The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 40

Chapter 40: Holy Lord’s Blessing

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The moment the bowstring snapped, Feng Qing immediately turned her head and felt a cool warmth on her neck.

Gu Qingye stood up abruptly while Xie Shihao dashed over. Before anyone could react, Xie Shihao was already standing in front of Feng Qing. He carefully brushed away Feng Qing’s long hair and saw a stream of bright red blood flowing down her neck. His face instantly turned pale and he quickly took out a handkerchief to stop the bleeding.

He kept repeating in his heart, “Oh no, oh no. Remember to send me flowers during Qing Ming!”

Gu Qingye knitted his brows. “There’s a doctor here. Let’s go and deal with it now.”

Feng Qing raised her hand to cover her wound. She had sensed that the strings of the violin were showing signs of breaking, so she had turned her head in advance. Her injury wasn’t serious, otherwise, it wouldn’t be just a little blood now.

Gu Jingtong stood below the stage and felt Feng Qing’s lifeless eyes looking at her. She felt a slight pain in her neck, but when she recalled that Feng Qing was blind, Gu Jingtong snorted and thought guiltily. This violin has been played for so many years, so it’s natural that the bowstring would age and break, what does that have anything to do with her?

Gu Qingye and Xie Shihao left the banquet hall with Feng Qing. After they left, the crowd was still discussing.

“I take back what I said just now. That young lady’s violin is really good. I seem to have heard several types of violin notes!”

“Eldest Young Master Gu’s musical talent is indeed very high. The combination with the violin is really wonderful.”

Compared to Feng Jianing’s solo performance, any one of Gu Qingye and Feng Qing’s skills could crush her directly. No one among the guests talked about Feng Jianing anymore.

Old Master Gu witnessed the incident and turned to look at Gu Jingtong. “Why did you find a broken violin for her?”

Gu Jingtong blinked innocently. “The servants took it from the storeroom.”

“Sigh, they don’t understand either… That girl played really well. It’s rare for her to be able to play with your brother and not be suppressed by him. I just don’t know how her injuries are. It’s not good for young girls to have scars.”

Old Master Gu looked kindly at the servant and said, “Arrange the best room for Feng Qing and let her have a good rest.”

When Gu Jingtong heard this, she instantly felt aggrieved. When she thought about how Xie Shihao had been so nervous about Feng Qing earlier, her facial features were almost deformed from anger. Today has really refreshed her understanding of Xie Shihao! It turned out that he wasn’t cold towards girls!

On the other hand, Feng Qing’s wound was being treated by the doctor. The wound was not considered deep. After applying medicine, it would heal in one night. But now that her neck was injured, the doctor said that she could not touch water.

“Gu Qingye, bring Grandpa Gu for a full body checkup as soon as possible.” After the doctor left, Feng Qing told Gu Qingye about Old Master Gu’s condition.

“My grandfather may be eighty, but he’s always been strong and healthy. He just got his health checklist yesterday. No problem.” Gu Qingye replied.

“Did you check the blood vessels around the heart?” Feng Qing asked.

Gu Qingye was stunned for a moment. “I really don’t know. If there’s a full inspection, won’t this checkup be included?”

While Gu Qingye and Feng Qing were talking, Xie Shihao was mumbling to the wall. His voice was getting louder and louder, causing Feng Qing and Gu Qingye to look at him.

“Be it the Jade Emperor or Jesus, Guan Yin Bodhisattva, Gautama Buddha, bless that Feng Qing is fine! In the future, I will sincerely worship all of you! I will set off firecrackers every day to celebrate. King of Hell, God of Death, please don’t look for me. Go and collect the souls of those sinful people…”

Gu Qingye couldn’t take it anymore and kicked Xie Shihao to the wall.

“Why did you kick me!”

Gu Qingye said in disdain, “Stop begging. She won’t die, okay? Her wound will be fine tomorrow morning.”

Xie Shihao leaned against the wall and held his chest. “But I still feel that I’m going to die young.”

Gu Qingye glared at him. He clearly did not treat Feng Qing well, so why was he more nervous than anyone else now that Feng Qing was injured? He even looked like he was about to die.

At this moment, Old Master Gu sent a servant over and brought Feng Qing to the best room to rest.

Feng Qing asked the servant, “Can I have a hot spring in my room?”

Before the servant could reply, Xie Shihao stood behind Feng Qing like a ghost. “No! Your neck is injured!”

Feng Qing said helplessly, “I’m not soaking my entire body!”

Xie Shihao said, “What if you get wet and your wound doesn’t heal tomorrow morning? Anyway, I said no!”

Feng Qing: “Then can I soak my feet?”

Xie Shihao thought for a moment. “You can soak your feet, but don’t reach out your hand. It’ll be troublesome if your hand comes into contact with your neck!”

Gu Qingye and the Gu family’s servants: “…”

So their family’s top natural hot spring was used to soak feet?

Because they couldn’t go to the hot spring anymore, Xie Shihao and Gu Qingye brought Feng Qing around in the evening. But shortly after, Gu Qingye received a call and his expression changed instantly.

“My grandfather is coughing up blood. I have to go take a look!”

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