugged her shoulders. “Did you hear it? It was a good song, but she changed it into a mess.”

When Xie Shihao heard this, he turned around and smiled. “Isn’t this her original work?”

Gu Jingtong stood behind the two of them and saw how intimate Xie Shihao and Feng Qing were.. She gritted her teeth and said loudly, “Feng Qing, I know you’re in the same class as my brother. Why don’t the two of you play a song together to celebrate my grandfather’s birthday? You won’t reject me, right?”

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