The Wife I Picked Up Is Too Fierce

Chapter 149 - You Can Call Me Madam Xie

Chapter 149: You Can Call Me Madam Xie

Inside the car, Li Shaofeng sent a message. “Brother Yi, what’s going on?”

Feng Qing thought for a while and replied, “Ninth Master has a high fever and urgently needs me to go back and deal with it. There’s something that you can help me do…”

Half an hour later, under Xie Qi’s escort, Feng Qing successfully returned to the International Hot Spring Hotel. As soon as she got out of the car, she felt that there were people watching her. She looked around with empty eyes, but she didn’t find anyone suspicious.

Feng Qing understood that the 72 forces in Zhe City must have not given up and sent people to monitor outside the hotel, so the matter of Ninth Master’s illness had to be kept secret. She had studied medicine for many years and was known as the Healer of A Dark Organization. Today was her chance to show off her skills.

When they entered the presidential suite, Feng Qing was stunned. She didn’t see Xie Jiuhan. Su Yu hurriedly said, “Young Madam, Ninth Master is having a meeting in the suite. Please wait a moment.”

Feng Qing frowned and questioned, “How do you guys do things? Ninth Master has a high fever and you actually let him have a meeting?”

Su Yu looked ashamed and said with difficulty, “Young Madam, you know Ninth Master’s temper. In his eyes, work is everything. In his words, a fever and a meeting are two different things.”

Feng Qing took a deep breath and retracted her aura. She walked towards the innermost suite. Su Yu wiped the cold sweat off his forehead. In that instant, he felt that Feng Qing was like an iceberg pressing down on him, making it difficult for him to breathe.

Su Yu shook his head and turned to leave. This Young Madam seemed to have become more and more mysterious. Previously, she pretended to be Madam Crimson Snow and relied on her own strength to scare tens of thousands of people away. This courage and boldness was definitely not what ordinary people could compare to. It was no wonder that she was Ninth Master’s woman!

In the suite, Xie Jiuhan was sitting in front of the computer. He was wearing a white shirt, a black tie, and a suit jacket. His expression was strict and serious. Due to his fever, his face was slightly red. He was still working at a high fever of 41 °C. He was simply risking his life.

In the video conference, the directors of the overseas company were doing a report. No one noticed Xie Jiuhan’s abnormality. Everyone stood straight and listened to the conference meticulously. Facing Xie Jiuhan, this big shot, they were as obedient as primary school students.

Feng Qing pushed the door open and looked at Xie Jiuhan angrily. Her heart ached when she saw him. He had a high fever of 41 °C and still had to attend a meeting. Was he tired of living?

Xie Jiuhan listened attentively to the report and did not notice that someone had entered. Feng Qing walked over and looked at the camera. She wanted to see what kind of important meeting could make Xie Jiuhan give up his life.

Feng Qing’s sudden appearance on camera made one of the directors who was reporting stop. All the attendees frowned. When they saw Feng Qing on the screen, they were all shocked.

She had a beautiful face and exquisite facial features. Even though she was frowning and angry, she still had an elegant and noble disposition. Feng Qing’s appearance stunned the entire scene. The directors were a little stunned and didn’t know what was going on.

Knowing that he had many enemies, in order to protect Feng Qing, Xie Jiuhan had never let Feng Qing reveal her face publicly. He had always been in a concealed marriage state, and the directors didn’t know Feng Qing at all.

Looking at Feng Qing’s beautiful face, the directors associated her with Xie Jiuhan’s delicate wife. According to the rumors, Xie Jiuhan had married an ugly girl, so he had never allowed her to go on the streets. Some people even said that Xie Jiuhan had gotten married on winter break. There were even rumors that Xie Jiuhan had married an old woman who was 30 years older than him. They even said that he had a unique taste.

Now that Feng Qing had revealed her face, the rumors were naturally broken. He was obviously hiding a princess in a golden house, a perfect match made in heaven.

Feng Qing didn’t care what they were thinking. She said coldly, “You can call me Madam Xie. I’m very dissatisfied with your report. You’re each punished to write a self-reflection letter and send it to the Administrative Department of the headquarters. Meeting dismissed!”

After, Feng Qing closed the computer while the directors were confused. Feng Qing had a proud look on her face. How dare they let her husband attend a meeting with a high fever? This group of people should be punished!

Xie Jiuhan frowned and said in a hoarse voice, “Don’t cause trouble. This meeting is very important!”

Feng Qing held his face and snorted. “In my heart, nothing is as important as my husband. You even held a meeting at 41 °C. Are you trying to anger me to death?”

“Yes, your eyes…” Xie Jiuhan forced himself to focus.

Feng Qing blinked and became lifeless again. She had been so concerned about Xie Jiuhan that she had forgotten about her eyes. “What happened to my eyes? Oh, I wore eye makeup today. Don’t I look good?”

Xie Jiuhan shook his head and thought that he was hallucinating due to his high fever. Feng Qing’s eyes were very bright just now. She was obviously looking at him, but now, she had become unfocused.

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